Episode 54 – good instincts



“I enjoyed the movie~”
“I didn’t realize there were only romantic movies on at this time of night.”
“I got really emotionally involved.”
“Where’s the point? It didn’t feel real.”
“well~, it’s just that the hero and heroine were us. …………”

It took about an hour and a half by train and on foot, and from there about three hours including travel and movies.
It was around 5 pm.

The sun was still up, but it was starting to set.
We were on our way to Cosmo World, which is right next to the movie theater.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an amusement park.~”

Shiina, with her hands outstretched, runs around the park on the way to the park.
She was as excited as ever.

“It’s small, though.”
“But if it has attractions, then it’s a great amusement park! And it depends on who comes.”
“That has nothing to do with it.”

Although smaller than other amusement parks, it has roller coasters, VR attractions, a haunted house, a game center, and even a Ferris wheel that offers a panoramic view of Yokohama.
The Ferris wheel, the centerpiece of the park, offers a panoramic view of Yokohama. The park is famous as a dating spot, and couples come here in the evening to enjoy the night view from the Ferris wheel.

It seems that people might think that we are a couple, but I have no intention of being a couple, let alone Shiina.
After all, we had been given tickets.

“I haven’t been to an amusement park in years.”
“I haven’t been to an amusement park since two years ago.”

I have a hazy feeling about amusement parks, or at least places I went to two years ago.
The movie theaters and game centers are all places that I’ve been to with a bunch of other people.
But it’s an opportunity. It’s over now. I have to change my mind.

“Let’s go on a roller coaster and have a blast, then go to a haunted house to get our minds off things, and then go to the Ferris wheel, which is what we want!”
“hey~ Why are you being so nice to me today, Saku-kun?”
“It’s nothing out of the ordinary.”
“No, usually you would tell me not to make decisions on my own, or you would say it in a stronger way. And you look unhappy.”
“I’m perfectly normal.”
“Eeh~? Are you hiding something from me, Saku-kun?~”
“I have nothing to hide from you.”
“Well, you can’t hide anything from me. My and Saku kun hearts are–“
“Yes, yes, we’re already in front of it, let’s go quickly”
“Ah, yes.”

We arrived at our destination at the right time and entered the place immediately.
Sometimes you have a good intuition, Shiina. I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes in my tone of voice and facial expressions.
This much, I guess, means that she usually cares about me.

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