Episode 1 – My best friend is cool



My best friend—Amagi Kurusu is very cool.

“Did you see today’s magazine?!”

“I saw it! It was really cool right!”

“Seriously, Prince, you’re too cool. ……”

A high school student and a model.

People are crazy about her top-notch looks and style, and many girls in my class and many people inside and outside of school call her “Oji” (Prince)

“The prince is so good….”

“…… I confessed to her yesterday and got dumped.”

“There’s no way you’re going out with the prince.”

She has a strong following among boys, and countless people have confessed their feelings to her and been rejected.

The popularity of the prince is envied, and her behavior and appearance are intoxicating.

“Hey, please Orimura! Tell me the prince’s contact information!”

“Orimura-kun, okay? I’ll …… do anything you want, just introduce me to the prince.”

And I, Orimura Arata, who is always with that girl, gathers with the guys who want to get close to the prince every day.

“I’m sorry ……. I’ve decided not to do that kind of thing.”

With my usual line, I broke through the crowd and ran out of the classroom.

If I let one person, I have to introduce her to another person, and then another person, endlessly.

As a result, it is Amagi who suffers.

She was already hard at work, and I didn’t want her to have to bear that kind of hardship as well.

“You’re late. It’s a fine, a fine.”

Right outside the front door.

Amagi, who was leaning against the wall and fiddling with her smartphone, spotted me and called out in a cool voice.

Short silver hair that shines like a starry sky.

Gray eyes with a lazy glint in them.

Her arms and legs are long and slender, and she is as tall as a man.

Every part of her body is beautifully refined and eye-catching, as if a first-rate doll craftsman had spent his life making it. She wears a cool, downcast air, but there is no sense that she is unmotivated or anything like that. Her unique sense of lethargy suggests that she can afford to be a strong man.

Prince (Oji) – no matter how many times I see her, I think she lives up to her nickname.

The beauty that looks like something out of a shoujo manga takes my breath away for a moment.

“I’m sorry. Here, just one.”

Instead of a fine, I pulled a bag of gummies out of my pocket, unsealed it, and urged her to take it.

“Yay” Amagi’s voice cracked, and she snatched the whole bag away. ……Did you not hear what I said?

“Than, shall we go arata?”


I took the student bag from Amagi’s hand and got into the car that was parked in front of the school gate.

A black luxury car with a chauffeur.

This is basically what Amagi has been doing when it comes to transportation for a long time.

Her family is extremely rich, and her economic background is one of the reasons for her nickname, “the prince”.

“What’s today’s work?”

“A meeting for an upcoming TV show. Also, a magazine interview and a photo shoot.”

“I’ll be home late then”

“If you do your best, I’ll make omelette rice for tomorrow’s lunch. The kind Amagi likes, with hard eggs, the old-fashioned way.”

“It’s great”

I am her valet for a reason, and I always accompany her to work.

I also take care of other things, such as cooking meals and teaching students, and are paid a not-so-low wage. 

“I’ve hired many maids and butlers, but Arata is the best. I’ve been with him since I was a child, and he’s easygoing. He knows everything about me.”

“Everything, that’s overrated. ………… here, tea.”

“Look, you know. You noticed I’m thirsty.”

“Anyone can do this.”

I cut the seal of the plastic tea bottle and handed it to Amagi.

She took it happily, and her thin lips relaxed as she said, “Thanks.”

“I’ll reward you for being a competent servant.”

“…… those are the gummy bears you just swiped from me.”

I reached out my hand while glaring at Amagi with half-closed eyes, but for some reason she waved it away.

She picks up a gummy and holds it to my mouth.

Beautiful, long fingers. Shiny indigo nail polish.

After a moment of hesitation, I accepted her bait.

“Is it good?”

“It tastes better when I eat it myself.”

“Hmmm. I’ll give a pay cut.”

“The best gummy bears I’ve ever tasted.”


Amagi smiled a thin smile of triumph as we exchanged casual remarks about nothing.

…… It’s sneaky, isn’t it, this girl?

She’s so cool that you can admire her just by smiling a little. As expected, she is a prince.

“By the way, you suddenly skipped school and work yesterday. What were you doing?”

“Oh, that. I’ll have to tell Amagi right. My father is getting remarried.”

“Eh, congratulation then!”

Amagi’s voice was unusually loud.

My father broke up with my mother when I was little.

At that time, things were really difficult, and I caused Amagi a lot of trouble…

Perhaps because of these circumstances, she enjoys the remarriage as if it were her own family.

“He was embarrassed to say something to me, so on the day we met, he told me that they were getting remarried. That’s why I went to meet the family over there yesterday.”

“Does he have a stepdaughter?”

“Yes. I’m going to have a little sister.”

Amagi blinked, mysteriously silent.

After a pause, she muttered, “hee…” with her eyes widening.

“I was a little worried when someone suddenly called me her brother, but when I met her, she was so cute.”

“Cute ……?”


The hand that was gripping the plastic bottle seemed to be straining, and it made a sound.

“No, she really looks like an angel. She’s smiling all the time when she sees my face.”

“Angel ……?”


“She complimented me and said I was cool… well, I guess it was flattery, but I was really happy. She confessed too—-“


The cap of the plastic bottle came off and the contents spilled out, probably because it wasn’t tightly tightened.

Amagi’s lower body and car seat were soaked wet.

I gathered all the tissues and handkerchiefs I had and hurried to wipe it off, complaining, “What are you doing?”



Amagi blurted out something.

I asked her back, and she looked at me with cold, terrible eyes.

“Arata….What did you answer?”

“W-Well, that’s impossible. I’m going to be her brother, no matter how much we are step siblings”

“That’s right. That’s of course”

Amagi exclaimed, sounding extremely happy and relieved.

What are you so happy about…?

“But she looked really sad, so I told her I’d think about it when we were both adults.”


“By the way, her name is Yoina chan—-“



“Me Amagi, and that’s what you call your stepsister”

“Do you want me to call you Amagi chan too?”

“I don’t!”

I thought she suddenly let out a loud voice, but then she poured the contents of the gummy bag into her mouth and glanced at me.

After that, she turned away and we never spoke again.

Yoina chan is a five-year-old girl this year.

I was going to show you a picture of her because she’s so …… cute.

Amagi, maybe she is not good with children?

I’m not sure, but let’s not bring it up again, just in case.


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24 days ago

Ohhh it’s a new work of the shuraba lover. Is this gonna be a non harem this time?