Early May.

Spring is in full swing and the weather is getting a little warmer in a certain residential area of Tokyo.


A black-haired boy in a jersey was running rhythmically along the side of the road.

His name is Nekura Ryoga.

A second-year high school student who attends a public high school in Tokyo.

“Whoa…….. That guy is so cool.”

A woman on the street looked at him twice and muttered so.

But her voice does not reach him.

After running for a while, the boy stopped in front of a park and went there.

While taking a break on a park bench and tapping his phone, his eyes caught sight of a news article.

The article was titled, [ ‘Seiyu Special Report No. 2’ ~ Growing in Popularity ! A closer look at the mysterious and popular voice actor ‘Ryoga’~].


A sigh escaped from the boy’s mouth.

Because what was written there was a story that had no basis in fact—

“I’m home-“

“Oh, Onii chan. Welcome home~”

The one who greeted me when I returned home was my younger sister, Nekura Akari. She’s in her third year of middle school.

Her trimmed bangs and chestnut short bob suits her well. Even if you look at her objectively, without any favoritism from family members, she’s quite a beautiful girl.

“I’m cooking, so let’s eat together.”

“Oh, okay.”

Akari and I have moved away from our parents and are living together in a rented apartment.

“Then, put your hands together.”

[ [Let’s eat !] ]

We eat breakfast prepared by my sister who sits across the table.

“I saw the news article about you, Onii chan. You’re really popular~”

Akari said this while she is sitting on the other side of the table, eating a piece of grilled salmon.

“Oh, that. How can I be good-looking? Seriously……”

I saw this news article this morning when I was taking a break in the park on my way to a run.

[According to the testimony of Mr. M, a veteran voice actor we interviewed, Ryoga is said to be incredibly good-looking.]

It must be someone I’ve worked with before. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation, which is fine, but I feel bad inside that fans would take this seriously.

If it were known that Ryoga is a dull high school student who is called “gloomy” in class, it would be a big problem…….

“I don’t think Onii chan is ugly (I rather l-like him !)”

“The only person who would say that is you, Akari. Thank you.”

Akari supported me. I think it’s flattering, but she’s a really good little sister.

“Fweh? Y-yeah. I’m the only one who knows about you after all, Onii chan !”

(I got praised by Onii chan ! Yay….)

Unaware of her sister’s inner feelings, Ryoga puts away the dishes.

In the washroom, he puts down his bangs and puts on a mask and big round glasses.

(Okay, now I’m ready !) 

“I’m sorry, I’m on duty today. I’m off.”

“Okay, be careful〜”

Nekura Ryoga said goodbye to his sister and left the house.

–His true identity is actually [Ryoga], a very popular voice actor who doesn’t show his face.

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1 year ago

well then lets see how stupid the girls in this novel are

1 year ago
Reply to  Zack

Good spotting Zack.
Every trope possible…
Living away from home, adoring little sister, clueless while being talented and handsome.
While all the stupid girls will go after this idiot.
After reading this intro chapter, and expecting nothing, I wonder how much worse can this get?

1 year ago

Wow something new???? Troupe may be a little cringe but i like the possibility