Green cap, white shirt and black half pants. Around my neck is my favorite pink apron.

“I’ll start preparing first.”

I, Sakimiya Karen, have been working part-time at a major café chain called “Snow Tops” since I was a high school student three years ago.

When I come to work, the first thing I do is prepare the coffee and ingredients, and then I start my work by placing the food items in the food corner next to the cash register.


I greets customers with her signature full smile.

I hate it because I can’t wear my usual cute clothes during my part-time job, but I am the part-time leader of this store, and I asked the manager to let me wear this “pink apron”.

I love the color pink.

Pink is a synonym for heroine and a trademark for girls.

There is no girl who doesn’t like pink, and it is an essential color for being the prettiest.

But …… there are creatures in the world who deny my pink.

“Look at that waitress. Only one of them has a pink apron.”

“Her hair is pink, too, and it stands out like a sore thumb, doesn’t it?”

Yes, it’s a man.

The two high school boys in line at the cash register are looking at me as I serve them, whispering and laughing.

It is always the guys who make fun of pink.

It has always been that way.

When I was in elementary school, I wore a pink one-piece dress that my mother made for me to school, and the boys around me pointed at me and laughed at me.

Many times, boys made fun of me for being a “burikko,” (woman who acts like a little girl or cute) and bullied me for being out of shape.

I was pulled off my clothes, and I was messed around …….

As an innocent elementary school student, I would still be denied my favorite pink in junior high school.

When I was in junior high school, I was wearing a pink rabbit strap with cute pink eyes called “Pink Rabbit,” which was my favorite character, on my school bag, and without my knowledge, all of them were ripped off by a boy in my class.

Even when I mentioned this to my homeroom teacher, she insisted that boys wanted to make fun of me because I am cute, and she didn’t give them a single warning, so I got a lot of attention from boys just by wearing pink. I received a lot of harassment.

It was painful and frustrating.

One after another, the things I liked were denied.

Men are no longer human beings.

That is why I have lived my life thinking that men are not human.

Thus, I came to have an aversion to male creatures, and from high school I went to an all-girls’ school.

I wanted to go to an all-girls’ college if I could, but my father and mother told me to go to the current college, so I went there reluctantly.

As an act of rebellion against not being able to go to an all-girls college, I started living on my own and dyed my long hair as pink as I could.

I am now able to attend college in a pink lolita fashion that expresses my love of pink to the fullest, and I am spending my days to the fullest.

“Good work, Sakimiya-chan. You can go now.”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”

After my part-time job was over, I greeted the female manager, Gamaike-san, and returned to the locker room.

“Ah, Notification”

I opened my phone in the locker room alone.

[Kazakiri-kun: How about we meet at the station tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.? I’ll pay for the parfait restaurant if you want to go there! I’ll pay for it no matter how expensive!]

A creature called “man,” whom I hated and thought was a non-person.

No – not “was” but I still think men are non-human.

(But he was the only one who protected …… my “likes” instead of destroying them)

[Cute clothes! That makeup! your hair is so beautiful, but wouldn’t it be ruined if it got soaked in the rain?]

Every time I recall those words, my body trembles.

At that time, I was willing to sacrifice the things I loved in order to go home.

But he cared more about what I loved than I did and lent me his umbrella.

Even though I got so wet in the rain, he lent me his umbrella …….

I’ve never met a boy like that before.

I changed into my usual clothes and took out the folded umbrella in my bag that was slung over my shoulder.

Originally, I should have returned this umbrella to Kazakiri-kun, but if possible, I would like to have it as is.

Kazakiri kun’s warmth – because I always want to feel the warmth of the one and only prince on my skin.

“I have to reply……”

I type my reply to Kazakiri-kun.

[Sakimiya: Tomorrow at eleven o’clock will be fine! I’m looking forward to our date tomorrow, okay?]


Tomorrow I can have Kazakiri-kun all to myself. ……

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