It’s finally the weekend and the promised day of the summer festival, and the four of us are walking around the venue as we had promised.
I have three beautiful girls in colorful yukata hanging out with me, and the men who pass by are looking at me with jealousy, but to be honest, if I could change my position, I would like it to change right away.
Because of Mio’s hostility toward Reona and Riona, the atmosphere is very tense. Moreover, Reona and Riona are also quite aggressive toward Mio, so there is no sign that the atmosphere is going to improve at all.
I asked them to get along with each other since they came to the summer festival together, and the three of them were acting friendly on the surface, but it is clear from the surface that a battle is being waged beneath the surface.

“I think a short girl like me would be suitable for onii chan, after all, I think it would be unbalanced if you were taller.”
“I don’t know, I think Ryoya-kun would be happier with a tall girl like us, since it would be easier to hug her and share clothes and stuff.”
“Taller girls look more stylish than short ones, and Ryoya would be happy too.”

My stomach was hurting like crazy anyway because they are still agitating each other in this way in a roundabout way. By the way, I like girls who are about average height.
Therefore, Mio, who is 150cm tall, and Reona and Riona, who are 165cm tall, are a little out of my taste. Therefore, to be honest, there is no point in continuing this dispute no matter how long it continues.
However, it is necessary to be careful about what I say because I may create a new spark if I interfere with it.
In addition to the many bombs that are already in their possession, if someone were to throw fuel on top of them, the situation would become even more uncontrollable,

“…… come to think of it, we haven’t eaten anything since we got here, there are plenty of food stalls as usual, let’s get something to eat.”
“Sure, I’m getting pretty hungry, let’s do as onii chan says.”
“Yeah, what should we eat ……?”
“There are so many things to choose from, I honestly don’t know.”

The girls heard my words and agreed with me for now. All three of them must have been hungry. I am sure their moods will improve a little if they eat something.

“I’ll have takoyaki, onii chan.”
“Hmm, I think I’m in the mood for yakitori.”
“Ryoya, I want yakisoba.”

Each of the three said what he or she wanted to eat. I wanted to eat frankfurters, so they were all very different, but I was happy if they could be quiet now. Then we each bought what we wanted to eat, sat down on a bench nearby, and began to eat.

“Here you go, onii chan. Ahhn.”
“Yes, it’s delicious. Thank you.”

After I finished eating the frankfurter, Mio offered me a takoyaki while I was thinking, so I took a bite of it without thinking.
Mio and I are siblings and we used to do this kind of thing in the past, so there was no resistance at all. However, Reona and Riona who were watching the exchange between me and Mio were in a bad mood.

“Can you open your mouth a little?”
“Ryoya, ahhh.”

The two stood up, crowded toward me, and forcefully shoved a piece of yakitori and yakisoba noodles in my hand into my mouth.

“Quit shoving them in my mouth all of a sudden.”
“I really wanted Ryoya to eat it.”
“Sorry, sorry, but it tasted good, didn’t it?”

I protested, but Reona and Riona said such words without any sign of offense, so there was probably no point in paying attention to them.

“Onii chan, you can still eat, right?”
“No, no, one is enough for me because Mio won’t have enough to eat.”
“Since we are the only siblings in the world, you don’t have to be shy. Ahn.”

It seems that Mio became competitive after seeing her current behavior and extended the disposable chopsticks with additional takoyaki in front of her mouth. Then Reona and Riona also offered yakitori and yakisoba in the same way.

“Me and onee chan’s yakitori and yakisoba are definitely better than yours.”
“Ryoya-kun, let’s have it this way.”

While the three of them were violently scattering invisible sparks, I was suffering because my stomach, which was already hurting, was hurting even more.
I knew that Reona and Riona would be unhappy if I chose Mio. On the other hand, if I chose Reona and Riona, I could easily imagine that Mio would be angry.
In other words, no matter which one I choose, a bad future awaits me. I thought about how I could overcome this situation and decided to eat them all at the same time.
I took the disposable chopsticks from Mio and Riona’s hands and bit into them with my mouth wide open, along with the skewer of yakitori that Reona was stretching out.

“Look, you must be satisfied with this. I’m already full, so I’m definitely not going to eat anything more.”

When I showed my refusal with all my might, all three of them seemed to have given up and began to eat their portions quietly. However, while I was eating, Reona and Riona were stirring with Mio in a roundabout way, so it goes without saying that my mind was not at rest at all.

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