“Kyaa !”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Hm……”

I reflexively apologize to the person who bumped into me and turned my eyes–

“N-Nanahoshi san?”


There she was, Nanahoshi Meguri, a member of Try☆Stars.

She was on the ground and looking at me with blank stares.

W-why are you here…..?

“Oh my, it’s you, Ryoga kun.”

“M-Maya san?”

Even Maya san?

W-what’s going on……?

“—like that, so we came to this location.”

“Ah, I see.”

According to Maya san, they were in Kyoto, not in the studio,to shoot a special episode of Try☆Stars first radio anniversary.

I don’t show my face, so I have no connection with that kind of thing, but I see…..

But when I looked around, I saw only Maya san, Nanahoshi san, and the staff.

“Um,……where’s Hinemiya san?”

“Ah, about Shiori chan. She can’t come because she’s working at another site.”

“I see.”

Well, that’s what happens when you appear in so many anime and events…..

I’m a little envious.

“Ah, did you miss Shiori chan by any chance? My bad.”

“No, what are you talking about……?”

Maya san put her hands together in front of me with an unnatural expression and apologized.

This person is seriously…….

But still, are they still in the middle of recording?

“Um, am I interrupting you by any chance? If that’s what it is–“

“No, it’s totally fine. We just finished recording, and we’re about to part ways, so can you wait for us?”

“Ah, okay.”


“Sorry to keep you waiting !”

Maya san and Nanahoshi san are coming toward me with a pattering sound.

“No, it’s totally fine.”

“So, Ryoga kun. Looking at us now, do you have anything to say?”

Maya san looked at me with a face full of expectation.

I didn’t pay much attention to it earlier because I was surprised by the suddenness of it, but when I looked at the two of them again…….

“I think that yukata…..suits you well.”

“Fufu, I’m so happy to hear that…..”

Yes, they were wearing yukata and clogs, instead of regular clothes.

Since they were shooting on location in Kyoto, they must have dressed in Japanese clothes accordingly.

First, Maya san is wearing a light blue yukata with a hydrangea pattern.

And then–

“Look, you shouldn’t be hiding, Meguri chan.”


Nanahoshi san comes out in front of me as if being pushed by Maya san.

She is wearing a pink yukata with colorful floral patterns scattered on it.

I knew it, but she’s a beautiful girl after all……

“U-um……it’s very pretty.”

“〜〜! !”

Pitter patter

Nanahoshi san blushes and hides behind Maya san again.


I guess she was still uncomfortable with my line just now.

I’m not even making eye contact with her

“Um, I’m sorry…….”

I apologize to Nanahoshi san.

Of course she wouldn’t be happy if someone like me said something like that, I completely did it…

“No, it’s not something like that, okay, Ryoga kun? Look, Meguri chan, that kind of attitude is–ah !”

Suddenly, Maya san seems to have thought of something.

“What’s wrong, Maya san?”

“Well〜, actually. Meguri chan has something she wants to discuss with Ryoga kun.”

“With Nanahoshi san……?”

Nanahoshi san is shaking her head from behind, but…

“Oh yeah, that’s right〜 I’m going to leave you for a moment.”

Maya san is talking with Nanahoshi san in a place a little far away.

W-what is this ……?

“Sorry !”

“So, what do you want to talk about?”

“Meguri chan seems to be having some trouble with her role. And she wanted to ask Ryoga kun if he could help her. If Ryoga kun is free right now, would you mind accompanying her?”

Nanahoshi san is shaking her head behind Maya san’s back.

Well, I don’t have anyone to go around with me until dinner…

“I understand. If it’s something I can help with.”

“I’m glad to hear that〜 Bye, Ryoga kun.”



Maya san left in a flash.

And the only ones left were me and Nanahoshi san in her yukata.

[ […… ] ]

W-what am I supposed to do? This is……

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