Lunch break.

Three figures were moving behind the school building.

“H-hey, Shun. Seriously, let’s not do this…….”

“Aaah? What are you talking about, Kazuo?”

“Kazuo is right ! Seriously, what is wrong with you, Shun? Just ignore that gloomy–“



A brown-haired man with bloodshot eyes bodyslams one of his cronies.

“Hey, hey, why are you telling me what to do? Masaki, since when did you become such a big shot?”

“So……sorry, Shun.”

“Tsk. Say that from the beginning. ……So, Kazuo, what did you say earlier? Say it again?”

“Oh, n-no……. I agree with you that we should punish that gloomy guy.”

“Right? You don’t think I’d ever lose to that gloomy guy, do you?”

“Y-yeah. Of course not.”

One of the cronies, who noticed Suzuki Shun’s obvious strange behavior–Saito Kazuo, talking to him with a slightly tense look on his face.

(Y-you never know what he will do to you if you go against him……)

Kazuo breaks into a cold sweat when he sees Masaki crouching on the ground holding his stomach.

That’s no wonder, Suzuki is an experienced boxer.

Even though he had only been boxing for a couple of years when he was in elementary school, it was perfect for him to get his amateur opponent riled up.

If they made a mistake in their response, it would be more than a punch in the stomach.

“He’s a disgrace to my face. Nekura ! I’m going to kill you for real…….”

Suzuki, with eyes brimming with murderous intent, began shadow boxing with a shuffling motion.

The difference in ability between Suzuki and Ryoga is more obvious than meets the eye, but Suzuki was under a certain misconception–or rather, assumption.

(I was underestimating that bastard before. If I really try, there’s no way that gloomy guy can compete with me, Idiot !)

Yes, Suzuki believes that the reason he was beaten by Ryoga the last time was because he underestimated himand let his guard down.

However, he soon came to realize.

It was not because he had let his guard down—-



It’s 12 o’clock.

I was biting back a yawn as I walked down the stairs after my fourth period class ended.

Normally, I would head up the stairs to the rooftop with Hazuki sam and Yamada kun, but today I’m heading in the opposite direction.

I was called to the back of the school building this morning by Suzuki, who had been messing with me on my way to school.

Well, I can ignore it if I don’t want to go, but it’s not worth the hassle later on…….

I went to the back of the school building to quickly do my business and head to the rooftop.



Okay, I’m here.

……..What is that guy doing?

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the back of the school building was Suzuki doing what looked like shadow boxing in a strange atmosphere.

Was this some kind of preparatory exercise?

He moves like an experienced person, but honestly, quite a few parts are missing.

……Well, I don’t really care.

Then Suzuki notices my footsteps and stares at me with bloodshot eyes.

“You gloomy bastard ! You’ll have to fight me.”


Eh, how am I supposed to react to this?

While I was puzzled, Suzuki took a boxing stance about two meters away from me.

“Tsk. The scum of the class are looking at me like I’m an idiot. Seriously, how are you going to settle this?”

What did he say…..

I’m the victim here, but they’re the one who hold the grudge.


I exhale slowly and take a half-body stance.

“You’re not going to apologize to me, Yamada kun, or Hazuki san–and Himukai san, are you?”

I was angry at Himukai Ayaka at the time, but if you think about it, she was also a victim of these guys.

If they hadn’t done what they did, Himukai san wouldn’t have done what she did.

“Aaah? I can’t hear you blabbering, you shady little bitch.”

“I’m going to ask you one more time. You’re not going to apologize to the victims, are you?”

“Huh? Stop your blabbering.”

Suzuki looked at me with a grin and a sickening look on his face.

“…….I see, I understand.”

Suzuki showed no sign of remorse.

In that case, let’s do something about it.

“Just die already !”



I just barely avoid Suzuki’s oncoming right fist and grab his wrist.

“Go back to sleep.”



“Kuhaa !”

Suzuki is knocked to the ground, wipes foam from his mouth, twitching, and stops moving.

Eh, is it over already?

The unexpected turn of events causes me to freeze.

After all that shadowboxing he did, seriously…….

“Y-you’re kidding, right? He knocked the serious Shun with one punch.” “T-that can’t be possible. What the hell is that guy?”

The two are Saito and Goto, who seem to be upset behind the fallen Suzuki.

“Well……are you still going to do it?”

[ [No, no, no, no] ]

The two cronies are shaking their heads as best they can.

Okay, I’ll be back on the rooftop sooner than I thought.

“Then, I’m going to go now, so please carry him to the infirmary.”

“Y-yeah.” “O-okay.”


The two carry Suzuki on their shoulders and are quickly out of sight.

–Well, I guess I should go, too.

As I start to walk away with that thought, I feel a gaze from somewhere.

“……Who is it?”


The one who appeared from around the corner was–

“I-it’s me. Ryoga kun……”

“H-Hazuki san?”

The figure of an angel holding a lunch box in one hand and staring at me with an uneasy expression.

“W-why are you here…..?”

“Right after class, I saw Suzuki kun and the others going to the back of the school building, and then suddenly Ryoga kun said he had something to do, so I got worried…..”

“I-I see–eh?”


An angel suddenly puts her other hand in my hand.

“Ryoga kun is really strong….. M-my heart is still pounding.”

“N-no. Suzuki was just weak. I mean, sorry…..”

I still have a long way to go, making Hazuki san worry about such a guy.

“Fufu, why are you apologizing? Ryoga kun is really interesting.”

Saying that, Hazuki san smiled and grabbed my hand even more strongly.

Since the school trip, she’s been doing this to me…….?

“T-then, let’s go. Ryoga kun.”

“N-no. It’s dangerous if you don’t let go.”

“N-no you can’t. I won’t let go until we get to the rooftop.”


For some reason, this time Hazuki san dyed her cheeks slightly red and gently pulled out my hand.

Hazuki san would definitely lose it if someone saw this place and made a strange misunderstanding.

I really don’t understand…..

“Come on, let’s go…….”


Just like that, Hazuki san and I headed to the rooftop.

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Strawberry Milkshake
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