“…What’s going on?”

It has been a week since the festival ended. It has been a week since Daiki came from the future, but he has never been spotted since then.  I was wondering if he really wanted to fight me or not.

No matter what Daiki might try to do to me, I was going to crush him head-on. But nothing would start without a fight. What I was afraid of more than anything else was the unknown strategy that he would come up with based on 40 years of knowledge that I didn’t have. There’s really nothing I can do about it because there’s no counterplan.

No, more than that. I’m afraid that I’ve been thinking about Daiki so much. It’s taking away my concentration, and more than anything. I have another problem over here…….

“Kouki kun….I want to kiss…… Do you want to kiss? Okay?”

“We just did it a while ago,…….”

I’ve been in a relationship with a shinobu for a week as well. The love for me or……sex drive that she has for me doesn’t stop. What a terrifying teenage stamina. Well, my body is a teenager too…but, my stamina can’t hold that much. Well, since the adult Shinobu is like this too, so in the first place, she’s already dangerous. Even dating Shinobu is a new experience for me……I’m anxious and of course I’m nervous. The feeling of wanting to cherish Shinobu and being conscious about Daiki is double trouble for me. I didn’t think it would be so mentally painful.


“Okay, okay. I have a part-time job, so I’ll be back in a bit.”

Well, there’s nothing more useless than thinking about things that can’t be helped. I went into the alleyway between the school and my part-time job, and put my hand around Shinobu’s back. And then, Shinobu opened her mouth before I could get close to her.

“Kouki kun, could it be that you don’t like me?”

It was a word that hit me where it hurt, with jealousy mixed in.

“You’re with me, but you’re thinking about something else. Could it be …… Saki san?”

“No, not Saki. And it’s not a woman either.”

Should I be honest about this? No, she’ll know even if I don’t tell her. If it’s Shinobu san.

“Then, it’s Daiki kun.”


To be honest. To be honest, in my mind. Daiki’s presence is greater than Shinobu. I feel bad, but that’s how it is.

“But the most important woman in my life is you, Shinobu. I want you to believe that.”

I can’t say for certain that I love Shinobu yet, and my consciousness toward Daiki has not diminished. But my girlfriend is Shinobu. I have a duty to make Shinobu happy. It’s not Saki whom I once thought of marrying, nor is the adult shinobu whom I will someday be married to. That’s my honest and sincere wish.

“…..It’s alright, Kouki kun.”

Although she looked a little sad, Shinobu still smiled.

“I know Kouki kun better than anyone else, so I’m confident. Kouki kun won’t betray me. That’s why, I want you to do what you want, Kouki kun. So…..if you returned in the end. If you love me, that’s all….”

“Kouki samaaaaaa !”

….Even though the mood is good. Even though the mood was perfect for going for a kiss.

“Whoa !”

The future agent…she hugged me.

“K-Kouki kun,……? Who is that woman….?”

And when it comes to this, all the exchanges I had just had turned into meaningless.  I can’t make any excuses and can only break out in a cold sweat. ……But for now.

“You…what’s wrong with that face?”

a fact that’s more important than the suspicion of me cheating. I ask A, whose ragged skin is now covered with snow-white and so beautiful, and if she hadn’t come out of the water, I wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s the agent.

“My face? Hikari sama did my makeup.”

“That’s ridiculous……”

“More importantly, Kouki sama ! It’s only natural that I should come to see you ! I haven’t seen your young wife in a long time……and above all, I need you to get a job at Phoenix, Shinobu sama !”

“Oh, young wife you said…..It’s too early to say that~……”

A, who doesn’t try to hide the fact that she’s from the future at all, and Shinobu, who’s embarrassed only by the word “wife”. I was feeling something while being dumbfounded by these two people. It’s like the space-time is distorted…or rather, it’s like I was bathed in a weird wind. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the air is so different from the usual. It must have been the aftermath of the cosmic power that the agent had performed so perfectly. And the fact that it was imperfectly transmitted to me means.

“…….I guess he started the fight.”

It meant that the battle between me and Daiki was finally about to begin.

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