Have you ever heard of the habit of [Morning reading]?

It’s an activity when students have to read a book in the 10 minutes before the first period class begins.

By the way, the official name of this activity is [Morning reading activity].

This habit is now practiced in high schools all over the country, and my high school is no exception.

“What do you read in the morning reading?”

“Morning reading? Right now I’m reading something called “Hanabi” ~”

“Eh, is that so !? I’m reading that too.”

“You too, Rina? It’s really good, right ! I love the frustrating distance between the two of them.”

“I can’t get enough of it~ It feels like the pinnacle of romance.”

“I know~”

(Fuu….. SIgh.)

I dismiss the conversation of the girls nearby in my mind and get up from my seat.

I head for the locker in the hallway.

Inside it is my favorite book, the bible–[Ore Machi].

The lighthearted storytelling of the slightly twisted protagonist, the interactions with the unique heroines, and the beautiful illustrations.

……It’s truly a work of god in every way ! !

Those “cheerful” people who say they won’t read it because it’s a novel don’t know what they’re talking about.

This work is the pinnacle of romantic comedy ! !

“How many volumes should I read~ A new book is coming out in a week, so I should read volume 9, wait…..or maybe I should go back to the starting point and read volume 1–“


“Okay, where’s volume 1….huh?”

“When I opened my locker, there it was, not my novels, but my clothes?

I mean, this is–

(Gym uniform……?)

The name “Hazuki” is written on the chest part.

No doubt, it’s a gym uniform.

But why? No, now is not the time.

If someone sees me in this situation, I’ll be socially terminated.

“Seriously……. There’s another one.”

The other gym uniform that was under Hazuki san’s gym uniform.

The name written on it was

“Himukai……you’re kidding, right?”

–Himukai Ayaka. She’s a second year student from 2B, a class next to mine, 2A.

The girl is a “gyaru” who has flashy blonde hair and dresses in a way that violates school rules.

A beautiful girl who’s confessed not only by second-year students but also by senior and junior students because she’s a magazine model.

But I don’t like her.

I have passed her in the hallway a few times, and each time she looked at me as if she was looking at trash.

If it were only Hazuki san I might manage to get her to listen to me, but I don’t think this girl will listen to me.

The only way to get this back is to sneak it back when no one is around, or when there’s a classroom changes…….

“Hey, hey, hey ! What are you doing, Nekura kun~?”

“It looks like you’re sneaking around.”

“Maybe you’re hiding something in your locker?”

When I turned in the direction of the voice, I saw Suzuki and his friends coming out of the classroom door.

“No, this is……”

“Suspicious~. Since you’re a disgusting nerd, aren’t you stealing girls’ belonging?”

“You’re right~, for example,…gym uniforms?”

“Gyahahaha ! That’s too creepy ! !”

Suzuki and the others look at me with a smirk.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s these guys…..

“Hey, hey, what the heck?”

“Suzuki and the others are involved with Nekura !”

“That gloomy guy, has he done something wrong?”

The noisy voice of Suzuki and the others brought the other students to gather around me.

As expected, this is not good…..

“Move aside.”

The crowd split to the left and right, and someone approached from the other side.

Someone in a uniform with blond hair, white skin like pottery, and a well-groomed face.

There was no doubt–it was Himukai Ayaka.

“Hey, I don’t have my gym clothes. Do you know about it?”

She stared at me coldly, as if looking down on me.

“N-no….. I don’t know.”

With my locker behind me, I answered.

If they find out, it’s over. What should I do, what should I…….

“Isn’t it in this guy’s locker? Himukai san’s gym clothes.”

Suzuki smirks and gives me a sickening smile.

D-damn it……

“I’d like to open that locker. Can you move out of the way?”

“N-no. It’s not here. It’s really not here.”

“Hiding means admitting that you stole it, you know?”


“Get out of the way.”


I was pushed aside and Himukai Ayaka opened my locker.

“See, I knew it. There’s also Rinka’s uniform, you’re really the worst !”


I’m done. It’s over.

I’m sure I’ll be fired from the agency, and if I’m not careful, I’ll be expelled from school.

As I was thinking about it–

“What’s going on everyone?”

It was Hazuki san who came out of the classroom.

“Hazuki san……”

“Eh, Ryoga kun? And Ayaka chan, too…… What’s going on here?”

“Hear me out, Rinka ! This creepy guy stole your and my gym clothes. I really can’t believe it ! He’s really the worst ! !”

“T-that’s not true ! I opened my locker to get my morning reading book–“

“Don’t make excuses, creep ! I hate creeps like you the most ! ! Don’t pull this kind of crap if you want to confess to me. Well, I’d reject a creep like you in three seconds.”

“I-it’s really not me ! Listen to me for once…..”

“T-that’s right. Let’s hear him out for once, Ayaka chan.”

“What? Rinka, are you also on this creep side?”

“It’s not like that, but it hasn’t been decided that Ryoga kun did it….. Isn’t it okay if we just listen to what he has to say?”

“That’s pointless. This creepy nerd is definitely the one who did it. I’ll definitely report you to the teacher, see ya.”

Saying that, Himukai Ayaka returned to her classroom in class B.

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1 year ago

I mean you could just stand there stammering like an idiot and let those jackasses get away with it or you could send them home without teeth. Just saying man.

1 year ago
Reply to  name

The only way to get out of that situation is to take out the gym clothes and wave it in the air and said ” who left this cloth in my locker??? With a loud voice……it works cause I’ve encountered this kinda troublesome situation …..wha’dd’ya think???

1 year ago

“The only way to get this back is to sneak it back when no one is around, or when there’s a classroom changes”

Or you could speak to a teacher and let them know someone put the clothes in your locker…