Two days after returning from another world. It is Monday, the first day of the week.

As usual, Sakuma Ryunosuke is summoned to the backyard.

(I see. I remember today is the day I have to give the money……?)

Sakuma has spent three years in another world.

Only one day has passed in the real world, but his memory is hazy.

He looks like a suspicious person as he fumbles around, not knowing where he is supposed to get off or where his seat is. He was treated as a freak just for going to and from school.

However, Sakuma was no longer concerned about what others thought of him.

You only live once. Time is finite. Life is not something to be taken for granted.

He felt these values strongly in the other world.

[The remaining 10,000 yen and the late fee of 5,000 yen. I hope you brought it with you] Mitsui said.

(Late fee? No, no, no, no. Even a villainous merchant from another world wouldn’t be this bad. I mean–)

“Erm…..Mitsui kun, right?”

“Ah? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Ah, of course I didn’t forget about you. I remembered you face even after I went there. I just couldn’t remember your name.”

At the same time as confirming this, Sakuma activated his magic.

Magic is not a big deal.

It is nothing more than saving the images on his retina in his brain.

He had seven people he wanted to make sense of in the real world.

One of them was the boy in front of him–the arrogant Mitsui Tomonori.

Arrogance means, as the character says, to be arrogant and to look down on others.

“Pfft, ahahaha ! Hey, hey, hey, hey where the heck is [there] ! Don’t tell me you’ve been to another world ! and even pretended to forget my name……pfft. That’s really funny.”

This was a natural reaction from Mitsui.

But it wasn’t long before he found out that he had not expected it.

“I have a favor to ask you today.”

“Ahhn? A favor?”

“I want you to put an end to your arrogance today. I want you to stop being violent with me, stop picking on me for money, and stop trying to touch my sister. Just that.”

Sakuma lowers his gaze.

If he can solve the problem by bowing his head, so much the better.

Having experienced war, conflict was not something he liked.

“Yeah……I understand.”

The moment Mitsui spoke, Sakuma immediately looked up.

A very slow straight right hand. He dared to take it.


“You thought I was going to say that, you idiot ! All you have to do is listen to what I say !”

Mitsui smiles wickedly at Sakuma, who falls on his buttocks after being hit.

Sakuma is disappointed by the rottenness of his character.

(Ah……I knew he wasn’t the kind of person who would listen to me after all. Haa….. I was hoping to keep it quiet if possible…….)

Sakuma stands up, rubbing his cheek, which feels no pain at all.

While brushing off the dust from his uniform,

“Well, I got one in the face, so I guess it was self-defense, right?”


“Bullying is a crime. Of course, you’re prepared to get punched back, aren’t you?”

Sakuma Ryunosuke began to fight back.

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