First, let’s take stock of the situation. My sister is standing in front of me, in her underwear. Her face is redder than usual, her breathing is erratic, and she is clearly not the same as she was at the mall or in the car. What have I done?

And I can’t run away from here. If I run away, I will be accused of a crime that could become a big problem in the family. Right now, the whole family is in the house. From Hime’s point of view, this is convenient. From my point of view, it’s like she’s blocking my escape route. It’s hopeless.

I have to do something about Hime. I thought of a line that sounds like something out of a battle manga. If I don’t do something, my first time will be stolen from me. By a famous actress. My sister, who is not related to me by blood.

And what is this strange taste in my mouth? It tastes like some kind of medicine. I drank some of it. I haven’t eaten anything. Why is this ……?

I try to figure out what is causing this strange feeling in my mouth. I’m sure nothing happened before the tongue kiss with Hime. So, is it Hime? Is it because of Hime? I looked around and it was a proper girl’s room. There are no such chemicals anywhere …….

Oh, ……. That bottle …….

“Hurry up and take it off, onii chan.”

Immediately I turns to Hime.

“Uh-huh. ……”
“Why are you hesitating? Hurry up!”
“No. ……”
“Hurry up. If you can’t take it off, I’ll take it off for you.”
“It’s fine! I can take it off by myself.”
“Then do it quickly.”
“All right. ……”

Normal mind. Normal mind. Be quiet and calm. If there’s an opening, take advantage of it. Anyway, it’s important to take the initiative. Right now, it’s completely Hime’s pace, but later on, I just need to take the initiative.

For now, I take off my clothes. As soon as she sees my upper body, she looks at my body with shining eyes. She invites me to her bed. She tells me to sit beside her and pats the mattress with the sheets on it.

“Haahaa……. O-Onii chan is surprisingly tough, isn’t he? ……”

She breathes ‘Haaahaaa’ again. Is she tired or excited? Well, it’s the latter.

Because that bottle that was placed near the bed. That’s the kind of thing. No wonder she is breathing so hard. I see it. A way to reverse it.


Hime touches my chest with her fingers. Then, she puts her palms close together.

“It tickles me.”
“What? What is it? Haahaaa….”
“Hey, hime. Are you okay?”
“Ugh, guh, Haahaaa…. What?”
“Are you breathing hard?”
“N-Nothing, I’m fine. ……”

Her face is still red. Not normal

“Well, next, take off your underwear. Quickly. ……”
“Before that. I have one good thing to tell you.”
“Good thing? Like onii chan’s habits?”
“Well, something like that.”
“…… finally decided to have s*x with Hime……”
“Yes. Can you lend me your ear?”

The face of Hime is very close. I can see that it’s redder than usual. Hime’s body can’t stand it, can it?

And I whisper.

“If you take the aphrodisiac first, the other person who hasn’t taken the aphrodisiac will take the initiative, right? It’s only natural, since you’re so pin-tight. ……”

I covered the sitting Hime as it was.


From the backside, I kiss Hime again. I put my tongue in and taste it. I never wanted to do anything dirty.

It was as I thought. She drank it. The drink. Aphrodisiacs and other drugs that increase adult desire have existed since ancient times. They are also called “love poisons”.

The two bottles near the bed. They were the kind you find in pharmacies and other places, the kind that are solid. Next to the bottles were the remnants of a box that had probably been opened, and more importantly, the packaging was completely of the stuff.

Now let’s take stock of the situation again. I am now covering Hime. That’s all.

“Ugh …… it’s painful, oni chan….Haaahaaa….”
“I’m sorry. There’s a little bit of a gap.”

I’m going to move my body a little bit.

“Hnn….. Don’t touch my legs. ……”
“Your legs are burning. Hime, are you all right?”
“Haaahaa……. It’s hot. ……”
“Of course. Why did you take an aphrodisiac?”
“You ask that? Because I heard that it would make you less sexually exhausted. ……”
“That’s not what aphrodisiacs are for.”
“Uuu~! I made a mistake~~~”

Too bad. Now the initiative is mine. The tables were turned at once. I’ll warn her not to do this.

“Hime, you mustn’t do this. Can you tell me why you wanted to have s*x with me?”
“Because we kissed, and I met Shirono san, and I knew it was a bad idea, and then I couldn’t hold back any longer. ……”

Just like Kamiki san

“And you said something about it being an established fact. Did you really mean to get impr*gnated?”
“If you do that much, people don’t break up. ……”

She looks at me on my back. It was a puzzled look on her face. The drink has worked too well and you’re drooling a little bit. She’s still red, so I’ll have to give her a break.

“Okay. I’m done talking to you. Go back to sleep until the drink wears off.”
“no. ……! I’m going to have s*x with oni chan…!”
“Honestly, you know that it’s hard for you too, right? Your consciousness will fly away? Your body won’t last. Besides, what should I do if you fall over? I’m worried about Hime.”
“Onii chan…..”

Hey..! I might be able to do it! I might be able to talk her out of it!

“Well then Oni chan. Do Hime a favor ……”
“Get off. It’s heavy. ……”

I stopped covering Hime and moved away from the bed. I put the futon over her while I was at it.

“One more thing…..”
“Kiss me. ……”
“…… Then go to bed?”
“Okay. …….”

I kissed her one last time and left Hime’s room with my clothes.

Even so, that aphrodisiac… Then what will happen if Shirono drinks it? will it be the same?

And there was one more bottle, right? I think I can use that one.

The taste of that drink is still in my mouth. Oh, ……. Come to think of it, I drank a little …….

My body is getting hot.

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