“Yo, it’s unusual. Are you reading a book?”

“Yeah, Eiji. ……It’s just that I haven’t been able to get into my studies. I’m reading a book I borrowed from Nagi the other day.

“Hee? That’s even more unusual.

I smiled at Eiji’s words and closed the book with a bookmark in it.

“….It’s like, I can’t concentrate on anything.”

“Is that so? A lovers’ trouble?”

Eiji asked back with a grinning face. I thought about punching him once, but decided against it because I felt he would only be somewhat pleased.

“……Eiji is.”


I had no choice but to ask. Though it’s embarrassing.

I made up my mind and told him the rest of what I had said.

“Well, how should I put it. ……Do you ever have those moments when you can’t get someone out of your head?”

“Huh? When you can’t get the love of your life out of your head?”

“Don’t rephrase.”

My face became hotter and hotter when he hit the bullseye, and I couldn’t help but cover it with my hand.


“Sorry, my bad. But of course it happened to me too, you know?”

“Is it?”

“Who do you think I am. I haven’t learned anything in the class for about a month since we started dating.”

“That bad?”

“Yeah. Well, maybe it’s because we were in the same classroom.”

Eiji chuckled. That’s very typical of him……

“By the way, do you have a solution for this?”

“I don’t have any.”

“So you don’t……”

“Yeah. Give it up.”

It’s a one-sided decision. ……Well, it’s true that I knew it wasn’t something I could manage.

“Well, we all get used to it sometimes,……ah. Maybe it will come.”

“…..I wish I could have at least said it out loud.”

“It’ll be like that for a while. Hang in there.”

Even though my cheeks cramped as Eiji tapped me on the shoulder, I let out the heat that had built up on my face.


“What’s wrong? I always had the image that you were always reviewing and preparing homework when you came to school.”

“Hayama san,……no, about that.”

I was reading a book at school when I was approached by Hayama san, who came later than I did.

“Hm? Don’t tell me……you’re so full of happiness that you can’t handle it?”

“Y-you’re reaching the conclusion too quickly… I know it’s not a good thing to do.”

Hayama san heard my words and looked at me strangely.

“Not good? It’s a good thing to be happy.”

“N-no, I mean. But if I can’t get anything else done…..”

“But you’re happy now, aren’t you?”

At Hayama san’s words…I nodded slightly.

I was a little embarrassed, but there was no substitute for being happy.

“Then it’s fine. Life seems long but it’s actually short, so you have to enjoy it.”

“……You’re quite philosophical.”

“Hahaha. I’ve had a lot of life advice after all…that’s why when I see the girl who consulted me looking happy. I’m happy too.”

Hayama san smiled happily as she said this.

It even made me happy.”

“Thank you so much for many things.”

“Yes, you’re welcome.”

As we were exchanging conversation, a question suddenly popped into my head.

“Speaking of which, do you have a lover, Hayama san?”

“Me? I don’t have one.”

Her reply was very unexpected.

Hayama san is very beautiful. She must take good care of her skin and hair. Her hair is a beautiful golden color, and her skin looks spotless and dull. She is well developed and her hairstyle is shoulder length.

I couldn’t help but stare at her face and body, when I wondered if Hayama san had noticed, she chuckled.

“I-I’m sorry.”

I don’t mind, though. We’re both girls. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I was a little curious about the reason. I was wondering whether I should ask or not, but Hayama san told me.

“It’s not like I have a particular reason. It’s just that I can’t find a good man. Well, I admit that my ideals are high.”

“…..I see. Is there someone that you think would be good for you up until now?”

“There is someone out there, but.. For example–“

Hayama san looked at me and smiled mischievously.

“Like Minori kun?”


I gulped at the unexpected words. Before I knew it, I was standing up.

“I-I won’t give Souta kun to you !”

That’s what I said.

“Ahaha, I know, don’t worry. I don’t think I can beat Nagi chan either. I don’t know Minori kun as well as Nagi chan. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s all just a first impression.”

I thought she was teasing me….but then she seemed to be serious about it. Hayama san grinned at my gaze.

“In case you’re wondering, I’m serious, you know? Someone that mature…..or rather, I don’t have a classmate who can be that considerate of others and still think about himself. There are people who are more or less on one side or the other. To be honest, I wonder why he didn’t have a girlfriend before.”

“That’s…..true. I have wondered that myself.”

But I know the answer because I heard it from him……and from his mother.

“Because Souta kun treats everyone with a sincere attitude. …..But he hasn’t had a chance to show it until now.

