Episode 19 – Operation Break Out From Loneliness



On the rooftop during lunch break.

I was chatting with Hazuki san while eating my lunch.

“Operation Break Out From Loneliness?”

“Yeah. I think you should make friends other than me, Ryoga kun.”

“I see…..you’re right.”

The plan that Hazuki san mentioned earlier is to improve my communication skills in order to make friends.

According to her, eating lunch together is part of that plan.

“So, after we finish eating lunch, let’s try right away !”

“Eh, as expected, that’s…….”

“Yeah, I understand that you’re embarrassed. But I’ll do my best to make Ryoga kun a friend, so why don’t you do your best too?”

An angel who smiled with a cute gut-pose while her cheeks slightly red.

What she said is right.

—-I’m used to being a loner up until now, but that wasn’t the case when I first started my freshman year.

I tried to make friends by talking to my classmates around me and running for committee positions.

However, Suzuki and his classmates, who were at the top of the caste in the class, started making fun of me, calling me [Gloomy] and my classmates, who had begun to get along with me, began to avoid me for fear of being targeted by Suzuki and his friends.

I ended up in the same class as Suzuki and his friends in the second year, so I gave up trying to make friends.

But recently, I made a friend named Hazuki san.

–I’ll give it a try one more time.

“I understand. I’ll give it a try.”

“Okay, keep it up ! So who are you going to talk to?”

“Well……Akagi san, for example.”

Akagi san is a quiet-looking girl sitting next to me.

She’s a librarian, and I feel like I can talk to her because she’s quiet.

“N-no, you can’t……. Not to a girl.”

Hazuki san shakes her head in panic.

“Eh, not good?”

“Y-yeah. No. Ryoga kun, you’re not a good communicator, so you’ll fail. So definitely no.”


Hazuki san desperately stopped me.

I already knew it, but it’s sad to hear it myself.

I wonder if I’m that bad…..

“What about Yamada kun? He’s also an otaku, so I think you’ll get along.”

Yamada kun is one of the few guys in our class who’s a loner.

I could certainly talk to him without hesitation.

Moreover, he had read the latest edition of “Ore Machi” in the morning before, so we might be able to talk about nerd stuff too…….

This might work out better than I expected.

“I’ll give it a shot.”

“Yeah, good luck !”

I returned to my seat in the classroom and observed Yamada kun.

He was reading something and grinning.

I can’t see much from here, but I’m guessing it’s probably a novel.

A-all right. Here it goes…….

I went behind Yamada kun’s seat and tapped him on the shoulder.


“Hyaa ! W-who is it !?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s Nekura, that’s a light novel, right?”


“Actually, I also like novels. If you want to talk about it–“

“Eh, Nekura kun, you also like light novels !? What do you like?”

Suddenly, Yamada kun was very interested.

I was a little taken aback by how much he was taking a bite out of me.

“Let’s see, Ore Machi.”

“Ore Machi !? I love it too ! Wow, you should have told me earlier if that was the case. By the way, my favorite character is–“

Ding dong

I come to my senses at the sound of the chime that signals the end of lunch break.

So I’ve been talking to Yamada kun for half an hour.

“Wow, is it that late already? Let’s talk again after school ! Or rather, do you want to go home with me?”

“S-sure. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, see you later.”

I waved to Yamada kun and returned to my seat.

It was a really fun time……


The ringtone on the line, it’s from Hazuki san.

Rinka [How was it?]

I replied to that message.

Ryoga [It was fun.]

Having friends is nice after all……

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