Sakuma was walking home together when he ran into Narukawa in the student guidance office.

“I’m sorry….maybe I should thank you before?”

“Thank me?”

“You know, when Nakayasu asked me, you told me the answer.”

“Oh, yeah…….”

There was a reason for his evasiveness.

During class, he opened his Guiding 《Evil Eye》 and confirmed its effects.

The《Evil Eye》 is a medium that satisfies the magic in the body and the desire for knowledge of the magician. The answers to his questions were easy to obtain.

Sakuma used it on a trial basis to find out later who ran over his parents and the whereabouts of the property he had been cheated out of.

“And I’m glad you were angry for my sake.”

Narukawa says as she pulls her shiny black hair over her ears.

She appears to be flushed, if not heartily.

(Ugh…. I never thought I was being eavesdropped on. Maybe I lost myself too much in anger. It’s a lifelong mistake not to notice the presence of the person in question. I can’t help what I’ve been asked, and this is just the right opportunity to hand that thing over.)

Sakuma fished through his bag and pulled out a notebook.

“If you’d like, please.”

“This is……?”

“I summarized the lessons that Narukawa san missed. I’ve also analyzed the points that are likely to appear on the test, so I’d be happy if you could use it as a reference.”

By the way, this notebook is the best.

He uses his《Evil Eye of Guidance》to find out all the classes she missed due to filming, and uses his《Evil Eye of Future Vision》to cheat on mid-term exam questions.

The work was carefully designed to maximize the score in the least amount of time.

This would normally take several days or more to complete, but with the use of《Shorthand》it was completed in just five minutes.

(This much is, well, okay……)

The day Sakuma Ryunosuke returned to the real world with 《Extraordinary ability》. He made a strong vow in his mind.

That was to remain a hypocrite when exercising his power in the other world.

After his reincarnation into another world, there was a time when he was paralyzed.

The power he had acquired by chance without any effort. When he exercised it, the demon king’s army was quickly defeated. Fame, position, and rewards came next.

It was not that he was superior, but that his abilities were superior.

Every day, he asked himself whether he could have been any one else’s vessel.

He was struck with a sense of emptiness. Then the master said to Sakuma.

“Why don’t you become a hypocrite?”

He can make others happy with his unique ability.

Even if his motives are impure, if someone is saved, there is no lie in that fact.

What’s the difference between purely helping others and helping others with hidden desires? Nothing is different.

That’s why he told him to fully exercise his 《Extraordinary ability》under the guise of helping others.

It doesn’t matter if he has ulterior motives. The criteria for using the ability is whether or not there is someone who will smile as a result of using the ability. That’s what he told him.

Narukawa received the notebook, held it with great care, and said.

“I want to thank you again. Thank you, Sakuma kun. I’m really happy.”

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

The two of them were in a friendly mood for a short while.

“Is that him, Tomonori? The one who beat you?”

A group of ruffians, including Mitsui, appeared as if they were trying to get in the way of Sakuma and Narukawa.

It is truly a dissonance. They were the uninvited guests who ruined their youth.

“You’ve done it, Sakuma. Prepare yourself.”

Mitsui sticks out his tongue and points his thumb downwards.

Seeing this, Sakuma let out a terribly troublesome sigh.

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3 months ago

This definitely reads more like a 14 year Olds self insert fantasy story. Where they’re able to suddenly solve all of their problems, get the girl, and be happy. All with no real work involved.