“I see…..come to think of it, was it a communication problem?”

“Yeah. He showed me his album photos, and he’s been alone for a long time….no. Come to think of it, I remember that he was popular with female students when he was in elementary school.”

I’m a little doubtful. If they have a chance to talk with Souta kun, it shouldn’t be strange to notice his charm.

“Ah. I guess it depends on the individual, but elementary school students tend to go to those who have interesting stories to tell. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Minori kun’s stories are boring.”

“… I can’t imagine it.”

“Well, isn’t that fine? Nagi chan was the first to notice Minori kun’s charms.”

……Sure, that’s true.

I nodded and at the same time I felt a little better.

Because–I remembered that such a nice guy was my lover and fiancée.


‘Oh? You’re thinking about your beloved boyfriend again, aren’t you?”

‘Yes. ……I’m really happy.”

With him. I was able to meet Souta kun.

I’m so glad that I was able to get along with him.

I’m glad from the bottom of my heart.

That’s why…..this time, I will.

“I will make him happy.”

I whispered quietly… that no one could hear me.

“Hm? What did you say?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Shaking my head, I smiled back at Hayama san.

“Hayama san too. If you have a boy you’re interested in, and if you have any concerns, please talk to me, okay?”

“Oh, now you said it.. I’ll talk to you a lot then, okay?”

“Yes !”

Then Hayama san laughed.

……Ah, I’m glad that Hayama san is my friend.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.


[Hm, me? I’m just going to have a lovey-dovey time with Eiji all day long. Hm  Eiji said he heard from Minorin that the place has been decided.]

After school, at the back of the gymnasium, where few people were passing by. I was calling Nishizawa san. I asked her, [What are you going to do for Christmas?] and Nishizawa-san answered.

“Oh, no. I wasn’t asking about the place…….um. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you about a present for my boyfriend.”

What happened earlier is just a prelude. This is what I wanted to hear.

[hm? A present? I’m thinking of earrings and piercers. For now.]


[Yeah. Eiji has been saying that he wanted to get a piercing for a while, but he said he was afraid of getting a hole drilled in it. Do you want the one I just wear? I thought it would be a good idea.

“I see.”

I put my hand on my chin and looked at the sky. The blue sky is filled with pure white clouds floating here and there.

[Does Nagirin feel worried?]

“No, I’ve already decided what I’m going to give him……but now that I think about it, a little. I’m wondering if it’s too heavy or not.”

[Is that so? What are you going to give him?]

I was a little hesitant, but I had to talk to her to get started.

I told Nishizawa san what I was going to give her.

[Eh? Not good? It’s not like there’s something to be worried about, you know?]

“I-is that so? I was told the same thing when I asked Hayama san earlier……”

[Yeah, I think it’s fine. He will be very happy. Wouldn’t it be nice to give him a ring or something?]

“R-ring !?”

I unintentionally let out a loud voice. IImmediately cover my mouth with my hand and clear my throat.

“E-excuse me.”

[D-don’t worry. ……You know. Isn’t it unexpected? There’s even an engagement ring.]

“That’s…..I’m a little short on time. As for the money problem… looks like my mother will handle it, but that’s not what I mean. Besides, I have to measure Souta kun’s finger size.”

[Oh….you’re a quiet realist.]

But…it’s not a bad idea.

I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.

“Hm….even if you give something else. I don’t know if Souta kun would want the accessories or not.”

[Hmm. I feel like he’ll be happy no matter what you give. But isn’t it fine to leave it as it is? I’m sure he’ll be more pleased that way. For sure.]

“You’re right …….I’ll do that. I have one other thing that came to mind. I’ll prepare that as well.”

[Oh, that’s good. Enjoy worrying about it. You should have fun with this kind of thing.]

Rather than thinking alone, it’s better to talk to someone like this to come up with a good idea.

…Yeah, I think it’s a good idea.

“Thank you very much. I’ll be able to give it to Souta kun successfully now.”

“Yup, don’t worry about it. We will have fun too. Have fun, Nagirin and the others.]

“Yes ! Well then….”

[See you ! If anything else comes up, let me know !]

“I understand.”

Then I hung up the phone. ……All right.

Let’s go home and get ready.

Christmas is coming soon.

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11 months ago

I mean, they ARE engaged, I don’t think an engagement ring would be too much at this point… Though I suppose that’s something they should exchange, rather than one-sidedly give, and I’m not sure if Souta could afford it.