“Thank you for waiting~, How? What do you think, Saku kun? This even cuter-than-usual me!””

After a while, Shiina, who had finished her costume and make-up, came running up to me in high spirits.

“Nothing, I don’t mind,”

I said, but inwardly I was honestly surprised.
Shiina usually wears black clothes, but today it was the opposite. She was wearing a white one-piece dress with higanbana (cluster amaryllis) flowers hanging in various places.

On her head, tied in a ponytail, was a slightly oversized straw hat. And high-soled espadrilles.
It was a coordination that reminded me of a pretty young lady.
Or rather, I look at Shiina in a strange way because of what Abe-san said earlier.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing? ……………

“Saku-kun, you really don’t understand the female mind~. I’m in such a cute shape, and that’s how you react~”
“It’s not you.”
“You’re in a different mood than usual, aren’t you? Don’t you think I’m neat and pretty?”
“What you say is neither neat nor pretty.”
“No, it’s not! I’m talking about my appearance! I never said anything about my personality.
“No, I’m talking about being neat and tidy, which includes your looks and your personality.”
“Then I’m ………… a neat and tidy bitch?”
“You’re defiling yourself.”

Neat and neat bitch. The word is dirty, but it is the best word to describe Shiina right now.
I feel that hidden menshera is more appropriate than bitch, but either would suit Shiina, so I don’t care which one it is.

“Shiina-san, it’s time for you to go.”
“Oh, I’m coming!”

When her name is called from afar,

“Then, I’m going to go, Saku-kun.~”

she ran toward the called direction.

“Is she going to change?”

Looking at Shiina in the back, I laugh at Abe-san who is standing next to me.
I thought that once she put on the costume, she would be in work mode, but it seems that this is not the case.
It’s no different than usual.

“Not at the moment. But when the camera is pointed at her, that’s the only time she really becomes a different person.”
“I hope it’s just that.”

I wonder if she will be able to pull off that look I saw in the magazine with me in the room.
I worry. 

“Yukiho Shiina is coming in!~”

Shiina appears in front of the camera being set up, ready for the final preparations.
The background is a white staircase that looks like part of a castle, and on top of it are chairs and tables that look like they belong in a royal palace, also painted white.

“First, let’s try a stream shot,”

The director-like figure says, and with a raised hand, he sits down on the bench, doing something odd.

“Let’s start!”

As soon as she hears that voice, all at once, the mischievous expression disappears from Shiina’s face.
180 different from her usual mood, she was in the role of work, or rather, as if she was blending into that scenery.

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