“……! It’s huge !”

“It’s the only large facility in the area. And with the end of the year coming up, it’s pretty crowded.”

The number of people going in and out of there is…..somany that some people might get fed up just looking at it.

However, Nagi’s smile never broke. She looked at the exterior happily.

“In that case, ……We must hold hands more firmly.”

Nagi said so…..squeezing my hand and holding it to her chest.

“You’re right.”

“Yes ! If we don’t hold onto each other, we’ll get separated !”

Even though I think it was normal……I’m happy to see Nagi’s smile. Because I’m also happy to feel Nagi’s warmth. I can’t stop it.

Well, at least for today.

If it’s true, I have to think about the appropriate time, place, and location carefully. From tomorrow, as usual…….

What do I mean by “as usual”? I mean, I wonder how safe it is.

If we just walk beside each other…’s no different from before we started going out.

Then up to holding hands? If so, does the way we were holding hands earlier count as safe? We were in pretty close contact.

It’s not good. I’m not sure anymore. I’ll ask Eiji later.

And after thinking that far. I shook my head.

It’s not good. Thinking is not good when I’m with Nagi.

Especially, thinking about something like that even though the two of us are going out together…….it’s extremely insincere.

While thinking that, I looked at Nagi who was right next to me.

While staring at me, her mouth smiled faintly.

I looked closely and saw that she had moved a little and was now at the end of the road. Nagi must have guided me so that I wouldn’t disturb the passers-by.

“……My bad. I was thinking a bit.”

“Fufu. It’s fine. I like Souta kun’s thinking face too.”

The soft smile made my heart jump, and the words gently caressed my jumped heart.

Until I met Nagi. I had rarely had such words of goodwill directed at me……except my family. Eiji said it jokingly.

That’s why, I wonder. It’s a very, very strange feeling.

Those words surprised my heart and made my heart beat quicker…….and yet tracing the blood vessels from my chest. My body warms up gradually.

When my family praised me, I was just happy.

But when Nagi says these words to me, many other feelings swell up. They mix together. There’s not a single negative emotion among them.

……It might be too late now.


Happiness is the only word I can use to describe it.

I don’t know any other word. I guess my vocabulary is purely lacking.

“Me too.”

Nagi’s index finger gently bent. She stroked the back of my hand.

It was neither ticklish nor painful. Just lovingly. Nagi kept stroking.

“This might sound like a cliche, but…I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life. I’m happy.”

Nagi’s smile never falters.

All those years, I saw her expressionless.

She’s much more……attractive now.

I couldn’t help but stare at Nagi’s face.

Then, Nagi puffed out her cheeks a little.

“I’ve been going through a lot lately, you know? When I can’t see Souta kun,……even when I’m alone, I can’t help but think of you. I can’t go back without holding my cheek like this.”

Nagi held her cheek with her other hand. Every gesture is adorable.

“Sometimes I get embarrassed when Suzaka san says that.”

“……..I see.”

“But, I’m not averse to it. It makes me feel like I can be with Souta kun. I did my best like that yesterday.”

It must have been when she told my mother and father.

I think Nagi really worked hard yesterday.

“……Is there anything you want?”

“Something that I want?”

I think the words are abrupt even for me. It’s natural that Nagi is puzzled.

Nagi tilted her head. After tilting her head slightly, Nagi’s eyes widened as if something flashed in her mind.

“There is one thing.”

“Oh, what is it?”

I wonder what. What does Nagi want? I hope it’s something I can buy here.

Waiting for Nagi’s words. Nagi tapped me on the back of my hand with her finger and told me to lend her my ear with a look.

I pulled my head a little closer and Nagi took her hands away. She turned her hands into a tube and put it over her ears.

“I want Souta kun.”

She whispered so quietly.

I thought my breathing would stop.

No, in fact, it did. For a few seconds.

Nagi did not even smile. She was staring at me.

There was no [I’m just kidding] or [It’s a lie].


I could hardly speak, my throat was so snarled. I gave a small cough.

Let’s pretend I didn’t see the edge of Nagi’s mouth lift up.

And again. I pushed out the words.

“After we get home. Over there.”


Somehow, I managed to make eye contact and say so. Nagi’s eyes widened.

Her face was turning redder and redder. Her mouth was about to say something, but then she stopped.

Nagi’s mouth was tied once and then she took my arm.

“Please come here for a moment, Souta kun.”


There’s already a shopping mall in front of us…… But Nagi started walking to a totally different direction.

In a five-minute walk area…….Nagi was, as if she was looking for something. She looked around the area.

“If it’s there…….”

I walk with my arm pulled by Nagi. The place where I was taken out was…..

