Chapter 5 Final – Gold Future Silver Past


“Uwee~I’m so drunk~”

After drinking to the point of collapsing at a family restaurant, I took Shinobu home and put her straight to bed.

“Kouki kun~……You’re so soaked, you have to take a bath.”

“I know.”

I put a blanket over Shinobu, who’s too drunk to stand on her own but still cares about me, and get into the bath. I’m tired. Tomorrow morning I’ll be filming again. After that, was it collaborating with other broadcasters……? After that, we’ll probably go out to eat dinner…..and I’ll be busy……

“Kouki sama”

“Whoa !?”

Suddenly, as I was slowly soaking in the bathtub. Even though I didn’t do anything. The agent appeared from the same bathtub.

“I didn’t put my ax in here, though……”

“Oh, that’s not necessary. If I want to get out, I can do it by myself.”

“The truth after 10 years !”

“Besides, it was also raining. I was watching the over an hour long exchange between Kouki sama and Daiki sama.”

……I’m embarrassed that we were seen. I was saying what I wanted to say because no one was watching me……

“Is that okay with you, Kouki sama? Speaking of which, it was your original intention to start this journey in order to win against Daiki sama, wasn’t it? As a result, Kouki sama clearly didn’t win, and Daiki sama arrived at a reasonably happy future.”

……Is that what she means? I thought agents were not giving a damn about winning and losing.

“It’s okay, I’ve convinced myself. I don’t want to ruin my happy life by obsessing over Daiki. I mean, Daiki will do well no matter what he does. So don’t want to be jealous. Besides, I have the prettiest girlfriend in the world. In that sense, I win.”

I let out the same words I had uttered so many times before. Then, behind the steam, the goddess smiled.

“You’ve grown up, Kouki sama.”

……What are you talking about, my friend?

“I’ve always been a grown up.”

“Fufu, that’s right. Kouki sama has always been an adult.”

“What’s with that tone?”

“No, no, no. Childishness is one of your good points.”

“Which part of me is childish…. I can surely see the reality. I can see my limits.”

“It’s such a logical part of you. You’re all driven by emotions. It’s a good thing I’ve learned about human emotions thanks to you.”

“Oh, I remember when you were trying to destroy the human race. …… I can’t think of that now.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know how it will be in the future.”

“That’s right. That’s why everyone is living desperately in the present. You can only decide the past and the future by yourself.”

“You’re right. I hope you will let me enjoy the present so that I don’t destroy the human race in the future.”

“Oh my God, Kouki kun ! Agent chan is trying to destroy the human race !”


While I was talking with the agent, Shinobu appeared. However, she was neither the present Shinobu nor  Shinobu from 10 years ago. She was still young, but her face showed definite signs of age……

“Oh, sorry to interrupt your bath ! I’m a 38 year old Shinobu 10 years from now ! Won’t you come to the future with me and save mankind !”

Um…… I don’t know what she meant by that……

“Agent is……destroying humanity…..?”

“Yeah…Kouki kun and Agent chan, who was able to walk with new technology, went out to play together, and when they were photographed in a weekly magazine, it went up in flames and Kouki kun got sick… Then Agent chan got angry. She’s going to destroy humanity…”

“Arent’s the agent likes me too much !?”

“D-don’t say that, it’s embarrassing !”

Sigh…… I was going to say something about living desperately in the present rather than trying to change the past,…….

“Agent……I don’t want humanity to perish because of us…… o let’s go back in time……”


It’s kind of sloppy…..geez. That’s why people say I’m not mature enough.

“So, as a matter of style……let’s do it before we do anything else.”

The goddess standing on the surface of the water. And asked that question.

“Was it a golden ax you dropped? Or the silver ax?”

My choice is—

I, who lost my girlfriend and future to my brother, the perfect human being, went back to the past and started my youth all over again. The End.

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