I don’t remember what happened for a while after that. But it seems this is how it happened.

As I became more famous, Daiki’s reputation was lowered. It was natural. It’s already known in high school that Daiki was disrespecting me. I saved his life by protecting him. To put it simply, it was lame and he was criticized intensively. Not only Daiki but also my parents. If you talk to the neighbors, it becomes clear right away that they were despised. They couldn’t stand that. They left me in the hospital and disappeared. My family didn’t even recognize me as one of them.

“I was sent from the future to take care of senpai. You’re so lucky to be taken care of by an idol  like me♡  Hm? Are you listening to me, senpai?”

I knew they were like that. I know that they don’t treat me like family. But …… I see. I knew it…… 

I became a hero. Not that I wanted to be, but everyone praised me. But Daiki and my parents didn’t say anything. I didn’t get any thanks from the people who I wanted to be recognized by the most.

It’s the same as bullying never stops. For my family, me being bullied was a condition for them to be happy. There are a certain number of people who can’t live without making a servant. I wasn’t family to them. I was a clown to make them feel happy.

That clown has somehow become a hero. They must not like it. They wouldn’t accepted it. That’s why I was cut down. No, they ran away.

“I haven’t won yet, ……!”

Don’t admit defeat on your own. I haven’t won yet. I haven’t beaten Daiki yet…..!

“I can’t say that I understand how you feel….senpai. Senpai’s feelings towards your family are not normal. But let’s switch it up ! You are a high school student who lives alone, right? Money was originally provided by your relatives, and Phoenix is also providing funds. I’m sure you’ll have a good life.”

Hikari’s voice was somewhat weak as she said that. It’s because Hikari also knows. She knows how I feel. We’ve been friends for such a long time. I have to reciprocate. It’s too lame to make a friend feel sorry for me.

“Thank you, Hikari. Let’s have a drink for now. Agent, make us look like adults……”

While I was asking her to do so, the intercom rang. It was already 10:00 at night. I couldn’t believe I had a visitor at this hour……

“I’ll go get it. I’m a maid after all.”

“You can’t get out because you’re a maid.”

I don’t want anyone, no matter where they come from, to think I was doing something strange. I left one person and one object in the bathroom and headed for the front door.

“Yes, who’s this……?”

“Good evening, Kou kun.”

The one who visited my house.

“It’s been a while since the two of us have been together.”

It was Saki, who had lost her boyfriend, Daiki.

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4 months ago

Seriously can’t this woman Saki take a hint?