Last Episode – Because there was an umbrella there


“Rain, huh?”


It’s like this every day during the rainy season.

The weather is fine in the morning, but after school it starts to rain as if to tell me not to come home from school.

If someone told me to at least look at the weather forecast, they would be right, but I often forget to bring an umbrella because it’s quite a piece of luggage.

I stare resentfully at the black sky.

But the rain shows no sign of stopping.

There must have been a lot of students like me, and there were no umbrellas or rental ones for staff.

Well, normally you would have two choices: wait a while or go home soaking wet.

Well, I had no such choice, so I decided to wait in front of the shoe box.

Then I saw a female student walking slowly from in front of me.

Quietly and gracefully from the end of the corridor, the supple limbs of the body is a sight to behold.

“Chifuyu, good work.”

“Toma-kun,…… yeah, it’s raining.”

My mind flashes back to the day I spoke to Chifuyu like this for the first time at school a year ago.

At that time, I stood there and watched Chifuyu’s back melt into the rain as she quickly went home alone with an umbrella.

Thinking back, I have been thinking about Chifuyu since that time.

I’m sure Chifuyu didn’t think anything of me, but I’m really glad I ran home in the rain.

Partly because I had the opportunity to become friends with Chifuyu.

I was really glad to get wet in the rain when I thought about what would have happened to Chifuyu at that time.

Because I didn’t have an umbrella, I had to run to catch up with Chifuyu.

But because of the umbrella, I was able to defeat the culprit who attacked Chifuyu.

I probably think about it every time it rains and every time I put my umbrella on.

“What’s wrong, Toma kun?”

“Oh, sorry. I was thinking that it was pouring like this that day too.”

“Yes. I was lucky to have an umbrella that time, wasn’t I?”

“But if I’d had an umbrella, I would’ve gone home before Chifuyu.”

“So it’s a good thing you didn’t have an umbrella?”

“I don’t know. In the end, I guess there’s no point in thinking about what happened. No matter how much I regret what I had done then, or what I should have done, the outcome will not change. Instead, if you value the present and think that way, you’ll be able to be more positive about everything.”

“Yes, that’s right. So, it’s a good thing Toma-kun didn’t have an umbrella at that time and I had one.”

“It’s just a series of coincidences.”

“No, it’s not a coincidence that Toma-kun was desperate to save my life at that time. Because you are Toma-kun, you risked your life to protect me like that.”

“Haha, I was almost beaten up, though.”

“…… And I’m glad it was you who saved my life at that time. If someone other than Toma-kun had saved me, I probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with that person. He read what was going on, became suspicious, and maybe did something even worse.”

“Chifuyu…… Yeah, me too. I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence that we met like that at that time.”

“Hehehe, I’m glad it’s like fate. Toma-kun is my soulmate.”

The rain has gotten a little heavier though.

Chifuyu unfolds her umbrella and then takes my hand.

“Look, I’m glad you have an umbrella today too. Chifuyu is holding the umbrella for me, so we can put it in the umbrella together.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you don’t have an umbrella today too. Toma-kun doesn’t have one, so I can put you under the umbrella”

We look at each other and a giggle escapes.

As we leave the school building, our shoes get wet in the puddles of water.

We huddle together and walk slowly through the rain, trying to keep each other’s shoulders dry as much as possible.

Listening to the sound of umbrellas tapping on the ground, we melt into the rainy landscape together.

We live our lives in the sunshine and in the rain, making up for what we lack in each other.

“Oh, it stopped raining suddenly. Do you want me to take down the umbrella?”

“No, leave it like this. I can feel Toma-kun more this way.”

“Then, leave it like this. I wanted to do the same.”

“Yes. I love you, Toma kun.”

“I too. I love you, Chifuyu.”

We will always live together without ever leaving each other.


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30 days ago

Thank you for all of your hard work on this project.