“Ryoya, you’re sleeping well.”
“That’s because I dosed him with a rather powerful sleeping potion.”

The sleeping potion I had mixed in the barley tea seemed to be very effective, and Ryoya was completely asleep. He probably wouldn’t wake up in the slightest.

“Then let’s begin.”
“Yes, the order is as I decided with Riona yesterday.”

We lifted the sleeping Ryoya-kun together and moved him to the bed.

“Ryoya, you don’t think you’ll lose your virginity while you’re sleeping, do you?”
“You’ll be surprised when you find out later.”
“When you wake up, you will have experienced two girls, so you will probably be the top of the class.”

Yes, we sisters were going to have intercourse with the sleeping Ryoya-kun. The reason for doing this is simple, we wanted to make it a done deal as soon as possible.
To tell the truth, Ryoya-kun is not the type of guy who is popular, so the chances of him getting a girlfriend are extremely low. However, we know that Ryoya-kun is an attractive person who is brave enough to risk his life to save others.
Maybe there will be a girl like us sisters who will notice Ryoya-kun’s attractiveness and fall in love with him.
If that happens, there is a possibility that Ryoya-kun’s virginity will be taken by someone other than us sisters. I absolutely did not want that. That’s why we decided to take it away from him before someone else does.

“I heard from a friend that the first time hurts like hell, but I wonder if it’s ok ……?”
“If you’re afraid, I can start first.”
“No, I’ll go first, just like in the order.”

Last night, Riona and I had talked about it and decided that I would do it first. Therefore, I will take Ryoya-kun’s virginity.
Thinking of this, I started to take off Ryoya-kun’s clothes.

“Hee, you have a lot of muscles there. Ryoya-kun is a boy after all.”
“He is more rugged than I thought. He is totally different from us girls.”

Since I had never seen a man naked except for my dad, both Riona and I were curious about Ryoya-kun’s nakedness. After we both had enjoyed it to a certain extent, I started to take off my clothes too.

“Take your time.”
“Yeah, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

I said to Riona as she was leaving the room. I took out a box of condoms from the drawer of Riona’s study desk, which I had borrowed from my father’s room.
It took me quite a bit of fumbling, as it was the first time I had ever used one, but I managed to put it on without incident.

“I’m going to take away Ryoya-kun’s first time, okay?”

Then, Ryoya and I became one on the bed.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“I’m feeling really sick. ……”

I woke up in bed, but my body was as heavy as lead and I couldn’t bring myself to get up. It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt this bad fatigue.
I was just sleeping, but why am I in this state? I felt as if I had just finished a strenuous workout.

“Where am I …… to begin with?”

I was wondering this question because I saw an unfamiliar ceiling, but I gradually began to remember the situation before I fell asleep.

“……I was studying in Riona’s room, and for some reason I suddenly felt sleepy afterwards, so I went straight to bed.”

I’m not sure if this means I’m in Riona’s room right now. I’m still feeling sluggish, and I’m going to get up.
Then I saw the low table that I had been using for studying, so it seems that this is Riona’s room after all.

“…… hmmm? I feel something strange in my body.”

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but something seems different from before I went to bed. While I was trying to figure out what was different, the door was opened and Reona and Riona came into the room.

“Ah, you’re awake. I was about to wake you up, best timing.”
“Ryoya, you were completely sound asleep.”

I don’t know why, but their skin looks strangely shinier than before and they look sexier than usual.
Normally, the lower half of my body would have been energized, but now it did not even react. Perhaps it was because of the strong sense of fatigue.

“…… sorry for falling asleep so suddenly.”
“It’s totally fine.””
“It was satisfying for us to see Ryoya’s cute sleeping face.”

I apologized, and the girls talked like that.

“Speaking of which, you two seem to be standing somewhat strange from a while ago, are you okay?”
“…… Actually, I’ve been feeling a little uncomfortable in my lower body. But it’s due to a phenomenon peculiar to girls, so don’t worry about it.”
“…… so do I. So don’t worry about it.”

I’m a guy, so I don’t know anything about that, but if they say so, it’s probably true. I didn’t want to pursue it too much, because it might be sexual harassment, so I didn’t say anything more.

(TL/N : Ay lmao)

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11 months ago

The irony in him saying it might be sexual harassment at the end, when they just sexually assaulted him lol

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
11 months ago

Lmao that was hilarious

11 months ago

Yooo that’s fucked up!

10 months ago

Yo at least they ain’t gonna cheat on him

3 months ago
Reply to  Bob210382

they’re yandere. need I say more?