It was in a back alley. No, it was not a back alley. But just two corners away from the main street.


“I’m sorry. Souta kun was just so cute earlier that I couldn’t hold back anymore.”

Nagi once untied my hand. The warmth of Nagi’s hand is still there on my hand.

Nagi’s blue eyes stared at me.

“I want Souta kun after all.”

Slowly, she reached out her hand and spread it.

“Kiss. Please do it.”

She said so.

“…… !?”

“I understand. I know that I have to know the time and place. But today,……just for now. Please, I beg you.”

Nagi’s face was blushing and her eyes were moist.

This is a back alley. But we have not gone to the back.

It’s a place where one can see if one wants to, but it’s not a place one likes to see.

Of course, there’s no possibility that people will not come in. Or rather, the fact that there are few people around means that it is such a dangerous place.

……But I felt it was too much to make Nagi wait any longer.

I looked around once. After making sure no one is there.I looked at Nagi again.

“Nagi. I’ll give you a lecture later.”

“Yes, please scold me a lot.”

I held Nagi with my right hand so that her back would not hit the wall and put my lips on hers.


Even though I was wearing thick clothes, I could slowly feel Nagi’s softness all over my body.

Nagi’s left hand was wandering and when I brought my hand close to hers, she intertwined her fingers tightly.

The sweet breath from Nagi’s lips sniffs my cheeks and tickles my ears.

A sweet sensation of pleasure ran down my spine.

This is not good.

“……A little bit more.”

As Nagi said, I put my lips together again.

Beneath the slightly opened eyelids, blue eyes that are filled with heat are peeking out.

“I love you.”

This is bad.

The kiss in an unusual place. The immoral feeling caresses my heart and produces sweet pleasure.

The fact that Nagi wants me even though we’re outside sends a happy substance to my brain.

My thoughts blur and become tinted with Nagi. It makes me happy.

And yet.


I took my lips away from Nagi. It’s also a place where the sun doesn’t hit, so the air that isn’t that good fills my lungs.

However. That’s why it made my thoughts more vivid.

I looked at Nagi for a while. The heat was receding more and more from those blue eyes.

“……I-I’m sorry.”

“…..No. I’m an accomplice too.”

In the first place, I’m the one who’s forcing Nagi to endure.

“Let’s go back for now. It’s not the right place.”

“Y-yes !”

I walked out of the back alley holding hands with Nagi. We got out of there without any problems.

“U-um……I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m responsible too.”

Nagi has put up with it a lot.

…….If I had been prepared, this would not have happened.


“Me too……I was happy that Nagi yearned for me. But that’s just it. It’s dangerous to be in a place like that. Let’s be careful with each other.”


Luckily, I didn’t meet anyone this time, but if someone finds us…….even a delinquent, I feel uneasy.

“Right. I knew it would be okay today, but I will be careful.”


I didn’t understand what she meant by it.

Nagi hugged my hand tightly and started walking.

“Well then, let’s go.”

“Y-yeah. ……What do you want to do first? There are many things. Clothes, food, etc.”

“It’s a good time, so can I have a meal first?”

“Okay. There are a lot of things to eat, so let’s look at the map together and decide.”

“Yes !”

Despite everything that had happened. Finally, we were able to enter the shopping mall.



I stopped in my tracks. That was a bad idea.

There weren’t many people upstairs. There was a sale going on in one of the clothing stores, and that’s where most of the people were.

So, at the same time I noticed. It seemed that the other person had noticed too.

I thought they didn’t notice because I looked away once. But I got a beautiful second look.

“….What do we do?”

“I wonder if it’s those people?”

The sweat that I don’t like will float on my forehead.

Of course, Nagi had noticed as well……for a moment, I was hesitant to reply.

But she found out soon enough.

“…..Yeah. The guys from yesterday.”

“I see.”

Nagi squinted her eyes. I saw them frozen on the bench.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Nagi held my hand tightly. She looked me in the eye and said so.


“I’m still your father and mother’s daughter, you know? ……I’ve been through a lot. And I’ve learned a lot.”

And. Nagi’s eyes were downcast for a moment.

“I’m angry. Very angry.”

Ba-dump. A chill ran down my spine.

Nagi didn’t look at me at all. Her eyes were fixed on them.

I could tell just by being next to her.

It was a switch. She switched to [Ice Princess].

“I might show you something a little less than cute.”

Her eyes are cold.

–It was like the bottom of the ocean… deep that no sunlight could penetrate.

However, Nagi’s hand that held me was gentle and warm. [Ice princess] but…….I felt a little different from that time.

While arranging such entrustments in my heart. I was fascinated by Nagi.

Even though it’s a situation like this.

I thought she was so beautiful.

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