Nice to meet you ! My name is Kadoya Tomi from the Newspaper Department ! Thank you for taking time out of your precious time today to do this interview ! It’s an honor to speak with one of our greatest heroes !”


After school, right after I got discharged. I went to the newspaper club room and was exposed to the dazzling eyes of the first graders.

That’s why I went to school even in the afternoon. It was for this reason that I went all the way up to the hospital room to reward the juniors who had taken the trouble to make an appointment with me.

But other than that, it was beyond my imagination. I never thought I would be looked at with such respect. I took a cheap deal because I felt that if an incident like this happened at school, the newspaper club would have no choice but to cover it, and I felt sorry for the poor first-year students, but I never expected it to turn out like this. I prtected  him, so I thought it would be okay to speak ill of Daiki a little bit. It was a pain in the ass.

But in a way, this was a good thing. Why was I being treated as a hero when I had just been stabbed by a girl? The newspaper club would be the perfect place to ask that question. While answering the interview, I would draw out information from them as well.

“First of all, Igarashi san. I believe you were protecting your younger brother, Igarashi Daikii, but what were your emotions at that time?”

“Right. I wasn’t feeling anything in particular. I was just protecting him when I noticed it.”

I’m still in the sales department after all. I’m used to talking to people. But I wonder why they always add ‘Right’ before they speak.

“I see ! As expected ! And right after you were stabbed, you subdued the criminal unharmed ! Did you learn any guarding techniques or something?”

“Right. I had learned, or rather, I had studied……on my own. But I think it’s just a coincidence that she was uninjured. I don’t have that level of skill. I’m glad she weren’t hurt, that Wakabayashi san. Besides, I only rolled her over, and it was my classmate Ushijima san who actually subdued her. I’m grateful to Ushijima san.”

I wonder why. I thought I was speaking humbly and lowering myself, but I felt Kadoya san’s face shining every time I answered. I don’t think I’m saying anything cool like that.

“This may be a little rude, but…..I heard that you and Daiki were not that close. I’m in the same class as Daiki, but I often hear bad or not so good things about you, Igarashi san. Still, you helped him, albeit unconsciously, was it because he was your precious little brother?”

“Right…… I don’t think it was because he was my brother, but I think my body would’ve moved no matter who I was dealing with. But that’s not because I’m special, I’m sure anyone can do the same. I think it’s natural for people to help if they can, or……I think I just did something really normal.”

Yes, that’s right. I just did what was normal. It doesn’t matter how hard I tried. I just did what was natural for a human being. And yet, my reputation rose to an all-time high. ….I hate it. The unwillingness to be praised for something I didn’t even try to do.

“So, I didn’t really do anything. I’ve done something rather unnecessary. I’m sure Daiki would’ve been able to stop Wakabayashi san without getting stabbed. And yet, because I made the move, I turned her into a criminal. I’m sorry for what I did.”

“That’s……. All the students in the school were watching. Igarashi san’s heroic act. Please don’t despise yourself. I think Igarashi san did a noble thing.

I see……. That’s how it is. The reason for my unusual evaluation seems to be the fact that the incident took place in front of the entire school.

It is true that I was stabbed in front of the entire school. But very few people actually saw it happen. What they saw was what happened after I was stabbed. So my behavior was supposed to be limited to rumors.

But the girls were not aware of the rumor. Rather, they’re the parties involved. They saw the scene, heard the story from someone else, and were probably swept away by the atmosphere of having seen firsthand how I protected him, when in fact that wasn’t the case.

If I heard that someone I didn’t know was stabbed in front of me and the reason was that he was protecting my brother, I would have a lot of respect for him. I wouldn’t think anything of it if I heard about it on the news, but if I saw it on the scene, I would strongly believe it. That’s why……I still hate it……

“I’d like to conclude by asking, Do you have a message for the readers of this newspaper?”


I didn’t win against Daiki. And yet I’m being praised. I don’t want to be praised by anyone. It’s just for my own satisfaction. All I wanted was to beat Daiki.

“I couldn’t stop Wakabayashi san. That’s my fault. I’m really……frustrated. I’m sorry. I will make every effort to prevent such a thing from happening again.”

I don’t approve of this kind of evaluation. There’s no point in being above this kind of thing. That’s why I said that.

“Thank you very much…..! I admire your attitude of always reflecting on yourself and aiming for the top……Wow, I respect you……!”

The innocent junior looked so impressed that he almost shed tears. I really don’t like it.

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