“Tsk. You’re still a man with a bad style when it comes to this side of things, Sakuboy. You don’t want to be with me that badly? I’m going to lose my confidence.”

“It’s rather the opposite,…’s because you’re so attractive contrary to what you say and do that it’s bad for my heart. Give me a break…….”

The moment the car passed through the curtain in the parking lot of the love hotel, I couldn’t stop believing that I was finally going to be eaten.

I managed to get to the present due to my full strength protest and resistance to Kujo san as she parked the car.

After much yapping and yapping, the car sped off.

[I went to all the trouble to put on a pair of nasty underwear for you, you know? I can’t do this !] So the car was going fast.

It seemed that she had given up and decided to go for a drive.

I didn’t think I was seriously going to have a chastity crisis. In many ways, I was too scared of Kujo san.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead,

[That’s good, Ryu kun. Last night, even though you didn’t touch us, you almost touched the thief cat–now you’re in a nightmare.]

[Master, when we investigated the love hotel, it was determined to be a questionable facility.What does that mean? Syl still can’t sleep because her pillow is wet.]

Only the voice of the two witches is directly fed into my brain.

No, seriously, give me a break already……

Combined with the interior of the car shaking due to the intense speed, I felt nauseous.

Oh, no, I might be getting carsick.


I felt extremely sick and was sitting in a corner of the underground parking lot of the National Police Agency, with glitter flowing out of my mouth.

I think it’s pathetic for an assassin who returns to another world, but Kujo san’s drive is is excessive to say the least.

Besides the speed, what is excessive is the voracious appetite.

After saying something like, [If you don’t want to deal with my sexual desires, satisfy my appetite] we ended up going to more than 10 different restaurants together.

“Whoa, hey, are you okay?”

Kujo san rubs my back as I reverse.

She looks worried. I wonder how she can make such a face after all she has done, but I can’t hate her if I think this is her way of showing concern.

You can’t fight a war on an empty stomach.

I think she probably meant that I should fill my stomach before meeting with the police commissioner.

Hunger fosters anger, you know.

“Um…you know…I didn’t want to make you feel bad–“

“–I know. I know, so–Bleeeech ! !”

“Sakuboy !”

What if I show something unseemly in front of the head of the police organization, Kujo san’s father? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

We went inside a government organization that we only see in movies and dramas.

What surprised me was that Kujo san started to change her clothes in the car.

As expected, she said that the red dress & fur on her shoulders & high heels were too severe.

That’s right. Maybe I was also numb to the situation.

The moment she started to change my clothes, I asked her, [Why don’t you go in there dressed like that?] 

“Ahhn? I’m the type of person who can switch on and off.”

Surprisingly serious. However, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wished she would have come in dressed as she was.

Kujo san took me to the National Police Agency Director’s office.

Finally, it was time….

Although I wasn’t nervous, he was the head of the police administration for public safety. If I’m stared at, I will be forced to use magic.

In that case, I should have survived the terrorist attack from the beginning with just my eye technique. There is no point in minimizing the use of magic.

While I was thinking about this, a knock on the door was answered.

I was accepted to enter the room.

“I’ll wait outside, so if that old man shows any disrespect, tell him right away. I’ll deal with him.”

“That’s the kind of thing you should be listening to…..”

“You idiot. You have to say it so I can hear you, or else what’s the point?”

Kujo san, who restrained me with her gaze and words, closed the door.

I slowly turned my gaze to the director, and said,

“It is nice to meet you, Sakuma Ryunosuke kun. I am Kujo Seiichiro, Commissioner of the National Police Agency. First of all, let me express my thanks to you. Thank you for protecting His Imperial Highness Princess Akina from the terrorists. I am deeply grateful.”

He used his muscles without wasting any time.

You can tell by just standing up from a chair and bowing your head. Hence, he is very disciplined.

Commissioner Kujo’s appearance is stylish. Even when wearing a wrinkle-free suit, it seems like there is no wasted fat.

However, is age defying him? His hair is pure white.

What particularly caught my attention was the black eye patch he wears over his left eye.

I wonder what this feeling is…there’s nothing that feels out of place, but it’s strange, or suspicious. It’s unnatural.

My sense of discomfort will soon be resolved.

“Shall we change places?”

The Commissioner Kujo rolls up his eye patch in a movement so naturally.

The next moment, we are already finished moving to the precipice.


The Commissioner using [Teleportation Magic].

He was also able to do it on the highest difficulty level, which omitted the [Transfer Magic Circle]. There are several types of [Teleportation Magic] but the most common one is to set up a [Transfer Magic Circle] in advance at the destination and activation location, and use magic power as the medium to send the spell to the target.

The so-called range setting (transfer location) is completed in advance, and only the targets on the magic circle are transferred.

Commissioner Kujo not only omitted these steps, but also transferred the target in his field of vision in an instant.

It’s a spell that consumes an amount of magical power that would normally be impossible.

I see… [Spatial Teleportation  Magic Eye]

It seems I’m not the only one who has returned from another world after all. There were also wizards who used necromancy, magic spells to help criminal organizations, and there were wizards who used their evil eye as a weapon to protect the safety and security of citizens.

The commissioner did not look exhausted, nor did he seem to feel the presence of magic itself.

“Let me ask you a question frankly, Sakuma kun. What world did you return from?”

That question would once again shake my life.

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