Tick-tock. That’s the sound to describe it. Normally, the line of sight does not make such a painful sound, but it actually hurts and is as painful as it sounds.

Uwaa. They look at me so much. I hate it. Sigh. ……. I don’t want to go to school feeling like this. Do I have only negative thoughts? I’ve been feeling down since this morning.

When I walk down the street, two beautiful girls who are entwined around my side and arms attract my attention. And after that, they look at me. This has happened to me many times. I don’t intend to buy the hate myself. My antagonism and hate is increasing on its own.

The school came into view. On the road leading to the school gate, all the students are familiar to me.

“Hmm? Isn’t that Igarashi san?”
“It’s really her! She’s cute today, too! And beautiful!”

A girl in a Saijo Gakuen uniform is saying such a thing. They are probably talking about Shirono.

Beside me, however, there is another Igarashi. Naturally, she is also a beautiful girl. Of course she’s going to get a lot of attention.

“Next to her is a …… Tojo Academy uniform? Why is she here?”
“Indeed. And she’s cute. There are other beautiful girls besides Igarashi-san?”
“I thought. It really is true, isn’t it? Besides, doesn’t she look somewhat like Igarashi-san?”
“Oh, I think I know what you mean.”

Hey, those two girls who are glued on to the Igarashi sisters on either side of me. To you guys, I want to say something. I’m the one next to Shirono. Kurono is next to me, with me in between. Don’t pretend that you can’t see me, who is sandwiched between them.

Many people began commenting on Kurono with their mouths. All of them were praising her.

Now I hear the voices of boys as well.

“Hey, that’s …….”
“Oh, what’s up?”
“No, that kid in the Tojo Gakuen uniform …….”
“Haa? Why is she at Saijo Gakuen? ….. seriously.”
“I mean, isn’t that girl Igarashi Kurono? I heard from someone I know that she went to Tojo Gakuen.”
“Igarashi? Igrasashi Shirono’s younger sister?”
“Yes, yes. The two of them haven’t changed since the time they were in the first junior high school.”

Oops, it seems there is someone who knows the two of them. Perhaps they were from Daiichi Junior High School, or perhaps they had heard rumors that the Igarashi sisters were beautiful girls.

And after such a conversation, they definitely look at me. I hate it. It seems that here and now, my antagonists have increased by two. There have been a few of my antagonists since the beginning of my enrollment, but I wonder if this is the beginning of new antagonists.

The speed is astonishing. I can’t believe that people hate me so much just by having two people beside me. …… The fact that they are tangled up in my arms is one reason, but my impression of them is the problem. They must be thinking, ‘Why that guy?

Kurono then quickly moved away from me.

“‘Mmmm! I guess this is where we part ways! Well then, senpai, let’s keep up the good work in school today!”
“Yes, yes, yes. ……”

I’m sorry, Kurono. Because of the way they looked at me, my life is already at zero.

Kurono pulls Shirono to her.

“Nee chan, you too ……. Don’t annoy senpai too much. ……”
“Hmmm? What are you talking about?”
“Don’t play dumb, Nee chan,…….Listen?. I’m going to take senpai’s virginity. …… So don’t get in my way, okay?”
“I wonder if Kurono can do it? I’m sure that Kurono’s body, which is still a child, won’t be able to endure it?”
“H-ha ……? I’m not a child. ……!”
“Why don’t you stop being so tough? Fufu….”
“O-One chan too…Fufufu”

What are you talking about? Because there was a little distance and it was a whisper, I could not hear it at all.

After parting with Kurono, Shirono and I went up to the classroom as we always do. In the middle of it all, the question ‘How does Kurono go to school?’ filled my head. Thanks to that question, the awkwardness of seeing Kamiki-san faded away.


Yes, I feel awkward. Yes, I don’t want to go in. I want to go home now.

I was revived in front of the door of the classroom of class B of the second year. I had been comfortable just a moment ago. The moment I caught a glimpse of Kamiki-san through the door, it exploded.

But I move my feet. Nothing to worry about! It doesn’t matter if it’s awkward!


I silently head to my seat. Kamiki-san is sitting firmly in the seat next to me.

“Are you sleeping ……?”

She was lying face down with her head resting on her arms. This is the position she always takes during class.

Well, let’s just sit down for now. I hooked my own backpack onto a hook attached to the side of the desk. Then I pulled out my chair. I heard a rattling sound.

That was it.


Kamiki-san suddenly got up and called my name. She did so in a loud voice. I was startled because she was standing beside me.

She was looking at me. I felt too awkward and slowly turned away. I couldn’t turn toward Kamiki-san.

“Oh …… that …… Matsukaze ……”

Oh no, I can’t speak at all.

“I was an idiot ……. Starting today, I’m going to take you through the proper steps. ……”
“So, you know… ……”

Gyuu, Something soft stuck to my back. It’s kind of warm. When I looked behind me, it was Kamiki-san.

“I’m sorry okay……?”
“No, no,……, that,……. I’m also …… sorry for everything …….”

The face is hot. the awkwardness was blown away.

“Fufu. …….”
“Eh, Kamiki-san?”
“What do you think? Are you in love?”
“Eh? This is what you mean by taking steps, isn’t it? You said. go out first…..then!”
“Yes, I said that, but ……”
“Then, this time, I’ve shifted my focus to getting Matsukaze to go out with me. If force is not good enough, I’ll have sex with you in a proper and straightforward way.”

I wonder what the awkwardness is. What was I worried about this morning? This time, such a question was going through my mind.

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