Episode 24 – Creepy Nerd



“Sigh……. It’s seriously unbelievable.”

During PE class, I–Himukai Ayaka was alone sighing.

PE class, which I already hate, has become more depressing today.

All of this is because of that guy, Nekura? It’s because he’s a creepy nerd.

Just remembering a few things seriously irritates me……

It all started before homeroom this morning.

I went to get my gym clothes from my locker as usual because I had PE in the first period, but I couldn’t find my gym clothes that were supposed to be there.

(Is this pattern happening again? I mean, gym clothes, no way…….)

I had been treated like this a few times before, so I figured it out right away.

Someone had stolen my gym clothes.

I’ve had similar things done to me before, but it was erasers, hair bands, and that’s about it.

I’ve been willing to tolerate a few things, but I’ve reached my limit.

I’m going to thoroughly search for the culprit…..!

Within a few minutes of starting the search, I found the culprit surprisingly easily.

“Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing, Nekura kun~?”

“It looks like you’re sneaking around.”

“Maybe you’re hiding something in your locker?”

I heard voices coming from the hallway, so I went in that direction and found a crowd of people.

At the center of the circle was a dull guy wearing round glasses and a mask, just like I had pictured in my head.

“No, this is…….”

“Suspicious~. Since you’re a disgusting nerd, aren’t you stealing girls’ belongings?”

“You’re right~, for example…gym uniforms?”

“Gyahahaha ! That’s too creepy ! !”

Suzuki and the others from class A were certainly making unpleasant laughter.

I hate them too, but I’m not interested in them right now.

“Move aside.”

As I said this, the students in front of me make way and I make eye contact with the creep.

I’m sure this guy must have stolen them.

It’s disgusting to steal gym uniforms.

It must be a creepy-looking guy who steals gym clothes !

“I’d like to open that locker. Can you move out of the way?”

“N-no. It’s not here. It’s really not here.”

He was still making excuses at this point?

I was so nauseous.

“Hiding means admitting that you stole it, you know?”

I stared at the thief in front of me with all the anger I could muster.


“Get out of the way.”


I decided that words would get me nowhere, I pushed the creep out of the way and opened the locker.

Then, as expected, there was a girl’s gym uniform.

And two of them……?

I mean, this one has ‘Hazuki’ written on it. Did this guy steal Rinka’s gym clothes too?

“See, I knew it. There’s also Rinka’s uniform, you’re really the worst !”


As if acknowledging his guilt, the creepy nerd looked down and fell silent.

It’s confirmed, this guy is the worst piece of shit.

“What’s going on everyone?”

“Hazuki san……”

“Eh, Ryoga kun? And Ayaka chan, too…… What’s going on here?”

It was Rinka who appeared from the classroom.

To be honest, she’s a beautiful girl who I think is cute even for a magazine model like me.

I have to tell Rinka about this guy’s bad behavior…

“Hear me out, Rinka ! This creepy guy stole your and my gym clothes. I really can’t believe it ! He’s really the worst ! !”

“T-that’s not true ! I opened my locker to get my morning reading book–“

The creepy guy was miserably begging for his life towards Rinka.

The moment I saw that, something snapped inside me.

“Don’t make excuses, creep ! I hate creeps like you the most ! ! Don’t pull this kind of crap if you want to confess to me. Well, I’d reject a creep like you in three seconds.”

“I-it’s really not me ! Listen to me for once…..”

“T-that’s right. Let’s hear him out for once, Ayaka chan.”

“What? Rinka, are you also on this creep side?”

“It’s not like that, but it hasn’t been decided that Ryoga kun did it….. Isn’t it okay if we just listen to what he has to say?”

Despite the fact that she herself is also a victim, Rinka is protecting this scumbag.

This girl is too kind.

That’s one of the good things about her, but this time it’s backfiring on her.

I have to tell her that she doesn’t need to protect this scum…….

“That’s pointless. This creepy nerd is definitely the one who did it. I’ll definitely report you to the teacher, see ya.”

With that, I walked away.

I would never forgive him again.

I’ll tell the teacher and I’ll definitely hang that creep…..

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2 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Creepy Nerd

  1. This girl is dumb as a brick. Actually that might be insulting to the average IQ of bricks. She hears these two guys accusing him of exactly the thing she lost like they already knew but isn’t suspicious of them at all.

    1. True i agree with you
      Can’t wait to see her reaction when she found out he(mc) is actually that popular voice actor…lmao

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