A comment on a social media post that is less than an hour.

[Eh, that guy’s your boyfriend? He’s so hot !]

[He has a really nice atmosphere (lol)]

[Looks so much fun !]

[I’m glad everyone seems to be getting along as well as ever ! !]

[Hm? Miyu chan, you got a boyfriend !?]

Such comments were received from local friends.


[Dating….? Are you kidding?]

[That guy, why is he so sticky?]

[I-it’s not like he’s dating the three of them, right !?]

[Who’s that guy !?]

Comments like this were received in a row from followers who went to the same Shirasaki University.

The response was overwhelming, and the amount of attention was amazing.

[This is the first time I’ve seen Miyu chan post a picture with a man !]

As the comment says……this is Miyu’s first post with the opposite sex, and that’s why it’s so popular.

(Is this for real !?) she said.

And a man who has no way of knowing that he is in such a situation–.

“Eeeeee !”


Seeing Miyu and Kokono dive into the bed, he had a gentle smile on his face.

“Hey ! What are you doing in someone else’s bed ! Get up quickly !”


Now that they had arrived at home from the convenience store, a lively exchange was taking place in Yuuto’s bedroom.

Mashiro was angry with her hands on her hips, but nothing is working on these two.

She puffed her cheeks when she’s angry, that’s why she looks cute.

It’s all because of their looks.

“Well, well, since Yuuto said it’s okay.”

“Eh !? Is that true !?”

“I’m not particularly bothered.”

For some reason, Miyu and Kokono confirmed this in a whisper, but it was probably to surprise the eldest daughter.

“This is a nice bed, seriously. You should come too, Mashiro Nee.”

“Yeah, it feels good…..”

“…..B-but, you know…….”

As expected of the three sisters. They must have the same feelings about what they want to do, but it seems that they can’t quite put it into action before they are urged to do so.

Mashiro looked at Yuuto, looked at the two of them lying on the bed with envious eyes, and looked at Yuuto again.

I wondered why I could feel so much emotion, as I smiling and nodding to Mashiro, who was moving like a small animal–


In an instant, her face becomes bright red.

After that, she raised both hands and dived into the space.

Mashiro is supposed to be the most mature person among them, but I wonder if it can be said that this kind of behavior is appropriate for her age, for her appearance to be exact.

“Even so, Yuuto Nii’s room is really neat and tidy. I don’t mean to be rude, but I thought a man’s room would be more messy.”

Miyu continues speaking as if she has never been in a man’s room before.

“Well, I guess because he can bring a girl in anytime, right? I mean, you did just now.”

“I’ve never done that before !?”



“E-even if you all suspect me…..”

It’s nice to know that they think he’s popular, but Yuuto is just telling the truth.

Since he keeps only the minimum necessary items in his room, there is no clutter and it is easy to clean. This is the reason why his room is so clean.

“Well, I’m sorry for being so rude. I don’t know if I should be the one to say this, but what would you guys like to drink? I’ll go get it.”

“Ah, then I’ll help, Yuuto Nii.”

“No, I’ll help Yuuto Onii chan…..”

“As the eldest sister, I should do it.”


The three sisters were relaxing on the bed, but the moment they got into this flow–one by one, they rhythmically raised their upper body.

I can’t help but laugh at their actions as if they had discussed this, but I guess this is normal for the three of them.

“No no, leave this to me ! I was the first to say it !”

“But still…….the youngest sister should be the one to do it.”

“The eldest sister should be the one to do it.”

They began to argue about something.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t feel tense. Perhaps because they each have different personalities, you can see them smiling.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys, you’ve really grown up,all of you.”




“Like the way you’re taking the initiative and trying to do things.”

The first, second, and third daughters, in that order, turn their heads this way when Yuuto interrupts.

“Because normally, you wouldn’t end up arguing about something like this, would you?”

The three sisters were relaxing in bed. It should be tedious to move their body, but the result is now that all of them don’t want to miss this chance.

It’s proof that everyone cares about everyone, and you can see that they are living a smooth life.

“E-erm……that may be true.”

“W-well, sort of?”


Seeing Yuuto with a smile on his face, the three of them looked away awkwardly for some reason.

“Then I’ll bring everyone’s share here. I think there’s also a tray.”

“T-that’s not necessary, I’m going to pour my portion myself ! Okay?”

“Me too. That’s the right way.”

“Sounds good……”

“Ahahaha. Then let’s all move along.”

* * * *

“Yuuto Onii chan, what about dinner……?”

After moving to the living room.

The three sisters sitting on the sofa and Yuuto, who was sitting in a single chair with a table of sweets in between, were being asked by Kokono.


“I think it would be nice to go out to eat, but what about everyone?”

“Look, Mashiro Nee. He gave the pass.”

“! Um ! I-if it’s not a nuisance, can I cook for you !?”

Perhaps it was a nervous remark, she bit her tongue so hard.

Her head immediately dropped.

“Eh, Mashiro san, you can cook?”

“Yeah….. Mashiro Onee chan is in charge of cooking.”

“She’s been wanting to do it for a long time, saying ‘I want him to eat my homemade food’ to Yuuto Nii, so this is like her chance.”

“W-what do you think…..?”

Mashiro’s face turned bright red, and she fidgeted while asking for confirmation again.

Her eyes are moist and she looks uneasy, but there’s no way he can deny after she said that.

“Actually, I would be very happy.”

“I’m happy for you, Mashiro Onee chan……”

“That’s what he said.”

“Thank you so much ! !”

The two of them look relieved, and the eldest daughter has a bright, cheerful expression on her face.

It shows that the second and third daughter really adore her.

“I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any ingredients, so I’m going to go buy some…Is it okay?”

“Of course it’s fine !”

“Thanks. I’ll go shopping later.”

“Yes ! !”

The sparkle in her eyes was amazing, as if she really wanted to make a home-cooked meal.

“Since Mashiro Nee will cook for him….I will be next to Yuuto Onii chan when we go shopping……that’s why…..”

“Me too–“

“What, ugh……”

The eldest daughter can’t say anything back because her sisters helped her earlier.

Maybe they are getting along much better than before…..? Kokono secretly glanced at Yuuto who was staring at them like that.

[You don’t hate being next to me?] she seemed to be confirming that, and her eyes narrowed happily as if she’d caught on to something.

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