“It’s so sweet~it’s so good~! It’s too good to be true!”
“I’m getting sick to my stomach just looking at it.”

Ten minutes later, I was eating and drinking what I had just bought on a bench at the edge of the park where the shooting was taking place.

“Saku-kun, it’s okay for girls to be greedy for sweet things~! Besides, a limited number of meals in a lifetime are meaningless if every meal isn’t delicious, enjoyable, and happy, right?”
“Don’t force your ideas on me.”
“I want to share my feelings with my boyfriend~.”
“……………, shut up and eat.”

I sigh as Shiina eats a donut with a Frappuccino in one hand, which is still in its original form.

“Besides, how can you eat like that when you’re about to start filming?”

She tilted her head slightly as she put some cream on her mouth in a mocking manner.
She looks cute, but the shock of what she’s holding in her hand is wearing thin.

“It’s a photo shoot, so you’ll have to wear a costume and then there’s the usual stuff about your physical condition and so on.”
“Costumes~well, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”
“What if it’s too tight?”
“I’m going to run!”
“You think you can lose weight in this short amount of time?”
“Do you think you’ll gain weight in this short amount of time?”
“You’ll have a little belly.”

That’s it. That’s the phenomenon of having a tight stomach after going to an all-you-can-eat restaurant.
If you are wearing a costume for a photo shoot, it will probably fit you perfectly, and if you eat and drink so much in the morning, you might be in trouble right?.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get my manager to take care of it if it happens!”
“What do you think your manager is?”
“You’re out of your mind.”

Maybe you’ve had too much sugar in your diet.
The cream on your mouth is probably because your facial muscles aren’t moving. I wonder if she can make proper facial expressions like this.

“Anyway, after we eat, let’s go to the meeting place and check it out.”
“Why don’t you just go there from the beginning? Why go all the way to the meeting place?”
“Because, you know, I still want to be alone with Saku-kun.”

I shouldn’t have come. I’m already tired. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to last another half day.

“It’s going to take me a while to do my makeup and stuff, so I really should get going.~”
“Then you better get going.”
“I’ve already gone, I’d rather be with you than at work!”
“I thought you brought me here to show me how you work.”
“Yes~, but now that I’m standing next to you like this, I don’t care anymore.”
“All right, let’s go~”

After listening to Shiina’s words, I get up from the bench and start walking to the meeting place.

“Hey~…………… fuh, fuh fuh~!”

I hurriedly put a donut in my mouth and Shiina chased after me.
If I stay here at this point, she’s not really going to go to the shoot. I’m sure she’ll take me straight to the hotel.

I’m sure that in this case, based on my past experience, acting is the only way to win.

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