“Farewell, Kouki sama.”


His memory must have returned. An agent called out to me from inside the pond.

“Thanks for the ax…….you saved me.”

“Don’t worry……. You rather look a little pale.”

“Yeah,…… I’m a little tired.”

“I see…… I don’t know what to say, but congratulations.”

That’s right. I beat Daiki. The first time in my life, I won. I’ve always wanted to do this, but it never came true, and yet I couldn’t give up. I finally got it. But……he’s not the Daiki I wanted to win against.

“Agent, send me back to the future. Not the future beyond this point. The original night….when I was dumped by Saki.”

“…..Are you sure? To return  to that future, Kouki sama……”

“It’s fine. In the end, I didn’t beat Daiki. My enemy…..only exists in that future.”

I’m not satisfied with this kind of victory. It doesn’t feel good. It is the only way to live. That’s who Igarashi Kouki is.

“There is no point in dwelling on the past forever. That’s why…..”

“Kouki kun.”

I was completely off guard. Seeing Daiki and Saki lying on the ground, I was relieved that there were no enemies.  Forget that I have betrayed myself.


I was seen. I was seen talking to the goddess whose body is out of the pond. By her at this era.

“No……this is…… she loves to swim……”

“……I heard from Hikari chan. Agent san is a person…, it is a goddess-type….what is it…..?”


I don’t even have to ask why. I’m in a time leap myself. Hikari wouldn’t revealed it herself. That means….

“……Agent. You made Hikari tell her that.”

‘…… I am not some convenient being who listens to what Kouki sama says. I’m your friend…..who loves to make excuses for you, who can’t help it. Isn’t it natural to wish for your friend’s happiness?”

That is certainly…..natural. But this is……..

“The current Kouki kun is from…….10 years in the future…..right?

I can’t believe it’s connected to my happiness.

“…….I’m sorry. I’ve been deceiving you until now. It was the future me that Shinobu fell in love with…..not the real me. And I’m going back to the future now. So……I’m sorry. Let’s break up.”

This was the way it had to be. There was no excuse for anything. I had betrayed her badly. I asked her to date me, even though we can’t walk at the same time and I don’t want to live with her. I said it lightly, Like Daiki.

“Don’t mind me. Even if I’m alone……”

“…… That’s for your convenience, isn’t it, Kouki-kun?”

I can’t see Shinobu’s face. The only thing that sticks in my mind is the voice that’s filled with anger. But, that anger.

“It’s fine because it’s you, Kouki kun…. I wanted to go out with you, Kouki kun…..!”

It wasn’t directed at my betrayal.

“It’s only a 10 years difference, right……? Kouki kun is Kouki kun, right,……? Then there’s nothing wrong with it,……I didn’t date Kouki kun with that level of determination !’

Shinobu forcibly hugged my body, which I couldn’t look into her eyes. When this happens, I have to face it. Shinobu’s face never stopped looking at me, even though she’s shaking in tears.

“I knew that Kouki kun wasn’t looking at me….but still, I want to go out with you. I want you to tell me that you liked me someday, so I thought I’d go out with you.  In just 10 years, this kind of feeling wouldn’t cool down. I can love any Kouki kun I want, so……!

“……Agent. Can I run away?”

Despite being showered with such strong feelings, I turned away from Shinobu’s face.

“After all, I want to live with…..Shinobu !”

I’m not mature enough to hide these feelings.

:I don’t care about Daiki,……I don’t care about Saki…..I want to be in a future where I can be with Shinobu. ……But I’m…..”

“It is not up to me to decide that. You decide for yourself the future you want to live in. That’s life, isn’t it?”

For the past 27 years. I’ve only seen the Daiki. Even so, for the long life that will continue on, I wanted to look at Shinobu. Is it running away? Is it an escape from reality? I don’t know. I don’t know, but.

“One thing is certain, right now. It’s a life that you have redone and won. You can go back to the future and decide how to move forward. Everything is free. And no matter what the future holds, no matter who you date, no matter who you marry. I will be with you.”

……I see. That’s right.

“Agent…..sorry, let me use that as an excuse.”

“You are an honest man. You have your friends’ blessing on you for being such.”

And I go back to the future.

“…… I’m home. I love you, Shinobu.”

“Yeah. I know.”

I began to walk in the new future.

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