I had a dream.
I have no idea what is going on before and after, I am just there, but strangely enough, I don’t feel even a little bit uncomfortable. …… Well, most dreams are like that.
I know that I am in a forest somewhere, with a beautiful spring in front of me, and a beautifully carved stone monument rising in the center.
Before that I was standing with ‘her’, hand in hand, together.
I have already said goodbye to my friends with whom I have shared many hardships, and I have visited the grave of my former teacher for the last time.
I have no unfinished business here.
As I gazed at the stone monument with her, the monument began to shine with a dazzling light, and a beautiful silver-haired woman appeared as if she had appeared from within.

“Truly, thank you, heroes and great mages of the other world. Thanks to you, the world is saved. I have no words to express my gratitude.”

We shake our heads at the goddess who says these nonsense with a truly appreciative smile.

“I’d say don’t worry about it, but you know what? Nowadays, this world is no stranger to us.”
“We worked together because it was necessary for us too…… and that’s fine, right?”

When we said this, the goddess murmured, “You will not change until the end,” and with a chuckle, she quietly closed her eyes and straightened up her residence.
Instantly, the atmosphere that was friendly and soft just a moment ago becomes that much more godlike.

“In accordance with our agreement of five years ago, I will undo all of this. As Thank You for World Salvation as per the agreement……”

When I said this, the goddess opened only one eye thinly.

“I see that you’ve already decided……, but are you sure that’s what you want?”

We nodded our heads in small but unhesitating nods to the goddess who reminded us.
The goddess confirmed it and this time both eyes snapped open. In praise of the dazzling light. ……

“Very well… then [Musou’s Hero] and [Wasurezu’s Magician]… return to the world where you can exist.”

(TL/N : Hey, it’s another Childhood friends thing, I like it so I hope you guys will also)

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1 year ago

Oh damn, I remember reading this one on kakuyomu a few months ago. It’s pretty interesting as far as I remember although it has a bunch of chapters with some slow ones in there too.