Pow ! ! !

The moment I [Transfer] the coin in my pocket. Just like when you microwave a hard-skinned tomato, the hand of the big man holding the knife exploded.

“Ugggh, aghyah, ouch ! !”

The big man rolled on the ground, holding his right hand, which had suddenly exploded.

“W-what did you do !”

The owner of the fruit shop, who was apparently in league with this man judging from his earlier appearance, stood up with a pallid face. In his hand was a bow gun.

( ^ω^ 三 ^ω^ )

Since I did not know whether the bow gun would be released or not, I once transferred behind the fruit shop owner by my skill and imagined that about three of the coins on the palm of my hand would be transferred into the elbow joint of the fruit store owner.

The distance is right in front of me. It is easy to grasp the image.

At that moment, a painful sound like a gurgle exploded from the fruit store owner’s elbows.

“Agaaaah ! ! !”

A slightly overweight, good old man screamed and shouted.

This fruit store owner would not be able to attack me anytime soon. But the big man, who could only attack me with the palm of his hand, stood up and looked at me with murderous intent.

“You son of a bitch, you did this to me. You’re not going to get away with this.”

The big man rushed toward me with a knife. I was just in time to avoid it by transferring and ducking. ( ^ω^ 三 ^ω^ )( ̄ー ̄;)→:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

The timing was exquisite by chance, or perhaps the big man who was puzzled by me suddenly disappearing in front of him put his foot down as it was and stabbed the fruit store owner, who was writhing in pain after his elbow was broken, with the knife he was holding in his hand.


“Bacchus. ….Bastard. How dare you ! !”

The big man stared at me with a bitter look in his eyes, but it was unmistakably you who killed the fruit shop owner. I only managed to transfer a ten-yen coin to my elbow.

“I’ll kill you ! Bastard ! !”

He cries and tries to stab me with a knife filled with bitterness, but I just dodge it.

“Damn you ! !”

( ^ω^ 三 ^ω^ )

There’s no way I’m going to get hit. Can’t you see that such an easy-to-understand straight line attack can’t hit me, who can move within visual range in an instant, all by myself?

“Good grief.”

I transfer the ten-yen coin toward the big man’s Achilles heel to show him that it was a futile attack. But I missed it. So, I guess this transfer is based on coordinates.

If that’s the case, it would be difficult to hit a moving opponent properly.

As a practice, I try to predict the movement of the one-yen coin and transfer it side by side with the one-yen coin.

“Ooooh, ah, gah ! !”

The big man screamed as he fell down. Only one yen coin fell behind the big man. So that means one around his tendon and one in his shin. It looks very painful.

“Oh dear. If you learn from this, don’t try anything like mugging again.”

I let out a sigh of exasperation as I transferred back to my house.

I” see.”

I jingled the coins in the palm of my hand before putting them away in a drawer and muttering to myself.

My outlay now was a little over fifty yen. With that, I could easily incapacitate the two of them. The problem is that it doesn’t work against a moving opponent, but if I make the first move, it is strong enough to deliver a fatal blow in an instant.

For example, in this case, I used their hands and feet, but if I really wanted to kill them, I could have transferred it to their heart, head, or aorta, and they would have been killed in an instant.

The most powerful thing is that if I want to attack by transferring it into the body, it doesn’t matter if it is hard enough, so I can generate enough attack power even with an easy-to-carry coin or a pebble, and if I keep a straight face, they will never know who did it.

It was obvious that it was me because of the circumstances, but it would have been very difficult to notice otherwise.

I think a coin would be the safest weapon for everyday use.

It would not be out of place if I had it with me, and if I had to deal with a thug in Japan, for example, it would be difficult to identify it because coins have the fingerprints of many people on them. Even if it were not so, the fact that it would be difficult to make a case against a coin as a weapon is a good thing.

On the other hand, it is difficult to hit a moving opponent, so if I miss the first move, it may be troublesome.

I would like to be able to beat Hashida’s powerful skills eventually, even if he is just a delinquent in that area. At that time, trying to send coins into the body again and again while avoiding by shifting is still a lot of anxiety as a means of combat.

I want something more decisive.

( ^ω^ 三 ^ω^ )

I thought about it while moving from one corner of the room to another, and then it suddenly occurred to me.

Speaking of which, there are other types of transfers like the one I’m doing right now in the manga, besides the instantaneous transfer type, there are also types that open like a gate and transfer, right?

Somehow I had the image of instantaneous transfer when I thought of transference…….

I remember the scene of a classroom at school, and at the same time, I imagine a round gate-like thing opening. I imagine that the classroom and the house are connected.

Then an ellipse the size of my height arose in front of me, reflecting the classroom.

When I enter the ellipse, it is indeed my classroom, and when I return, it is indeed my home.

They should be completely different places, but they are connected. It was one place. It was a strange sensation. However, this ability may be the most powerful if I can master it.

Attack, defense, and of course mobility–the man with the crystal ball said it was a 7-star skill that had never been seen in history, but it really is incredibly strong.

I was so convinced of the strength of this elliptical transfer, that I once again transferred to the front of the fruit stand.

A large man was still lying in front of the fruit stand.

But he didn’t seem to notice me.

…..When I looked closely, I found a pool of blood on the ground where the man was lying, and the knife he had been threatening me with was stuck in his neck.

……Suicide, it is.

The owner of the fruit store was that important to him.

But well, I didn’t kill him, so it wasn’t my fault, and he was a bad guy who was trying to steal money by threatening passersby in the first place. It was self-defense, and their death should not be a bad thing for this country.

As a purely Japanese person, it was a shocking sight, but I guess such things can happen in a world that seems to be less civilized than developing countries.

The somewhat unrealistic green sky and the two moons eased my mental shock a little. I’ll just think of it as seeing a dead body in a realistic game.

Then it occurred to me.

If these guys have been robbing the passers-by here of their money and body wrappings, there must be some of the stolen property inside this fruit stand, right?

I fearfully entered the fruit stand, picturing the scene at home, so that I could quickly escape back to my home in case something happened to me. Inside was an unexpectedly normal house.

I opened the chest of drawers, rolled up the carpet, and rummaged through the various items, until I found what looked like a hidden door under the carpet.

When I opened it, I found a staircase leading downstairs.

“It’s just like a game, isn’t it?”

It’s a game-like development that comes with a summons to another world.

When I went inside, I found the place to be stinky, moldy, and dirty. There was nothing inside but a jar full of copper-colored coins and a mess of dirty clothes.

Well, there was no way they could make a decent fortune from such a trivial mugging.

I returned to my room in a transition, feeling a little depressed.

Well, now that I have a nice break, I’m going to study.

About an hour had passed since I started studying. The intercom rings. I moved to the front door and quietly peeked outside. There stood the female officer from yesterday.

……I thought I had proved my innocence at least once, but what can I do for you?

I opened the small door.

“Um, what is it?”

“I still think you are the culprit in that mass disappearance. Can you tell me the story again?”

Again. Yesterday, I had already proved my innocence–

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