Episode 19



It was lunchtime and Chiharu came over to have lunch with the group, and we were having a good time talking about nothing else.

At that time, an unknown male student came through the classroom door.

I didn’t think it was anything to be particularly concerned about, but the boy went toward Tanba-san, so I watched the scene as her (temporary) boyfriend, just in case.

I felt a mixture of weirdness and embarrassment when I thought so myself, and I was about to become emotionally unstable, but if something was going on, it might be important to stick it out.

Even if it would cause trouble for Chiharu, I would still have the advantage of being able to make a credit to that group.

I had no way of knowing that such pride would have a negative impact on me.

It is unusual for boys to approach a group of gals at this time of the day.

Chiharu and Shuta pay attention as well, without seeming to suspect anything.

Knowing the male student, the moment Chihara Shion caught the male student in her field of vision, she immediately reacted.

“Kajita, what do you want? Are you aware that you are out of place?”

“I’m sorry, Chihara-san. I wanted to talk to Tanba-san. ……”

“…… you are quick.”

As a result Tanba-san blurted out those words with a sense of calm.

Kajita …… I thought it sounded familiar, was it the boy who had put the letter in Tanba san’s shoe box this morning?

The owner of the letter had not been determined, but if he had no appointment, it would be safe to assume that he was the owner of the letter under the circumstances.

With one arm propped up against the desk where the owner was absent, Kajita began to talk.

“I wrote in the letter that I wanted you to come to the designated place during the lunch break. But Tanba-san didn’t show up. Does that mean like what it looked like?”

Kajita bit his lip as if he did not want to believe something.

Well, that letter is a love letter, right …… from the look of the design.

I know it’s unusual nowadays, but it would be an old-fashioned yet youthful way of doing things.

The fact that he actually came to class means that by not reading the letter, he learned that Tanba-san had a boyfriend,…….

— Hmm?

Maybe I’m going to have something to do with it.

Depending on how I go about this, I may end up revealing the secret.

However, Tanba-san did not respond, and Chihara voiced her opinion instead.

“You know, every time Kano went to you, she did it in a friendly way. Are you aware that it stinks when you give her orders?”

“It’s not an order, it’s just a request ……”

“It’s disgusting that you’re talking subjectively like that. Look, you’re not considering Kano’s feelings. From Kano’s perspective, it’s like an order.”

Chihara belittles Kajita in a furious sword fight.

His usual attitude is loose and appropriate, but the content is very righteous and does not allow him to talk back.

The caste of this is more colorful than that of the upperclassmen because of Chihara Shion.

She is well-spoken and dynamic, and her authority is such that she has taken control not only of real life but even of the social networking sites where students of her grade interact with each other.

Because of her non-barbaric ways, people stick with her.

Despite her foul mouth, she is so cool that even the girls in her grade look at her with admiration. ……

“I’m not here for Chihara-san. ……”

“Who the hell do you think you are, a second-group? What did I say was wrong? What do you think, guys?”

The onslaught doesn’t stop even if the other party is tight-lipped.

The second group …… is positioned right in the middle of the caste group divided by the back bulletin board of the school.

The caste strata is visualized, albeit roughly.

The traditional back-board administrators have been replaced and the current generation has established a democratic system of voting for popularity or unpopularity.

This may seem problematic as discrimination, but since no one is being oppressed, the teachers turn a blind eye.

Yes, an indicator that means nothing …… but a definitive fact.

By emphasizing labels divided by caste, the hierarchy is clearly reaffirmed.

In addition, she further drives it home by asking for specific opinions from those around her.

This is her usual tactic.

If she does this in public, it has an effect that cannot be described as a mere rumor.

“Kajita is creepy.”

“You don’t know your place, that’s why you’re in the second group.”

“Poor Kano-chan.”

The girls around were a storm of abuse.

Tanba-san was cool and nonchalant.

The classmates who were watching realized that Kajita was no match for Chihara.

In the first place, he was outnumbered in the other class, but no one took that into account.

The scene was so overwhelming.

Even so, Kajita’s unbroken stand was manly.

He gripped the edge of the desk on which he rested his arm firmly and uttered an intonated voice as if he were acting.

“…… I’m, I’m serious!”

“Uwaa, you really don’t mean it! Because you look like an irrational beast.”

However, Chihara’s words reverse the image of his indomitable spirit.

He severely shaved off his reputation so as not to attract even the slightest sympathy for his opponent.

Boys who speak out with vigor toward girls would do so from a different perspective.

The behavior of not caring about their surroundings is being used against them.

Kajita noticed this, made a fist on the desk, and exuded frustration.

He then looked at Tanba-san with a face that showed sadness while suppressing his emotions.

“Tanba-san, why won’t you say anything!”

“Because I’m not interested in you.”

When Tanba-san finally opened her mouth, she immediately refused.

Those frank words would have caused great damage to Kajita’s heart.

Unlike the girls around him, he had probably had the opportunity to talk to her as many times as he had love letters, so perhaps he had expected her to show him kindness in such a situation.

His trust was easily shattered, and Kajita showed his face.

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