Episode 35 – Izakaya



“We have arrived. The amount will be– yen.”

“Card, please.”


“Thank you very much~”


After getting out of the cab, Maya san and I were walking through the streets of Tokyo.

But still……

“How about a drink at an izakaya !”

“Mister, how about a drink now?”

Buzz buzz

Some people are touting customers.

On either side of the street, there are many pubs and karaoke bars.

“Um, Maya san. Where is this……?”

“Oh, of course! It’s.”

Maya sampointed to a place called–

Buzz buzz buzz

“Here’s your draft beer and ginger ale !”

“Thank you.”


I received my drink in a mug from the waitress.

Maya san and I were sitting at a table at the izakaya called [Tori Taisho].

This is a popular izakaya that is part of a nationwide chain.

I was expecting Maya san to go to a more fashionable restaurant since it’s her, but it’s pretty commonplace…….

“Then, it’s a wrap for the live concert–“

[ [Cheers ! ] ]

Gulp gulp

We clink glasses together and I stir the glass.

“Ahh~, i’m coming back to life ! !”

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

Y-you’re kidding, right?

I took a sip and put the glass down, and in front of me is Maya san, who’s holding an empty beer mug in her hand and sounding like an old man.

I mean, she’s making a voice that a woman shouldn’t make……

“What, do you have a problem?”

“N-no. ……I mean, why are you drinking so fast?”

Or rather, why does she sound so weird……

“Iz fine~fwine~! ‘scuse me, one more beer pwease.”

With a red face and high energy, maya san ordered more beer.

Sigh…… I have a bad feeling about this, but I guess Maya san was practicing hard for today’s live, so I guess it can’t be helped at least for today.

But still……

“Maya san, why did you turn off the phone?”

“Oh, that? Those two were scary.”

“Well, that’s true, but…..”

“Sigh~, it’s hard to be a popular guy !”

She made another unintelligible joke …….

Maya san patted me on the back.

She is completely drunk.

By the way, what I’m talking about is what happened in the cab just now—

Brrrt brrrt

Ping ! Ping !

N-not good…..

When I looked at the notification on my home screen, there was a message from Elena and Shiori.

[Where did you go? Tell me, I can still forgive you now.]

[Ryo kun, where did you go with Maya? If you don’t tell me, fufu…..you won’t know what happen, okay?]

Oh no….., if I don’t get this now, I’m going to be killed.

Yes, my instinct tells me.

When I cautiously try to press the call button,


“M-Maya san?”

“You can’t go on a date with a girl and talk to another girl.”

“Ah, wait a minute–“


Maya san pressed and held the power button on my phone and turned it off.

Ugh, are you kidding me….?

“Here, I’ll give this back to you. Don’t turn it on until your date with me is over, okay?”

“W-well, it’s not a date, it’s more like……”

“Oh my, you don’t like me?”

“I-it’s not like that. I mean, there’s no way I’d ever go out with a beautiful woman like Maya san…..”

“Seriously, you’re really interesting. You look like a different person from the aggressive approach you took just now. Is it possible that you have a double personality?”

“How can I say it…..It’s the way I treat my fans.”

“Ahahaha ! That’s not a good way to treat a fan ! If you do that, everyone will misunderstand. You’re getting more and more interesting–Ryoga kun♪”

That’s what happened.

Kuh, thinking about what happened after this gives me a headache……

“Look, don’ worry ’bout such things ! Just focus on me !”

“Right. Sigh…….”

While I was thinking about this, I looked at my watch and saw that it was already ten o’clock.

If I don’t go home again, Akari will be worried.

“Maya san, let’s go home now.”


There was no reply. Is she asleep?

“Maya san? Wake up–“

“C-can’t get up……”


“I don’t have the strength.”

Maya san’s eyes are moist and her cheeks are dyed red while she looks up.

Good grief, I told you not to drink too much……

“I understand. Here you go.”


I paid the bill first and left the store with Maya san on my back.

I knew I was getting a lot of attention from people around me.

It can’t be helped, since a person like me is carrying such a beautiful woman on my back.


“S-sorry, okay?”

Maya san, who’s already sober, apologizes to me.

“No, don’t worry. More importantly, can you walk now?”

“I might not be able to for a bit yet……”

Hmm, I can’t follow Maya san to her house.

“I’m going to get a cab, is that okay?”


Thus, I dropped Maya san off at the cab and went home.

When we parted, she asked me to accompany her home because she was worried about me, but I declined.

After that, she sent me a grumpy message, but I guess she was still a little drunk.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked me out……

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