My Best Friend, a Prince-Like Girl, Who Is Nothing but Cool, Has Been Acting Strangely Ever Since I Got a Cute Stepsister



Amagi Kurusu is a popular model who is getting a lot of attention for her cool, down-to-earth vibe and appearance.

I – Orimura Arata – am her best friend and business valet. We have been together since elementary, junior high, and high school, and I have accompanied her to work, and we have become the best of friends.

“My father remarried and I have a younger sister. She’s really cute.”
“Hmmm. ……”

After that, she started acting a little strange.
She was very close to me, and the way she looked at me was strange, and I couldn’t help but think that she was cute.

(Amagi is my irreplaceable best friend. I have to try not to look at her strangely…)
(Tell me I’m cute too, idioot! I mean, when are you going to realize that I love you this much all the time!??)

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Episode 37.5 – After story 2/2