“Then… I’ll help you graduate.”

What ? What is she saying? I don’t know. I don’t understand. What is Kamiki-san trying to do to me? She unbuttoned her blouse and did something to me with her ample breasts.

Then, Kamiki-san pulled my right arm out of the bed. She grabbed my wrist firmly. It was so strong that it hurt a little.

” Kamiki-san. What do you want?”
“Can’t you see?”
“I don’t understand. How could I know?”
“Haa. ……. That’s not it. You don’t want to know, do you?”

It seemed that I had been hit to the heart of the matter. I was made aware. It wasn’t that I didn’t really understand. I knew, but I just didn’t want to accept it. I just don’t want to swallow it. I don’t want to swallow the fact that she’s going to rape me.

Kamiki-san moves my arm. Then, she pressed them against her breasts.

“Nnnn……. Fufu. How do you like it? How do you feel my breasts? It’s your first time, isn’t it? You haven’t touched them yet, have you?”
“Hmm, say something. ……”

The head had gone completely blank. I couldn’t recognize anything in front of my eyes.

I am now touching. She is making me touch her. She is forcing me. It was the first time I touched a woman’s breasts. They are soft. Kamiki-san is sexy, leaking small sounds of feeling in various places.

But I couldn’t speak. I really had nothing to say. What on earth am I doing? And what will she make me do from now on?

No, the answer should be obvious. I know that she is going to take my virginity in the end. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have done this. What a bold thing to do.

“Hnn, ……Haa…. What is it, Matsukaze? Your pulse is very fast, isn’t it?”

She was measuring my pulse from my wrist, which she was holding. My heart was beating faster than usual. It was pounding.

“Haa. Can you feel it? My heart is pounding too.”
“Then, the next one is the one that …… is waiting for. ……”

What do you mean you’ve been waiting for? The thing? Yes, it is to take everything away from me.

“Well, I’m a virgin myself, so I don’t know how to do it. I’ve read about it in pornography books, and my friends have told me about it, so I’m just going to do it and see what …… I can come up with.”

Not good. If she continues to take the initiative, she’ll do whatever she wants. I cannot do it yet.

Kamiki-san took off the futon that was covering me.

“Yoishotto. That’s better.”

Kamiki-san shrugged and completely took off her blouse. Although she was wearing underwear, her large breasts were revealed. They are powerful and truly menacing.

“Next is the skirt. ……”

Since Kamiki-san was on top of me, I wondered how she was going to take off her skirt. I wondered if she could do it with one hand.


Lifting her hips. Now. At that moment when my body became easy to move, I pushed her down with force.


I caught her off guard. This time, I covered her.

“Eh!?? Hey, Matsukaze?!”
“The tables have turned, Kamiki-san. Do you think I’m going to end up being beaten?”

Kamiki-san’s arms were held and she couldn’t move.

“I snapped too. Shirono had never gone this far with the stones. Even if she wanted to, she would not do it. But, well, I’m sure she’ll do it soon.”
“Ugh. ……”
“You’re shaking you know? What? Are you afraid I’m going to mess you up? I don’t understand. You were here first. You forced me to touch your breasts and really tried to take my virginity.”

She looked at me as if begging for forgiveness. Still, I continued.

“Then, when it came time for you to be in the position to be raped, you got scared and started to tremble, isn’t that too convenient? I wonder if that’s a good idea.”
“I’m sorry,….”
“Yes? What?”

I could hear her clearly, but I pretended to blurt it out.

“I’m sorry…….”
“Why are you sorry? I thought you wanted to screw me. That’s why you attacked me like this, right? Isn’t that right? Am I right?”
“I think I want to have sex with you, but it’s …… my first time, so it’s scary ……! Besides,…… now Matsukaze,…… it’s different from usual,……!”

Kamiki-san says in a broken voice. I don’t care anymore about getting fucked, being fucked, or whatever. I hope no one comes to this infirmary. And the sooner I leave this place, the better. It is impossible to stay like this forever. Somehow, I have to keep Kamiki-san quiet.

“Uuuh…… Haaaa…..”
“…… Kamiki-san. I still want to be a virgin.”
“I want to have a proper relationship, take the proper steps, fall in love properly, and then I want to graduate. I’m not going to graduate this way. I’m sure it’s the same for you.”
“When you heard that I was going out with Shirono, you couldn’t stand by and let it happen right?. And this is what happened.”

Kamiki-san was still not breathing properly. Then the best thing to do is to calm her down. I hugged her gently.

“Don’t skip too many steps, okay? You have to take the proper steps.”
“Y-yeah ……”
“Well, you can’t tell anyone that this happened, okay?”
“Hmm. …….”
“Haaa, ……. Then.”

I left the infirmary. I left school early after that.

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