“I heard a rumor that you two are dating !?”

“Guhaa !?”

I received it for the second time today♡ However, this time I’m alone.

Eh, what rumor? No, it’s easy to imagine once I get to this point.

On the day of the entrance exam, Ryoko helped me with the live performance as a chorus member. It was not a difficult role, but she sang perfectly in a short time of practice, which was nothing short of brilliant. The choice of the right people was exactly what I had in mind.

“I believed the rumor that the two of you had been together for a long time, because you were so in sync.”

Yes, except that it led to a strange misunderstanding…….

I see, that’s probably why Haruna seems so happy. I was able to read her personality within five minutes of meeting her. I’m sure it’s a pain in the ass to talk about love with her !

“You two are the rumored couple now, you know? Kanda Ryoko had a man. You’re getting a lot of questions from all kinds of people, aren’t you, Ryoko?”

“It’s really annoying !”

Ryoko crushed the empty can and drank the second bottle of oolong tea in no time. She must really be in the mood to drink, poor thing.

Ryoko has always been popular thanks to her good looks. She is always surrounded by good-looking guys with good communication skills, the so-called “cheerful” boys.
Ryoko was dating a handsome upperclassman right after entering university, but they broke up around the summer break and she has been free ever since.

All that changed, and Ryoko performed a live performance in perfect harmony with a man, which must have surprised all the people who were looking at her passionately.

Anyway, I admit that we are close, but only as friends. Not in the direction you might think, you know?
“It’s true that we’ve known each other for a long time, but I mean that in the sense that we are friends. We’ve been friends since high school, but we’re not lovers.”

“Yes, yes. We both had other lovers.”

Ryoko and I are heterosexual, but we are good friends. We often have dinner together in the cafeteria.
Even though the environment has changed from high school to university, we have remained close friends, and we are comfortable with each other.

However, I feel that our friendship has deepened in recent years.
In the past, Ryoko and I were both reserved with each other’s lovers and did not deviate from the category of friends. However, Ryoko broke up, and then I broke up withmy girlfriend, so we had no one to worry about. We never used to go up to each other’s rooms.
It was only after I quit the band and started tutoring Ari san that we started spending more time together, no doubt.
I guess it’s no wonder she misunderstood me because I made her accompany me to the guerrilla concert after all.
“You both are free right now, right?”

“Yes, but…..”

“Why don’t you go out already?”

“Why is that?”

I could feel my head heating up. I tried to cool down with a beer, but it was so lukewarm that it didn’t cool down at all. In fact, my face started to feel warm.

I knew that one day this kind of day would come.
While I was dating Yua, no one whispered the devil’s advice to me to switch to Ryoko.
But once I became free, I thought, there would be those who would mistakenly believe that the green light had been turned on and off.
Well, Haruna’s smirk was devilish enough.

“Well, Kingo and I don’t have that kind of relationship. I’ve already told you that many times before.”

“I don’t get it. Ryoko is the only one who thinks that way. I wonder what Kingo thinks, right?”

Don’t ask me.
I don’t know, can she stop ruining people’s friendships casually?

“Ryoko’s right, we’re casual friends. It’s not going to turn out like what Haruna is expecting~”

“I wonder if it’s true. Aren’t you surprised to see Ryoko’s feminine face?”

“I’m too drunk to remember.”

“What a bore〜”

Haruna sulk.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not.

Honestly, there are some things that are disappointing. I thought I had been thinking about Yua wholeheartedly, but as Haruna said, I had been taken aback by Ryoko’s sex appeal more than once or twice.   

However, I don’t intend to make Ryoko feel strange because of that.

I like the comfortable relationship I have with Ryoko. The presence of Ryoko, with whom I can talk about my true feelings without being self-conscious, is a source of emotional support. In fact, when I was kicked out of my former band [Lycoris Darkness] she kindly supported me.
I didn’t want to break that relationship.

“(Thank God. He wasn’t Kanda san’s boyfriend.)”

“(Well, friends and lovers are two different things.)”

“(My college life is going to be great !)”

The first-year students were in a stir. However, my heart was so blurred that I didn’t care what they were talking about.
What is this feeling of incompleteness? I feel like I’ve been ridiculed and let my relationship with an important friend go by in a slapdash way, and I feel bad.
Okay, I’ll say what I want to say !

“Even if I want to go out with her, I’m not going to start going out with her on the spur of the moment. I would have confessed to her. Hiccup–“
A scene, and then silence.

Whoa……that’s not cool. I hiccuped at the end. I totally slipped up.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about !?”

Ryoko was the first to react. Even though she was sober, her ears were flushed, her eyes were peeled back, and she was widening her eyes.

I know, I know, it was a stinky line. The more you talk about friendship and best friends, the cheaper it gets. But I had to say it because I really do consider you my best friend.

“It’s just a theory. I’m just saying I don’t want to be in that kind of joke relationship with you. I’m serious–“

“Are you crazy !? You don’t have to talk about hypotheticals, you drunkard ! Drink this and sober up !”
Ryoko pushed a can of oolong tea she was about to drink at me.
It’s true that today’s drinks go down fast, so it’s a good idea to sober up. I’ll take it without a second thought.

But still, there was no need to get so worked up about it.

“Well, well〜. You have good friends, Ryoko.”

“Haruna, shut up. I won’t forgive you if you make fun of me any more.”
“I-I get it ! I understand your friendship. I won’t say anything more about it (it’ll be more fun to see what happens).”

“Haruna, you’re thinking of something else, aren’t you?”

Ryoko stares at me with narrowed eyes. Unusually distraught, she takes her bag and walks toward the shoe storage area.

“Do you want to move?”

“I will. I’m going to go cool off somewhere…..jeez.”

I felt kind of sorry for Ryoko who was chanting bitterly. I’ve made her feel embarrassed because of her friend’s hot and bothered nature.

“Stop, Ryoko.”

I remembered something and grabbed Ryoko’s wrist as she was putting on her shoes.

[Hyah !?] I heard a cute voice I had never heard before. Don’t make a funny voice. You’re startling everyone.

“W-what is it?”

“If you’re going to move, you should go to Ari san’s place. She wants to see Ryoko.”

“Ari chan’s?”

The stiffly hanging eyes loosen. On the contrary, she is somewhat lonely and her eyes are narrowed.

“You haven’t talked to Ari san, have you? You should see her.”

“…..I guess so. I’m a senior, I shouldn’t be the one making her feel awkward. I’ll go look for her. Thanks.”

Ryoko smiled slightly, made a small peace sign, and dashed off into the hustle and bustle of the party.
She is as cool as ever. But sometimes she also becomes warm. That’s what makes Kanda Ryoko so interesting.

“Oh my goodness. Is it a secret talk that we can’t understand?”

……Ryoko, you’re surely going to push Haruna toward me.

“(Are those two really not dating?)”

“(It’s only a matter of time before they get together…….!)”

“(If she can do it with Kobayakawa, there’s a chance for me too !”)

The party was not over yet.

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