After class, I immediately received a call on my phone from Misaka san.

[I have something I need to discuss with you, is it okay if I call you tonight?]

I look next to her and all I see is Misaka san looking at the screen of her phone. Trying not to let anyone know that she was in contact with me.

[Fine, but what’s going on?]

I replied, pretending I don’t know anything.

[I can’t talk right now. I’ll call you later.]


After a brief exchange, Misaka san began talking with Takuma, who had just arrived.

[Phew. That’s all for now. I’m sure he’ll be surprised when I suddenly say that I want to break up with Takuma…… But I can’t fool around with my feelings anymore, so let’s make some progress.]

Misaka san is talking to Takuma with a smile on her face. The expression on her face simply looks like the one a girlfriend would give, and the gap between her inner feelings and her outer feelings is frightening. I still don’t know exactly how I should accept Misaka san.

Of course I don’t dislike her, but if we were to go out, it would be a difficult love affair.

With mixed feelings, it is after school. I leave Misaka- an and the others and go back to the manga club room.

On the way there, I hear voices coming from the corner of the hallway, and I’m puzzled.

{Onii chan should be passing by by now. I wonder if I should surprise him by coming out of nowhere. No, such a prank would be boring, wouldn’t it? I think it would be better to pretend that I just happened to be passing by and bump into him.

But bumping into him is also difficult, isn’t it? Running around in the hallway would be unnatural. I should just casually walk up to him, make my feet get tangled up, and fall toward him. There’s no way that my kind brother wouldn’t help me, so I could do that !

I even kissed him on the spur of the moment……I’ve decided that the second kiss will be in a nice atmosphere. Don’t give in to temptation ! Anyway, let’s pretend to fool around and hug Onii chan ! I want to be bold at school !

And, when I do, I’ll make sure to press my boobs firmly against him ! If I make it look like a lucky act, Onii chan can do naughty things to me without any worries ! And Onii chan, who can’t forget the feeling of me, is secretly imagining me tonight…

Oh, God, I wish he would come to my room instead of just imagining me ! He’s always welcome ! Ah, I can’t wait for him to come. Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan, Onii chan…..]

Oh no. My sister is really dangerous. Hey, is this really your inner voice? Isn’t my head buggy and making me listen to auditory hallucinations? I can’t believe Saki is such a dangerous girl…… I mean, did you say second? I don’t remember the first. What do you mean? Did you do something to me while I was sleeping? It’s not impossible, because she always come to wake me up……

My mind can’t keep up, but I’m getting a little closer.

[Ha ! These footsteps are Onii chan’s ! Now, prepare to charge !]

How do you know it’s me by the sound of my footsteps !?

Misaka san can tell who I’ve been meeting with from the lingering scent, what the hell is going on !?

Puzzled, I approach the corner of the hallway where Saki is hiding.

“O-Onii chan. Are you going to club activities now? Let’s go together halfway.”

Saki appears, smiling a very ordinary, gentle smile. Her mind is……

[Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan Onii chan ! Ah, I want to get closer and feel Onii chan with my whole body ! But calm down, slowly approach him… !]


Saki’s legs get tangled up, and she stumbles towards me. Whether this is acting or not, I have no choice but to accept Saki.


Saki jumps into my chest. And then, as predicted……something soft is pressed against me. Because it is through my uniform, its softness is reduced. Moreover, this is my sister’s. So it’s not that I don’t feel anything….it’s just that I react when I touch a woman’s bulge.

Although I was confused, I tried my best not to show it on my face.

“Sorry, Onii chan, didn’t that hurt?”

[I’m being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan, being held by Onii chan,……oh no, I’m overflowing.]

“Y-yeah……I’m fine. Saki, are you injured?”

“No, I’m fine. But it’s embarrassing. I can’t believe I fell over.”

“Be careful. I won’t always be there.”

“Yeah. I’ll be careful.”

[It’s okay for Onii chan to be by my side, okay? Then everything is already solved ! Well, it’s not every day that I fall down in the middle of nowhere unintentionally either. Ah, I don’t want you to leave.]

It’s embarrassing to stay attached to her forever, so I pull Saki away. Saki was still smiling and didn’t seem to want to leave.

