Episode 17 – [Toxic Parent]



It was nice to have school back in session for the first time in a few days, but I didn’t expect an obscenity behavior issue to disrupt classes.

There may be a 1% contributing factor to me throwing around the red mesh naked, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think someone would jump on a naked girl just because they saw her.

What an animal. Don’t you have any self-control or something, don’t you even understand time, place and occasion? I thought she would at best be exposed on the Internet and suffer for a while from a living shame that won’t go away.

“I’m home.”

“Ah, welcome home. Welcome home, Sora sama.”

When I returned to my home in the transition, I was greeted by Rhys in an apron.

The girl has unrealistic silver hair, red eyes, pointed ears, translucent white skin, and artistically shaped, yet slightly innocent, fairy-like good looks.

The navy blue apron with a tattered hole in it did not suit such a beautiful girl.

I made that apron in home economics class when I was in elementary school.

“That apron……Rhys, did you do any cooking?”

“Yes. Someday, I would like to be able to cook, do the laundry, clean, and take care of Sora sama’s personal needs !”

That is a special consideration. If Rhys really takes charge of all the housework and takes care of me, things will become easier.

I put my hand on her head and complimented her on her accomplishments.

Rhys’s eyes narrowed and she beamed happily.

“Ehehe. So, um…..I’ve just finished cooking. I’ve never cooked with this seasoning before, so I’m not sure, but would you like to try them?”

I missed lunch because I got involved with Sato and Konoe, and I’m hungry.

Also, judging by the way she spoke, it seems like Rhys was also a good cook in her original world, so I can have high hopes for her.

“For now, I’ve decided on vegetable soup and bread for the menu.”

“I see, that sounds delicious.”

Rhys then brings a pot of soup. The bread was a loaf of bread that was in the refrigerator.

And in the pot were vegetables. The vegetables were chopped properly, but there were some parts that are usually thrown away, such as roots, peels, and carrot leaves, which was very disturbing.

However, Rhys didn’t seem to have any doubts and was happily serving the soup.

…..I wonder if it is normal to use the root and skin in another world? Well, it’s not an inedible part, and it might be delicious if I tried it. I take a sip.


“……What the heck is this? It’s ridiculously salty and somehow sweet.”

“I-I’m sorry, is it not to your liking?”

“No, it’s not that it doesn’t suit me, it’s just that……there’s too much salt. And why did you put sugar in it?

“I’m sorry. It’s not every day I get the chance to use as much salt and sugar as I like, so I thought it would taste better if I used a lot of it.”

…..I see, you are from another world, aren’t you, Rhys? I’ve never taught her anything about the common sense of this world.

“Stupid ! If you put too much salt in your food, you’ll die from salt overload ! I mean, you should know how to use sugar properly,……but Rhys doesn’t know that, does she? …Speaking of which, can you read this world’s writing or something?”

“Hm? I can read and write because I was also a substitute writer at the guild,…….”

Well, that world was in Japanese, so if she can read and write, then there’s no problem.

“If that’s the case, I’ll teach you a lot of things later.”

“Y-you don’t have to///”

Rhys’s ears turn red. …Well, I wouldn’t be shy about teaching her, but that’s not the topic for now.

“I’ll teach you how to find out.”

“Finding out… There were books in Sora sama’s room, right? …Is it okay for me, a woman, to read those expensive books?”

“You can read as many books as you like, but I’m not teaching you how to read books, I’m teaching you how to use the Internet.”


“Oh, yeah. You can use it to access all kinds of information. It’s like a library, but with a magic board that runs on electricity.”

“…….You talk about it as if it were the Akashic Records. Are you making fun of me, Sora sama?”

“I’m not making fun of you. Well, seeing is believing. For the time being–“

Just as I was about to teach her how to use the computer in my room, the door to my house opened. The sound startled me and I reflexively shifted the wreath I was touching.

I was just thinking about my room, so the destination was probably inside my room.

“I’m home, Sora. Were you home? What happened to school?”

He had dark hair, dark eyes, and a red face that reeked of alcohol, as if he was a little drunk. A chubby old man with a stubble who gave him a scruffy look–a man who was my father by blood, had come home.

“No, school’s out. You know, the guys from class A are missing–“

“Ah, that again. You’re not lying to get me to skip school, are you?”

“No, I’m not skipping school– “Sora sama, what’s going on here? …That person–“……Just in case, he’s my father.”

It was only natural that she suddenly flew into the room, but Rhys came out.

But I guessed it and wanted her to hide in the room.

“Oh, Sora sama’s father. ……My name is Rhys. I’m Sora sama’s–“

“Oh, Sora. bastard. I’m having a hard time after losing at Pachinko, and you’re taking your girlfriend along with you? She’s much prettier than your mother. Isn’t that right? Ah? Bastard !”

As soon as he sees Rhys, the man who is my father kicks me in the face. He then slams a liquor bottle into my hand with the same force. I quickly blocked it with my hand and felt a dull pain in my arm.

Then the man who is supposed to be my father grabs me by the chest and brings his boozy face close to mine.

“You’re lucky, aren’t you? You skipped school, which I paid for, and started flirting with your girlfriend at home ! I’m trying so hard to make money playing pachinko, and I fail, and I feel like such a shit !”

“I’m paying for school with scholarship money…….”

“Argh? The food you eat, the clothes you wear, and all that stuff, that’s tuition, right? And whose money is that?


“So whose name is that money in? That’s me ! Hey, Sora. You’re a smart guy, you know that right?”

The man who is my father is what we call a toxic parent, and he is a scum.

He doesn’t work hard, goes to pachinko and racks up debts. He uses my scholarship money for pachinko without a care in the world if I don’t manage it properly and keep it hidden, and he uses my welfare money for gambling without a care in the world.

If I don’t, he beats me, kicks me, and yells at me whenever he doesn’t like what I do.

If I go to school, Hashida gives me a bad time, but if I go home, I get a terrible time from this asshole of a father. The only saving grace is that this man comes home only once every three days, thanks to his addiction to sex games over the past few years.

“Oh, well, whatever. Sola, I need to make some money for you guys, but I’ve run out of money. Sora, give me the money.”

“…..I don’t have one.”

“You must have it, you’re going to school ! You have money for school fees, money to buy the clothes you’re wearing now !”

I have about 2.8 million yen in cash in my drawer, but at least I didn’t have a dime to give to this bum.

“…If you don’t mind, go and earn some money. For example, if your girlfriend sells her body, you can make some money, right? She’s too beautiful for a worthless, failed son like Sora. Sora, why don’t you try to show some filial piety for once in your life?”

Rhys looks at me with hurt eyes while I was getting cursed, even though he’s a parent.

…..I used to be scared of this scumbag of a father, but I couldn’t disobey him, I could only endure the deprivation of my tuition and my livelihood. But now I’m different.

At least I have a skill–I can escape anywhere, anytime.

“Hey, Sora, are you listening to me?”

I avoided the bottle that was swung down at me while yelling, and grabbed Rhys’s hand.

“Hey, you’re avoiding me ! !”

I don’t want to think of him as my parent. The bottle, thrown at him in such a gruesome manner, slices through the air. –I was transferred to another world to escape from my father.

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