“It’s hooooot !?”

What struck me after losing all sensation due to Daiki’s trick was the unusual spiciness that filled my mouth.

“Spicy, spicy, spicy !”

“Ahahaha ! Senpai, you’re exaggerating too much, I’m not young anymore, I should stop laughing like this, hahahaha.”

The woman sitting next to me, who was writhing on a very fluffy couch, laughed out loud at me when she saw me. ….I mean.

“You….are you perhaps, Hikari !?”

“You’re in so much pain that you’ve lost your memory ! Ahahahaha !”

I’m sure…’s the same face I saw at the graduation concert just recently 10 years later. It’s Hikari from 10 years in the future……! If that’s the case…..

“I’ve come back to the original time…..”

As I looked around to confirm that fact, my certainty turned to doubt. It was too clean. The room, the furniture, the clothes. It’s too clean to be seen by a poor salaryman for the rest of his life. And there’s an incredible amount of light in front of me, and……several expensive-looking cameras pointed at me. ……I see. I have some idea of what’s going on.

“….Hikari. The shoot is over.”

“Eh? No, no, Senpai, if you’re going to cut it, you’re going to have to shout it out, or else the editing will…..”

“I’m back from the time leap. Can you tell?”

“…… Oh, so that’s how it is. I’m getting old. It’s been 10 years since then.”

Hikari, who had realized everything at my words, suddenly dropped her tension and turned off the camera. I wonder if this is the right thing to do.

“You mean that you have time leaped from this time and returned to 10 years ago, and then 10 years later….”

“Correct. Senpai was set up by Daiki kun and came back from 10 years ago to the original era, right?”

“That’s right, you’re mentally 35 years old.”

“I’m going to knock you out.”

It seems complicated, but it’s simpler than you might think. It’s been 10 years since I started as a broadcaster in the past. So this is the situation that I’ve succeeded in. It’s the same as the future that Daiki talked about. But then……it’s strange in a sense.

“I’ll go get the agent.”

“I’m here.”

The agent is standing out of a water tank placed in the middle of the room with her body in a very dignified manner. This agent, like Hikari, must’ve been around for 10 years. Then I have only one question.

“What is going on with the time paradox?”

I was sent back to the future by Daiki. If Daiki goes rogue in the past without me in the future self. this future will naturally change. But it’s actually like this……or not exactly, but I don’t think Daiki disturbed me. If that’s the case,…….

“So I’m stranded in a parallel world?”

If the past changes, the future changes. But strictly speaking, it seems that the agent just transfers to such a world line. In other words, in another world, there may be me who was undermined by Daiki and have become a low level in social standing. But the agent shook her head.

“Kouki sama and I are one and the same. We have met and spent time together, and I’m moving through the world lines together with Kouki sama. To put it simply, I am directly connected to the past where Kouki sama was.”

“Then… come I have such a good life?”

“So that’s what it means, right? Daiki sama couldn’t beat Kouki sama. Well, I actually saw the scene, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t tell anyone.

“You’re already spoiling it enough….”

But I can’t blame the agent. I know that. I’m going to win. Well, I don’t feel like I won against Daiki, so I’m not happy at all.

“I’m sorry, but can you explain briefly what’s going on right now?”

“As you can see. You have been working as a broadcaster with Hikari sama and Shinobu sama. You are now a top content creator with over 5 million subscribers on your channel. Also, your fiancée, Shinobu sama, is now in the past, so she is not in this time period. It’s a shame you couldn’t meet.”

Even though she said it was a shame that I couldn’t meet her, I still meet the adult Shinobu every day…….Besides, that’s fine. There’s something more important right now.

“Send me back to the past quickly. I want to settle things with Daiki.”

If the agent is safe and sound, it’s easy to time leap again. But again the agent shook her head.

“Kouki sama has unfinished business in this time period, right?”

“…… Oh, that’s right.”

That’s right. If you don’t do that thing in this era, I probably won’t make it to this world line. I can’t go back to the past until I finish that.

“Let’s go then, Agent. It’s the first step to victory.”

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