“Um..then, I’m going to the club room, but do you want to join me halfway?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

[I’d like to hold hands with you. But is that really a bad idea? Our relationship must be kept secret….. It’s true that we get along well, but we have to draw the line for the others to see. I’m going to hold back for now and do what I need to do while Onii chan is sleeping at home.]

Do what !? What is Saki doing while I’m sleeping !?

I couldn’t even let her inner voice get to me, and all I could do was fret in agony.

“Onii chan, did anything good happen to you today?”

“Eh? Do I look like something good happened to me?”

“Hmmm. I was wondering if there was something troubling you.”

“No, I don’t have anything like that.”

[Lies……. Your face is hiding something. You don’t make eye contact with me more than usual. When you’re not thinking about anything, you turn to me every time I talk to you, but you try not to look at me because you’re thinking about something…

You don’t want me to know what you’re thinking? Why? Are you having an affair? Do you feel guilty about that? No, but when I hugged Onii chan, I didn’t smell any other girl’s strong scent. At least, there was no sign of zero-distance interaction with anyone else.

Generally, if Onii chan is bothered, it’s only when he’s horny and wondering how to get rid of it, or when he’s feeling guilty for drawing naughty illustrations of his classmates as models….. If it’s neither of those, then Onii chan……?]

Hey, sister. What the hell do you think I am? I mean, where did you get the idea that I was guilty of drawing naughty illustrations of my classmates as models? I don’t think there’s any way to confirm that unless you have a hidden camera in my room, but you didn’t do that, did you?

The person I had thought was just a cute little sister suddenly looked like a dangerous girl with yandere tendencies. What’s going to happen to me in the future….? I’m not going to get stabbed with a knife the moment I get a girlfriend in the future, am I ……?

“You’re not coming home particularly late today, are you, Onii chan?”

“Yeah. No.”

[No meeting with a woman, huh. I guess the affair is just a passing thought…….]

“Okay, let’s play a game together tonight. Can I go to your room?”

“Ah, sorry, I have to call someone tonight. I don’t know how long it will take, but if it takes too long, I might not be able to play games.”

“Hmm? Is that so? I’ll miss you.”

“Sorry. Let’s play after the call.”

[This is it ! There’s definitely something going on ! The secret you’ve been keeping from me ! Worries ! A thought ! Who is it? In your social circle, would it be Takuma-senpai? No, Takuma senpai doesn’t go out of his way to call him at night. It must be a woman, I thought to myself. If this appointment was decided after he left me this morning, then it must be Takuma’s girlfriend, Misaka senpai, right? 

This is suspicious. What are you going to talk about with Misaka senpai, Onii chan? What’s going on? This…I have to listen carefully.]

“Well, Onii chan is also a high school student, so it wouldn’t be strange if he had at least one girlfriend. But why don’t you introduce her to me as well?”

[At that time, I’ll make you regret for the rest of your life for laying a finger on Onii chan.]

“…No, I don’t have a girlfriend or anything. I’ve never been popular with girls.”

“Hmm? I don’t know about that. Well, when that time comes, please consult me ​​properly, okay? I’ll pick out what to wear on the first date for you, since you’re so careless about what you wear.”

“Ah, thank you. Saki is very dependable.”

“Right? I’m too good a sister for Onii chan !”

The mischievous smile on her face is the epitome of purity.

[……If the day comes that Onii chan really goes on a date with another woman, you’ll have to break up with her no matter what, okay? Well, I’m generous, so maybe I can give Onii chan the chance to get to know other girls at least once. Of course, it has to be a healthy date with no kissing or sex.

You’ll get to know other stupid girls, and then you’ll realize how great I am, and Onii chan’s love for me will deepen even more. …. That kind of thing. Right? My one and only Onii chan?]

Her inner voice is just so disturbing.

When did you become such a disturbing girl, Saki…..? Did I do something wrong? I’m sure I’ve treated you nicely as an older brother, but I never thought you’d turn out like this.

On the surface, the two of us are smiling and giggling at each other. I’m full of anxiety about the future.

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8 months ago

I like this novel. It’s funny to see the disconnect