I left early after that. I immediately locked myself in my house.

“I wonder if that was really …… the right thing …… to do. I’m sorry, Kamiki-san. ……”

I regretted what I had done. I stopped her by force. She was scared, she was in a rush, and I took those actions against her.

I pushed her down, grabbed her arm and made her unable to move, and she didn’t even resist. And then, I was different from usual, the real me came out. I put a lot of pressure on her, but it seemed to be too much.

I sighed heavily and covered my face with my hands.

“How am I going to face …… her tomorrow? How in the world can I …… do that?”

Fortunately, tomorrow is Friday. If I go to school this week, I’ll have the rest of the day off after that.

Just tomorrow. Let’s just get through tomorrow. It may be awkward, but I still have to go to school. I don’t want it to affect my grades.

Yes, because I am a healthy, sound and serious boy. My behavior with Kamiki-san that time proved that I am healthy, but whether I am serious or not is a matter of opinion. But that was all I could think of.

Frankly, I think I went too far. Really. Ah, it’s really hard to face each other.

I really regretted it.


There is good and evil in my heart.

(Oh, my legs …… won’t move! I can’t go to school! Damn it! Move! Legs!)
(I don’t have to go to school! I have to go all the way to see Kamiki-san, even though it’s so awkward! Let’s skip school!)

I really wanted to do this, but the other really serious me didn’t want to do it, because if I stayed like this all the time, I would naturally be sure to be late, and I would lose all motivation and not step out of my house today. So here I am, fighting alone in front of the front door.

Then I start walking. I am a little scared to see Kamiki-san, but I start walking.

At the same time, I receive a shock from behind. A surprise hit is very dangerous. I was about to fall down.

“Mu, Shirono ……. What do you want from me?”
“Takkun! why you left early yesterday! I was really worried about you!”
“No, well, I had a headache. ……”
“That’s it! You said you were fine, but you weren’t fine at all! You didn’t even pick up your phone! I was really, really worried about you!”
“S-sorry …….”

She seems to be angry. Cute, like a little kid.

“Why didn’t you pick up the phone? Were you talking to another woman by any chance?”
“No, it’s not like that.”
“Who was it? You should just tell me now. I won’t get angry. Well, if it was Kurono, I wouldn’t forgive you.”
“No, it’s …….”

I can’t say. I can’t say that I ignored it in the usual way.

No, I mean, Kurono is no good either. Since she’s her sister, she’s inevitably going to be my childhood friend. Until junior high school, we hardly talked, or rather, we didn’t see each other much because she hated me for one reason or another at the time.

Putting that aside for the moment, it seems I’ve put Shirono in a bad mood. It was obvious that she was this stuffy.

“Hey, can’t you tell me why?”

At times like this, I decided to be mute. The other party will be annoyed.

“Hmmm. You won’t tell me?”

If I told her, she would probably lock me up. And then I’ll be raped. After everything that happened with Kamiki-san yesterday, I don’t know if I’m going to risk that today. It’s not good for me at all.

Shirono stares at me more than ever. Her big, pretty eyes are getting even bigger.

“You’re punished”
“tongue kissing’ right here and now.”

It was surprisingly light. No, it’s not light because it’s done in public, but it’s not light at all. In addition, Shirono is a serious person. I’m sure she doesn’t want to lock me up in the morning because she has school.

“Yes? Now?”
“Right now.”
“Right here.”

Shirono grabs my tie. She pulls it on with a yank. I feel like I’ve seen this composition before.

Our lips were at such a close distance that if I moved even a little bit, they were about to hit each other.

“What the hell are you doing!!!!”

To my surprise, a person appeared who intervened between us.

Slightly petite. A clean, neat uniform. An unadjusted skirt. Beautiful black hair.

It was the girl I treated to dinner the other day.

“Haaahaaa…… Good morning, senpai!”
“Oh, Kurono. Good morning.”
“Huh? Onee chan, you’re going to school with senpai. I didn’t know that.”

It was said as if she didn’t know that her own sister was here. But if she was, she wouldn’t have said to us, “What the hell are you doing!!!!”

It helped, though! She almost made me tongue-tied her! I appreciate you there.

“Tsk. …….”

Eh ……. Tongue lashing ……. Shirono, you’re scary. Tongue lashing at your own sister is a little bit scary.

“Let’s go, Takkun.”
“Mmmm! Only onee chan is unfair! I want to go to school with you!”
“No, Kurono is a student at ‘Tojo Academy,’ right? Then it’s a different road from the “Saijo Gakuen” we go to? ”
“I’ll be fine! I’ll take a cab later!”
“You can’t take a taxi. ……”

I don’t know what the plan was, but Kurono followed us. In other words, I now had a beautiful girl clinging to each of my arms.

The stares from the people around me were very painful.

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