“…… What am I going to do with this hickey, Shirono? Tomorrow, people around me will definitely look at me strangely.”

I used the camera on my phone to look at my neck. The camera is set up as an internal camera, so it can be used like a hand mirror. I smoothly traced the spot where the mark was. It is in a place where people might see it.

Now, what should I do with this hickey? It has left a mark and is a little reddish.

No, I really, really don’t know what to do. I don’t have any makeup, so there is no way to cover this up with foundation or anything like that. I should just apply paint as close as possible to the color of my own skin directly on it. I was thinking about that alone.

Was She sucking on my neck until it was so red that it left a mark? Besides, today’s punishment is somehow more erotic than what I usually do. Besides kissing, there were many other things, but today’s was more extreme than any of them.

Neck. I flicked it again.

If I keep this up, she might go after my body. No, is it already after me? Maybe she’s just not acting on it yet, licking every inch of my upper and lower body, and then….

“I think she’s going to try to take my virginity or something.”

With those words out of my mouth, I opened the heavy door of my own house with a clang.


I say, “I’m home”. But no one’s voice comes back. It’s only natural. No one has come home yet except for me. Not my father, not my mother, not anyone.

I throw my bag on the sofa. Then I looked in the refrigerator. There were a variety of foods in there, and a lot of them. Many of them were rare items imported from overseas. I didn’t buy them. I don’t have that kind of money, and even if I did, I wouldn’t buy this much. They all belonged to my mother.

“Haa, ……. Why do you buy so many things when you rarely come home? Does she know that I’ll have to deal with expiration dates and all that stuff in the end?”

I mumbled something and frustratedly took the necessary ingredients and put them in the empty space in the kitchen. Then, as if to vent his frustration, I closed the refrigerator quite hard. The refrigerator’s, bam, loud noise echoed in the quiet house.

Alone. At school, at home. I am always alone. Even yesterday, I spent the night alone like this. Even this morning, when I hurriedly ate breakfast, there was no one there but me. Even at school, I was alone on the dance floor during lunch.

No, the case with Kamiki-san is another exception. I think that was just today. I don’t think she will approach me again tomorrow.

Anyway, I am always alone. I’m a …… loner. I’m such a loner that I’m trying to eat in solitude. To do so, first of all, I have to figure out how to cook these ingredients. Cooking. Loner cooking.

I’m trying to raise my spirits, but I don’t feel motivated. The reason is this neck. I’m very curious about it. Instead of using my phone, I look in a solid mirror at the sink. I look for something to hide this, and I look for that vanity. The cosmetics my mother uses, which should be there, were gone so neatly that they glazed the vanity. Only makeup.

Generally, my mother is away from home for work. It is natural because she goes to work. That means everything is in my mother’s possession. The foundation would be there, too.

Oh, that’s right.

I thought of something. It was something that anyone could have thought of. It was very simple and very easy.


I thought of it, the question of “to whom?” But I quickly solved it.

I picked up my tablet, which the whole family uses. Using it, I send an email through a chat app. The recipient is someone I know well. It is Kurono, the only sister of the one who punishes me.

“It’s been a while. I’m sorry to bother you so suddenly. Do you have foundation?”

The message was immediately read. Then comes the reply.

“Yes,?. I have some foundation.”

“Can you lend it to me?”

“Eh, senpai, are you interested in makeup by any chance?”

“Not really. I’m in a bit of an emergency right now.”

“H,Haa. But I’m on my way home from school after my club activities. ……”

“Can you stop by my place?”

“Senpai, are you …… asking me to bed?”


Oops. I’ve been talking loudly and boldly to my tablet. I was talking to my tablet. The comment echoed through the quiet house like a refrigerator.

“Can you come by? Can you not?”

“Senpai, you’re terrible for going through with it.”

No, it’s not.

“senpai’s house? Yes, I can come by”

“Okay. Thank you.”

“But it’s not like I don’t have anything.”

“W-What is it?”

“So, I’d like you to do something for me, anything.”

Why are you talking like Kamiki-san in your e-mails? Well, Kurono, who is up to something, is always talking like this, so is it normal?

I thought for a moment. I thought about it for a while. Kurono says she’ll stop by here, but that’s not fair. Is there anything I can do or give her?

Then, I suddenly noticed the ingredients in the kitchen.

“Kurono? You haven’t had dinner yet, have you?”

“Yes. it is”

“Won’t you eat?”

“Yes, I do! With pleasure!”

Reading the text, the image of Kurono in a state of great joy and excitement came to mind.

Now, let’s have Kurono eat some exotic food made with the various ingredients we have here. I don’t have to worry about her stomach …… upsetting her, not really.

I began preparing to cook.

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