After some hesitation, I opened the door of the house.
Then the dazzling sunlight began to illuminate the surroundings.

“Yo, good morning, Kanata.”
“Good morning, Yuuki.”

As I was walking, I met Morikawa Yuuki, a childhood friend. Although her name may sound masculine, Yuuki is a woman.
However, she is 178 centimeters tall, works out in club activities, and has short hair, so at first glance, you could be mistaken.
But as a childhood friend, she is a person whom I can be comfortable with.

“What’s wrong, Kanata? You seem to be in low spirits. Is something wrong?”
“I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t,……, but is it showing on my face that much?

I wonder if it is easy to see it on my face, as it is with my sister Mirei. I thought I was doing okay since my mind is starting to sort itself out a little bit, but it doesn’t seem so.

“Well, it’s not like it’s showing that much, you know? But I’ve been watching you closely as a childhood friend for a long time, so I wondered if there was something wrong with you.”

I couldn’t see her expression, but I could sense her concern.

“Thank you. In fact, yesterday, on the way home from a part-time job,…..”
“Good morning, Kanata.”
“Ah, yes. Good morning Saki …….”

If I tried to tell Yuuki what had happened, the other party in the whirlwind, the unfaithful Saki, called out to me from a little distance away.
Usually we meet up near her house because it is closer to school, but today she was coming toward my house. It is not entirely impossible, but I think the timing is too good.
Thinking about it, why? Did she know I had found out about the affair? The thought came to me in an instant, and I became somewhat suspicious.

“Good morning, Saki.”
“Good morning, Yuuki chan. Don’t you have morning practice today?”
“There isn’t one today. So I’m just on my way to school with Kanata. If you do not want it, I will go ahead”
“No, I’m sorry. I have something to do. I came here to see Kanata as soon as possible.”

There was nothing suspicious in her expression.

“I see. What did you have to do?”
“Actually, I was thinking of e-mailing you, but I wanted to discuss next week in person anyway.”
“Well. Anniversary huh……”

I guess what Saki is talking about is next week’s second year anniversary.
And where will we go on that day? Although we had been talking to some extent, we had not been able to spend a lot of time together, so now it was time.

“We’ve been passing each other for the past few days, how are you doing?”
“Sorry, I’ll go first since I seem to be in the way.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry, Yuuki chan.”

Then Yuuki announced and went away.

“So this time, how about a movie ……?”



I was annoyed as I kept my distance.
The content of the conversation was obvious, and it was because I heard them talking.
Even though I know, it wouldn’t feel good to have someone I love talking about their anniversary with another woman.
At the time I made the choice to watch over him because I was afraid of being rejected, but now I’m thinking of killing the me I was then.
If I could, I would monopolize all of Kanata, but that’s not possible.
Even at that time, I thought I was crazy to think that I would be able to pass it on to a younger sister and a younger student.
The truth is, I just ran away from him because I didn’t know if I was attractive or not.
I was too tall, crass, and had no breasts. If there is, it is only the advantage of having been in close proximity for a long time, but his Step sister took that away from me, and she even owns the personal belongings in Kanata’s room.

It is unforgivable. Although it is unforgivable, I suddenly wondered.

(Well, it’s funny that …… Step sister doesn’t do anything when Kanata is not well. ……)

I recall it when I wake up from my anger. Kanata hid it from me, but that level of skinny dipping is meaningless in front of me.
We’ve been close together for a long time. I may lose in quality, but in terms of length, I am much better.
So I know that it was not just a fight. There is not a bit of emotion that should be on either of the faces if they were fighting.
It’s like Kanata is one-sidedly avoiding her and hating her.

(Then what was that? Is it cheating? Not that they would do such a thing, but …… no, is it going to be a chance?)

It was the only thing I could think of. Maybe his Step sister found out about the affair and purposely kept quiet about it. And she’s just trying to get the best out of it. There are a lot of holes, but from her standpoint, the more Kanata gets hurt, the more she can fill in the holes.

(It is unforgivable, isn’t it? Just looking at Kanata when he is hurt.)

At that time, I was in despair. Even though I knew what I really wanted, I understood that it was impossible because of what I had done.
I couldn’t give up even though I had already given up that it was impossible.
At that time, Kanata saved me and filled my heart to the point that I couldn’t help it, and I fell in love with him.
But if I was going to stay close to him, that was not good enough.
So I left it as it is and now there is no need anymore…….

(Hold on, Kanata. I’ll destroy everything you don’t like. So, I hope that this time I don’t make any more mistakes. If I don’t understand, I’ll punish myself until I do. ……)

I know he is really weak, but he pushes himself too hard.
So, I took action to support him by my side.

“Yes, hello, what’s up muscle gorilla ……?”
“Shut up, you sticky stalker!”
“Can I turn it off now? I’m just getting ready to make a life for myself and onii chan.”
“You hate Saki, don’t you?”
“Ha? Of course I’m going to kill her?. What’s the matter with her? She’s been stirring things up about onii chan, monopolizing him, and at the end of it all, she won’t admit to having an affair with someone he doesn’t even know, so why should I have to put up with it all these years? I’ll never forgive her.”

“Then, let’s take revenge together. Never let Kanata find out about it.”

I know who likes Kanata. How much they love him, too.
And the fact that Kanata is kind and thinks he has to be nicer than necessary to get there.
So, for now. I decided to rely on her in order to get rid of Saki.

“Okay, I’ll cooperate with you. But I’m not the only one. I don’t know what kind of tricks she’s using. There are people who know about the bitch’s affair and are doing the same kind of thing, but what about them?”
“We’re all in this together. Let’s all just keep working together.”
“Haa…I understand.”

Thus, we decided to help Kanata.

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1 year ago

Well a yandere tomboy isn’t something you see too often.

I hate NTR
I hate NTR
1 year ago

Pity it’s too short….. let’s comments with my other face …..hehe…i fucking hate NTR

GodlyGod McGodGod
GodlyGod McGodGod
1 year ago

I really hope she was actually cheating on the dude and it wasn’t some weird misunderstanding thing like, “she was just guiding a lost tourist to their hotel” or something, ’cause this chick is about to have her life ruined by an army of yanderes…

1 year ago

From the moment you make at least 3 yanderes your enemy, you’re already done for. How about consider starting to write your will and prepare a funeral?