[Shiori, you have to be the best.]

That’s what my father used to say to me, Himemiya Shiori.

I’m now considered a top voice actress, but I was born into an ordinary middle-class family of an ordinary salaryman and a part-time housewife.

When I was a child, I was what you would call a “good kid” who listened to their parents.

Then one day–

I had finished my elementary school homework early and was watching a variety show on TV in the living room.

I always watch this show, and it’s pretty interesting, but I felt bored.

“Sigh, is there any other interesting show?”

I operated the remote control and switched channels.


[Now, here’s what I’m going to do–.]


[Then, here is tomorrow’s weather. The Kanto region will be generally–“


[You’ve got to be kidding me ! !]


The sudden angry voice made my body tremble involuntarily.


I let go of the remote control and fearfully turned my eyes to the TV screen, where I saw a young boy with a bleeding head staring at a man in military uniform with a devilish expression on his face.

[You killed everyone in the village… killed Karen !]

[Hmph, look what you say. There are always sacrifices in war, and I was only fulfilling my duty as a soldier. If you want to hate, you should hate your country.]

[–Enough. I will defeat you with my own hands !]

[Well, if you can do it, go for it ! Brat.]

Just as the two men drew their swords and the battle was about to begin…

Trrrr〜 Trrrr〜

The scene changes and the ending begins to play.


I found myself leaning forward from the sofa, glued to the screen.


It was more exciting than any show I had ever seen, and I felt like I was being pulled into the screen and becoming one with the characters.

I looked up the work on my phone and found that it was called [Someday, Under That Promised Tree,] or [Itsuki] for short.

It’s a dark story about a boy whose hometown was destroyed by an enemy nation when he was a child, and he becomes a soldier to avenge his childhood friend. However, when it’s discovered that his childhood friend is still alive–

“W-what’s going to happen…..?”

I couldn’t stay still, so I went to the video store and rented the DVD of “Itsuki” and watched it.


Under the tree where they promised each other when they were young, [When we grow up, we’ll get married].

There they faced each other.

[Karen, as long as I have you……that’s all I need, I don’t need anything else.]

[Me too, I feel the same. Shin……]


The hero hugs his tearful childhood friend tightly.

And then the distance between the two of them grows closer and closer–


“Ugh, it was a good story…….”

Hiks hiks

I had finished watching “Itsuki” to the end, and was soaking in the afterglow while wiping my bright red swollen eyes with a tissue.

“Seriously……hiks…..I’m glad.”

All the characters were living each day to the fullest, which was very different from me who live in a bird cage. And they filled my boring days with excitement.

Then it occurred to me.

“I want to be a heroine, just like Karen…..”

I want to escape this boring everyday life and go to the exciting and thrilling world.

Tap tap tap

[How to become an anime character]

As the idea came to me, I asked Dr. Google and what came up was the word [voice actor].

–What’s a voice actor?

I’m not sure, but I do understand that this is a way to become like Karen.

“I…..I want to be a voice actor !”

At this moment, my dream was set.

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1 year ago

Mr.GOOGLE. know everything

11 months ago

“How to become an anime character”
Literally the dream of every weebs in existence