Episode 26 – Yeah, leave it to us



Today, a few days after playing at Phase One, we were traveling by bullet train to attend the open campus of Kurashiki City University.
After the three of us had breakfast together, we were playing a game of “Daifugou” with the cards we had prepared when Reona noticed something and opened her mouth.

“Ryoya-kun, Riona, look. You can see Mt. Fuji outside the window.”
“Really, that means we’re already in the central part of the state.
“Onee chan, you are too excited.”

When I heard Reona’s high-tension voice, I and Riona each reacted. The next stop was Nagoya Station, so it would still be quite a while before we reached Okayama Station, where we planned to change trains.

“By the way, have Reona and Riona ever been to Kurashiki?”
“I’ve been to Hiroshima and Takamatsu in Chugoku and Shikoku states, but not Kurashiki.”
“That’s why one chan and I are pretty much looking forward to it.”

After the open campus, we plan to go to the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter for sightseeing, and the next day we will play at the Kurashiki Milano Park theme park before returning to Tokyo. While I’m thinking about this, Riona puts two jacks on the table.

“Uwaa, seriously? Pass.”
“Eh, you’re eleven back at this point …… I’ll pass too.”

Me and Reona shouted so. I was blocked from taking action because of the eleven-back, which temporarily reverses the strength of the card. From that point on, it was Riona’s one-sided turn, and we were helpless.

“Now I win.”
“I lost again. She’s just too strong.”
“Riona is as strong as ever after all.”

We had already played several games since we got on the Shinkansen, but Reona and I had not been able to beat Riona even once.
Riona’s poker face is perfect and she is also very strong because she has a good intellect. Reona, by the way, was the type who could easily show her facial expression, so it goes without saying that she was honestly quite weak.

“Would you play another game then?”
“…… I can only see a future where Riona will probably win hands down no matter what we do.”
“Yes, Riona had never lost in games like cards or Othello since she was a child.”

In the end, we quit playing cards and had a great time afterwards doing psychological tests and discussing tourism in Kurashiki.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“We finally arrived at Okayama Station. I’m a little tired from sitting there for so long.”
“After all, three and a half hours is a long time.”
“Thank you both for your hard work.”

After getting off the Shinkansen, Reona and Riona stretched and stretched on the spot. That is how hard it was for them.

“It’s only a half-hour ride to Kurashiki Station, and it’s only a 10-minute bus ride from the station to the university, so we’ve got a little more time to spare.”
“I’ll do my best.”

After a short rest. We started walking toward the ticket gate of the conventional train. On the Shinkansen platform, a song from an anime that was broadcast long ago was playing as the departure melody, which made me feel a little nostalgic.
We then moved to the platform of the conventional train and waited for the train to arrive, when Reona saw the timetable on the wall and shouted

“Eh, there are only this many trains per hour?!”
“I knew you’d feel that way, I had the same reaction at first.”

Compared to the station we usually use, there were far fewer trains. The population of the 23 wards of Tokyo, where we live, and Okayama City, where we are now, are completely different, so I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two.
After chatting and waiting for a while, the train we were going to take arrived at the platform, and we slowly got into the train.
The train was rather crowded inside due to the summer vacation period, but we were lucky enough to be seated in seats for four. After a short train ride, we arrived at Kurashiki station and started to head for the bus stop.

“Is that by any chance the Kurashiki Milano Park that we are going to visit tomorrow?”
“Yes, it’s right outside the north exit of Kurashiki Station, so it’s really close.”

I answered Riona’s words. In the direction we were going, I could see attractions like a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel.

“Ryoya had told me in advance that it was very close to the station, but I didn’t expect it to be right in front of us.”
“Yeah, I was a little surprised.”
“By the way, the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, where we are planning to go after the open campus, is actually very close to the station.”

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter is a short 10-minute walk from the south exit of the station. While we were having this conversation, we arrived at the bus stop.

“…… Speaking of which, have you two been to the open campus a couple of times already?”
“Yeah, Riona and I went to a bunch of them last year.”
“The mock classes were pretty fun.”

Apparently, the girls have been to these campuses before. The first time I went to the campus, I was a little worried because I had never been there before, but with two other people next to me who had been there before, I felt safe.

“I see, it’s actually my first time. So I’m counting on you.”
“Yeah, leave it to us.”
“I’ll teach Ryoya a few things.”

While waiting for the bus to arrive, Reona and Riona explained the flow and contents of the open campus in an easy-to-understand manner. This should help us get through today’s open campus without any problems.

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