Episode 28 – Main Character Introduction



This is an introduction of the characters as of episode 27

Main character: Nekura Ryoga

A second-year high school student. He is a voice actor belonging to Aono Enterprises. He is active under the name [Ryoga].

Since he does not show his face, he does not appear at any events. However, recently, he began appearing regularly in a popular anime, and his manager has asked him to show his face, which is causing him some trouble.

At school, he wears a mask and glasses, and is nicknamed “gloomy” by his classmates.

Younger sister Nekura Akari

Nekura Akari is a third-year middle school student and Ryoga’s younger sister. She only appears in episodes 1 and 4.

“Onii chan ! I haven’t shown up at all.”

“Eh? Yeah, well, that happens sometimes.”

“Geez, I’m angry ! I’m super duper mad.”

“I’m sorry, here (pat her head)”

“Nyaa~. Don’t think I’m going to forgive you just yet.”

……It may be unexpectedly easy.

Classmate Hazuki Rinka

Like Ryoga, a classmate of class A, year 2.

She is called “Angel” and is said to be the most beautiful girl in her grade. She has semi-long black hair.

She is a big fan of Ryoga, and when she accidentally bumps into Ryoga in the hallway, she realizes Ryoga’s true identity.

Since then, she has been bugging him and is convinced that he is Ryoga and approaches him, but she is beaten in her own game.

However, it seems that the person himself is unaware of that situation.

Childhood friend Shijou Elena

A second-year high school student. An active female high school voice actress belonging to Eight Productions. She has silver hair and blue eyes.

She attended the same training school as Ryoga. She had trouble adjusting to her surroundings because she could not speak Japanese well, but with Ryoga’s help, she became fluent as they practiced Japanese together.

Since then, she has had a crush on Ryoga, but has not been able to express it well.

Recently, she has been worried when she finds out that Himemiya Shiori and Ryoga are acquaintances.

“Hey, Elena. Do you call our relationship a childhood friendship?”

“What? Are you dissatisfied?”

“No, I mean, if you call us childhood friends. I thought that you were saying something like….we’ve been together ever since we were born, or at least we’ve had a relationship since elementary school.”

“If I say we’re childhood friends, then we’re childhood friends, ok?”


‘As long as you understand.'”

What is a childhood friend…?

Idol voice actress Himemiya Shiori

Second year high school student. Female voice actress belonging to Oishi Production.

At 17 years old, she is a prim and proper idol voice actress who is at the top of the voice acting industry.

She has been a member of a children’s theater troupe since elementary school, and in the first year of middle school she auditioned for her current agency and became a voice actress. In the five years since then, she has made a name for herself.

Her acting skills are top notch, she is attentive to those around her, and her looks are as beautiful as any idol’s. Together with voice actors from the same agency, they formed a unit called “Try☆Stars” (a.k.a. “Trastars”). Her fans call her ‘Shiorin’.

When she was entangled with a thug on her way to a workplace, Ryoga rescued her and she became interested in him.

Classmate Toukichirou Yamada

A second-year high school student. He is an anime, novel, and voice actor otaku.

He has never had any otaku friends before, but now that he is friends with Ryoga, they can talk about their hobbies and their days are full of life.

Recently, he has become addicted to “try☆stars. He spent so much money on trastars goods that he ran out of money, and last month he finally decided to borrow money from his parents.

“Hey, Nekura kun ! Do you know that anime?


“Ore Kano. Next season’s romantic comedy.”

“Y-yeah. I know it.”

“The voice cast is really gorgeous ! The main character is played by Suda Harumi, the girlfriend is played by Shiorin, and the younger sister is played by Shijou Elena. And Ryoga, who plays as the best friend, is a hot newcomer these days~”


“I wonder what kind of person Ryoga is? I heard his age is the same as ours. I wonder if he’s handsome…… I envy him.”

“N-no, I don’t think so…….”

Ryoga couldn’t say that he was right in front of him.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
9 months ago

Oof its just chara intros…
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