“That’s so. Then, would you like to play a match with me? My skill rank is 3 stars. If you have 7 stars, it should be easy enough to beat me, right?”

The big man said as if he was trying to provoke me with his hand on the big ax he carried on his back.

I fought this type of big man just yesterday and I have new skills that I didn’t use yesterday. To be honest, I don’t feel like losing, and I’m even ready to fight.

But even if I won normally with this, he would probably say, [Oh, you are actually strong. I’m sorry I doubted you !].

The disadvantage is that if I lose, I’ll probably be killed or half-dead, but the advantage of winning is that their doubts will be cleared. Even if the opponent loses, there is almost no disadvantage.

I feel like I’m being forced to put my life on the line one way or the other, and it’s getting on my nerves.

“It’s fine to fight, but what will you do if I win normally?Don’t tell me you’re just saying sorry for doubting me?”

“Wha, hey “Wait please.””

The receptionist stopped the large adventurer who was about to retort.

“I’m sure you have a point. If you have a skill of 7 stars, then you are a hero comparable to the heroes of salvation. If you doubt the skill of such a person, of course I am prepared to do so.

But at the same time, perjuring your skills is a serious crime. It came out that big. Please be prepared to not be sorry even if you lose.”

I was unintentionally frightened by the receptionist, who is quite beautiful, but I definitely did not lie.

There’s no need to withdraw even if I’m scared.

“As I have said many times, I have not lied at all, so there is no problem.In fact, I’m worried that after you lose, you’ll get away with it just because it’s a verbal promise.

“Wha ! ….If you’re going to say that much, shall we sign the Holy Spirit contract? If you do this, the power of the Holy Spirit will make it impossible for either you or me to make a mistake.

I won’t have to listen to your howling, desperate attempts at evasion.”

“Hey, Rhys san, you don’t have to be so stubborn.”

“What is it? You want me to sit back and let this person, who has lied so blatantly about his 7-star skills, and who has been so lenient with me?”

“N-no……that’s not what I’m saying.”

“Or are you not confident that you can win against such a brat?”

“O-of course not ……I won’t lose to such a weak looking kid. But still, it doesn’t seem like he’s lying.”

“I admit that he has the gall to lie so brazenly–but most of the villains in the world lie this fiercely.”

While saying this, the receptionist named Rhys pulls out something called the Holy Spirit Contract.

The contract was for a match between the big man and me, and if I won, Rhys would be bound to me, and if I lost, I would be bound to Rhys for the rest of my life.

I had to obey any order, even if it was suicide or not.

Therefore, I could kill her in the most brutal ways. For example, if she was told to die by biting her own flesh off, she would have no choice but to obey the order.

And since the time limit is until death, I can do it practically indefinitely.

Well, I don’t intend to do such a cruel thing to this person whom I have no great grudge against.

“Now, here is the blood seal.”

When I stamped the blood seal on the Holy Spirit Contract, I felt a strange sensation as if my heart was bound by some kind of chain. I was certain that this was probably not a fake.

“Shall we do it then?”

“Yeah. ……And even if you win, don’t do such a terrible thing to Rhys san, okay?

“Right. Well, that depends on her attitude from now on.”

I touch the ten-yen coin in my pocket and create the image of transferring it into the palm of the big man’s hand.

“Ugh ! Ouch ! !”

The big man’s hand explodes and he drops the ax, but he picks it up again with the same hand. The right hand, which should have been rendered useless by the transferring of the ten-yen coin, has recovered, and the big man tosses the crumpled ten-yen coin away.

“I see, you’re strong. Oh, you look like you’re wondering why my arm is recovering. That’s because my skill is [Super healing]–the ability to instantly heal wounds !”

“Thank you for your kind explanation !”

“Even if I explain it to you, it won’t be possible to deal with it !”

The big man swung an ax at me. If it’s a super healing, it doesn’t seem like he will die  if he hurts it a little bit. If that’s the case–

The moment the big man swung his ax down, blood spurted out from his right arm. With a clank, the ax fell to the man’s right side.

“What the hell is that?”

“A transfer gate. I transfer your attack to your right side.

“What the hell, that’s a foul !”

“There are no rules in combat, are there?”

My new technique, Gate Shield Transfer.

It’s an impenetrable shield that can never be broken because it transfers any attack. In addition, it can be deployed instantly within visual range, so it can even be used as a counter, as I just did.

I transfer in front of the receptionist, whose eyes are wide open in surprise at the unexpected situation.

“What do you think? It looks real, doesn’t it? Well, I used the wrong words. You should have just asked me to show it to you, instead of doubting me from the beginning.”

She bit her teeth in frustration at my provocation.

“It’s true that you have the ability to [Transfer]. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a 7 star. As far as I can see, there’s a limit to how many times you can use it anyway, right? That ability.

In contrast, Gwyn’s strength is almost unlimited. If you keep trying, you will lose.]

“Too bad. My ability is unlimited.”

In contrast, that big guy–Gwyn, it seems he has unlimited adventurer’s regeneration?

I transfer right behind Gwyn and transfer a dime to his knee joint.

“Ugh !”

Gwyn falls to both knees.

“Damn, seriously, what’s with that ability……? I know what it is. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but it’s true that you’re a 7-star psychic.”

“Yeah. I’ve been saying that all along.”

“I’m no match for you. I’m–“Gwyn ! If you lose, I will absolutely obey that man ! !You must win no matter what ! ! !””

Rhys shouted. She was desperate. Of course she was. She was such a beautiful and proud woman. She was convinced that I was a liar, and that’s why she was so lax in her attempts at a match, but once she realized that I wasn’t lying, she would have been tempted to try to get out of it.

“Tch. I owe Rhys san a debt of gratitude, so I’m going to have to do it. I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to do this for a little while longer !”

Gwyn swung his great-ax at the gate. Gwyn’s upper and lower body separate.

It manages to pull away, but Gwyn’s belly still has a big gash in it, and most importantly, he is out of breath.

“Kuh ! This ability consumes energy every time I use it. I can’t move a finger anymore.”

“Gwyn ! What are you doing ! Get up !”

“I’m sorry, Rhys san. I didn’t repay you at all. But, boy, please–Rhys is a proud, stubborn person, but she’s a good, kind person. Even if you make her an absolute slave, promise me that you won’t do anything bad to her.”

Gwyn pleads with me, his exhalations rasping.

In a battle manga or something like that, it would normally be a promise, but this time, unlike in a battle manga, it’s not a fight to the death, and I’m not attached to this Gwyn person.

“It depends on Rhys san’s attitude, as I said before. …..If she’s really nice and kind, I’ll treat her accordingly.”

“I see. If it’s that, there’s no problem. I’m sorry, Rhys. I lost.”

Saying that, Gwyn gently closed his eyes.

“N-no way…….”

Rhys collapsed to the ground with a blank look in her eyes.

The chain in her heart was released, and I felt it connect with Rhys, and I was sure of it. Apparently, from this moment on, Rhys truly became absolutely obedient to me.

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
6 months ago

You could transfer him unlimitedly falling down tho, like Portals~

Let him feel the maximum terminal velocity of a human, then open a set of portals sideways parallel to the ground and let him carve the floor with his body until he stops~