A group of five boys centered around Reo

During recess, they chat near my seat, but at lunch, they often go to the cafeteria.

I sometimes make my own lunch, but I tend to pay to take my lunch at the cafeteria because of the tight morning hours.

As usual, the other three members of the group join in with Reo’s words, and the conversation continues to expand.

Today, Reo, who had finished her meal ahead of the others, stood up from his seat in the cafeteria.

“Sorry. I’m getting a cramp in my stomach, so I’m going to go to the bathroom.”
“Take care~”

That’s why he ate so fast at the end of the meal.

It’s hell to have a stomach ache while eating, isn’t it? At least, I wish it was after I finished eating.

Soon after that, the three people I eat with get up right after finishing their meal.

And I haven’t finished the udon I’m slurping.

Well, …… I know exactly what’s going to happen next.

“I’ll go ahead.”

The three of them get up and walk quickly back to the classroom.

The three are only approaching because of their adoration for Reo, and they don’t care about me.

When Reo is around, they wait for him to get up, but when he’s not there, they leave me behind and go back to class.

From their point of view, I may be a friend …… or even an acquaintance.

Well, in fact, I’m a …… shadowy, airhead character.

I guess I’m only seen as an ordinary person who receives the Reo’s benefit.


That’s why I don’t have any friends at school that I can call my best friends except for Reo

I’m in a sunny group, so I’m shunned by the rest of the students, and even though I’m in the group, I’m treated as if I’m air by the sunny group.

It’s similar in club activities. I really don’t have a presence. I’d better finish my lunch and go back to the classroom.

“Kogure-kun, are you alone?”

The girl’s voice has a clear tone, and I take my gaze away from the udon noodles I’m slurping and look up.
There was a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair.

“Kogure-kun, you’re in the cafeteria too?”

Yes, the most popular girl in school, Asahina Arisa, was standing there.

She is indeed the most beautiful girl in the school. The students around her suddenly began to look at her.

It’s a celebrity-level beauty… of course they would stare

school cafeteria is for boys, the place where you choose the large ramen

“eeh, I didn’t have the image of Asahina-san eating in the cafeteria.?”
“Usually I eat bento, but about once a month I eat at the cafeteria. Sometimes I just want to have a hot meal.”

The reason for this is that the school cafeteria is a very popular place to eat.

Why did she put it here?

“Ah, Arisa …..You are here.”

It was Otsuki san who came to my side. As expected of a good friend and childhood friend. Meals are of course included.

“Kogure-kun, hello.”

“Yeah, Hello.”

Otsuki san sat down next to Asahina.

I was expecting to be alone in the cafeteria, but a girl from the same class came up to me.

Otsuki-san ordered a small kake soba.

“Otsuki-san has less ……. The size is totally different.”
“It’s normal. If we were to use Arisa’s diet as a standard, I would gain weight.”

“Hey! I’m moderating my lunch in case you’re wondering.”

She eats a lot of ramen even though she has moderated her diet. She really eats a lot, doesn’t she?
I heard she ate pancakes in the morning as well.
I finished eating right away and could get up at any time, but there was no way I was going to leave after the …… conversation got going.

“Fuuu fuu”

The way Otsuki san eats with her little mouth is kind of squirrelly and cute.

She reminds me of my sister Hiyori in this way.

I can’t wait to go home and love Hiyori.

I looked back and saw Asahina-san smiling at me.

She stood up, moved around the table, and sat down beside me.

“Hey, Kogure-kun.”

Asahina-san moved her face closer to mine.

“Fufu, you’ve been looking at my beloved Shizuku, haven’t you? Shall I leave you two alone?”

I think she is trying to tease me. I was more interested in her face. I was embarrassed when she came so close to me.

“No, it’s not like that.”
“You don’t have to be embarrassed anymore.”

No, it’s not like that. The reason I am embarrassed is because you are talking to me at such a close distance.
Is this because you think I have romantic feelings for Otsuki-san? Also, you smell good.

Girls are amazing!

“Arisa is good friends with Kogure-kun, isn’t she?”

“I’ve never seen her so close to a boy before.”

The blush on the face spreads quickly as Asahina-san realizes that I, a man, am in close proximity to her.

It’s a change that I can see, but… I don’t have that kind of space either. Asahina suddenly left me.

“If you want to make fun of me, don’t approach me, just line me up.”
“I-I’m sorry.”

The only person who didn’t understand was Otsuki san, who was tilting her head.

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