She used to be so cute.

I think as I look at my younger sister–Mai, relaxing on the sofa.

Her fleshy legs stretch out from her short skirt that defies school rules.

Now she is giggling and happily conversing with her friends.

Mai’s attitude toward me has hardened ever since my parents died.

This is because my father and mother’s property was taken away by our relatives.

In order to keep up appearances, they pay our tuition and rent, but they don’t pay for any entertainment.

Mai is strongly dissatisfied with the poor life she has to lead.

I understand how you feel painfully, okay? It’s the time of year when you want to spend the most money on makeup and fashion. What is normal for her friends around her is extravagant for Mai. It is impossible not to be miserable. 

That’s why I was giving the money I earned from my part-time job to Mai.

It was my fault that I was cheated.



“Ah, nothing, it’s nothing. I was just worried that your skirt would get wrinkled.”

Mai’s cold voice and gaze flashed at me as I stared at her casually.

I’m in charge of all the household chores.

“You know–“

“Yeah? What is it?

“I want to buy something next month, can you increase my allowance?”

“Eh, that’s… the way, how much?”

I’m on the edge this month, too. I have a promise to give Mitsui kun 10,000 yen. Of course, but I can’t afford it.

By the way, Mai doesn’t know that I’m giving money to Mitsui kun.

“I think 20,000 yen would be enough.”

“No, I don’t have that much money…….”

“Haa !? I’m living a miserable life because Onii chan was scammed out of Dad’s fortune, right ! I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with at least 20,000 yen !”

“But I have a test next month, and if I work more shifts, I won’t have time to study–“

“—If that’s the case, why didn’t you just die !”


For a moment, I couldn’t understand what she said and my mind went blank.

Die, she said? Me? Did my sister say that to my face?

“That’s right. Mom and Dad went to pick up Onii chan and got into a car accident, right !? If it had been you who lost your life at that time instead of the two of them, you wouldn’t have had to live like this !”


It was the night of the approaching typhoon.

On the way to pick me up after missing the last train, my parents were hit by a large truck.

And it was a hit-and-run accident. The evidence was swept away by the storm, and the culprit has never been arrested. The statute of limitations is almost up.

“Don’t make me more miserable !”

Mai was furious and went back to her room.

There is something I’ve been turning my back on for a long time. What does my sister think of me? 

I knew she thought of me as a plague……

The reality of it makes me sad and tears well up in my eyes.

…..I’ve been trying to do my best even though it’s been hard for me too.

Why do I have to go through this !

I ran out the front door and ran aimlessly through the night town.

I ran out without paying attention to my surroundings and didn’t notice the car approaching.

This is how I got to the paradise of death…or so I thought.


After that, I was reincarnated into another world, defeated the Demon King, and returned on the day I was run over.

The three years I spent in another world was one hour in the real world.

I was back in the real world again.

With the《Extraordinary Ability》that I acquired in another world.

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