I guess that’s about it. I think I did pretty well. I cook with my own hands on a regular basis, so it’s not that I’m a bad cook, but today, it looks more delicious than usual.

It’s a foreign dish made with foreign ingredients. But it is made and sold in foreign countries. The name of the dish was written on the package that contained the ingredients. Since I had no way of knowing how to make it, I looked it up on the Internet.

I had heard of “nasi goreng” and “pho” somewhere. Well, I don’t know how to make it.

Here is what It came out…. This is “Gapao Rice”. I had already tasted its deliciousness once at a restaurant somewhere, so I decided to make this one. I put it on two plates and put them on the dining table in the living room.

I tasted it. It tasted good. But I used a lot of spices. I wondered if it would suit Kurono’s palate. By the way, the spices I used were not Japanese. The spices I used are not Japanese, but authentic ones. Everything is bought in large quantities by my mother. Thanks to her, my refrigerator is filled with foreign stuff. I really wish she would do something about it.

I crossed my arms and sighed. At the same time, the intercom rang.

“Seenpai! Your Kurono is here!”

She seems to be in a very good mood. Her voice can be heard through the doorway.

But be careful what you say. We have a short conversation over the intercom.

“Haa, ……. Kurono, please don’t speak too loudly. You’ll cause trouble in the neighborhood. Also, you’ll be misunderstood, so please don’t do that.”
“Mouu! Senpai is really a shy person!” 

Ahaha, laughs Kurono. I unlocked the front door. clang. And just as I heard that sound, Kurono pried open the door herself until it was fully open.

“Thanks for the food, senpai!”
“Yes, come on up.”

I said that and took Kurono into the living room.


“So good~! Senpai can do anything, can’t you? I respect you so much!”
“Thank you. I’m glad it suits your taste. But, well, I haven’t done anything to be respected.”

Kurono always overestimates me. This has been the case ever since junior high school. I am not someone to be respected, nor am I a perfect person who can do anything. I’m just a small child with no friends.

So why does she respect me so much? I wonder why she respects me so much. I have been wondering until now.

Igarashi Shirono. Kurono Igarashi. They are two sisters one year apart in age. It is easier to describe them by saying that they are sisters. These sisters were famous at Daiichi Junior High School, where Shirono, myself, and Kurono went to school, for being very close. There was another reason why they were famous. That was that both sisters were beautiful girls.

Kurono is that kind of girl. She was different from me, a loner. While I thought myself, “Mumumu”. I guess she must have wondered about my appearance. Kurono asked me.

“What’s the matter? Is something troubling you?”
“No, no, it’s not a problem, it’s more like something that’s bothering me. It’s totally about this side of the conversation.”
“Is that so?”

Kurono does not stop eating. Eating it like it is a very tasty meal. Seeing that, I was happy.

“Oh, by the way, did you bring your foundation with you?”
“Yes, I brought it. What do you use it for?”
“N-No, well, it’s ……. umm……”
“What do you really use it for? I’m very curious.”

I can’t say. I can never say, “To get rid of my hickey,” or something like that. It’s too embarrassing. I wonder if there is any way to cover it up. What’s a good explanation?
While I was desperately thinking about it, Kurono immediately looked at the base of my neck and noticed.

“Senpai, what is that red thing on your neck?”

Caught me.

With a clatter, Kurono suddenly stood up and the plates on the dining table shook. She leaves her seat and comes closer to me. Then she forced a serious look at my neck.

“W-what’s …… going on? Isn’t this …… a hickey?! L-Lies…. Who did this to you?”

Yeah. Who did this to me…? Your onee chan, I cannot say that. And, if Kurono has a keen sense, she would know even if I don’t put it into words.

“onee chan,……, is it ……? Did you do it with onee chan, senpai?”

See? I knew immediately. She must have guessed that since she knows that she always keeps me locked up, the only one who would do such a thing is her own sister.

But you see, I didn’t do it. She just put a hickey on me. I explained this to Kurono. Kurono patted her chest as if relieved.

“I understand. If it’s to hide it, I’ll lend you my foundation.”
“Thank you. I’m glad I could help.”
“But, I also …..”

What did you say? My voice was too low to be heard. I asked her to repeat it.

“I-I say! I-I, too–“

What is Kurono hesitating about? And her face is red.

“—Me too! I want to put a hickey!”

Huh? No, Ha? What are you talking about?

“You’re going to cover it up with foundation anyway, so why not? Okay! Here I go!”
“Eh, no, no, seriously, what are you talking about—wait!”

She’s sucking a lot. This is a definite to leave a mark. Kurono moved away from me on her own.

“No, Kurono ……. What are you doing ……?”
“Well, I’ll leave the foundation here for you. And I already finished eating. It is really good. Thank you very much”

Saying that, Kurono left.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get two hickey marks from different people in one day.

My head was short-circuiting, unable to keep up with my understanding.

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