The photo session ended after about 15 minutes.
Misaka san kept urging me to pose her in extreme poses, but I was determined to have her take normal poses, and I think we were able to maintain our relationship as friends. I’m proud of my self-control.
This way, it doesn’t matter who sees us. Even if Saki saw it, she wouldn’t be particularly distraught. ……I hope so.
While doing a kind of self-praise, I waited for Misaka san to complete her photo check. She said she didn’t think there was anything wrong with the poses, but she wanted to delete the ones with half-lidded eyes and other odd-looking shots.
Since I had no reason to object, I quietly waited.
And then.

“Hmm, there were no poses that were overtly naughty, but they all had a different kind of fetish. As expected from the illustrator.”
“E-eh !? I-is that so !? That’s not normal at all !?”

Oops, I got an unexpected response. I thought you’d say something like, [You’re surprisingly wholesome.] or something like that?

“What part of the picture is, well, fetish-like?”
“First of all……this picture of me undoing my hair. The way my hair is trying to come apart is strangely glamorous. You’ve really captured the sexiness of women’s hair.”
“I-i-is that so?”
“And then there’s this shot of me tying myhair back up. The nape of the neck and the back of the hair are all very particular about this…….”
The fact that her wrists are subtly peeking through the gaps in her sleeves is also a point that secretly makes me feel a little nervous.
And maybe the way her collarbone is visible and hidden also drives boys to fantasize about her.
“……I-I don’t know about that-“
“The other thing is,……this composition of looking down the stairs from behind.
Moreover, the fact that you chose the stairs instead of just capturing the back of the girl gives a sense of distance and sadness to the scene. There is a sense of perspective, and the model seems far away.
I think it gives the impression that the boy is looking at the girl he is interested in from a distance. I also think that you probably wanted to compose the image from a low angle, looking up at the model. But when you dared to take the shot from above, Fujisaki kun’s naivete shows through, and it makes me smile.”
“S-stop it ! Don’t look through my mind any further !”

I thought she didn’t feel anything about the way I was taking pictures because she didn’t seem to be thinking about anything in particular while we were shooting. Apparently, she had no idea what was going on while she was being photographed, but when she looked at the pictures, she had a lot on her mind.

“Hahaha. I like that kind of innocent side.”
“……Shut up.”

[Ah, I naturally said I liked you.ell, if it goes this way, it’s fine. However, I still like this kind of innocent reaction. I feel like I want to dye it my color.
……I’m thinking from a superior perspective, like, but the truth is that I’m just barely a virgin myself. I’ve never tried it with Takuma……]

“Hm? What?”

Oops. After learning a surprising fact, I started reacting to the other person’s thoughts again.

“Oh, no, it’s nothing. I thought I heard you say something, but it was just my imagination.”
“I didn’t say anything. Did you misheard? A hallucination? Did you enter a delusional world and hear something you shouldn’t have?”
“……I can’t rule out that possibility.”
“Ahaha. You are free to be delusional, but you must distinguish between reality and delusion.”
“I know that…….”
“Well then, no problem. I’ll give you back your phone. There were some weird faces on it, so I deleted them.”
“Oh, yeah.”

Misaka san handed me my phone and I took a quick look at the list of photos. I honestly don’t know which ones were deleted. I took over a hundred pictures.

“By the way, what’s your favorite?”
”I guess my favorite is…..this one.”

I showed Misaka san a picture. The first is a simple photo of Misaka san taken from the front, with her eyes looking up in a slightly unsure manner and her lips slightly open.
The image is of her just before she confesses her feelings. I have taken many pictures of her, but this straightforward one is the most moving.

“So this one. ……As I thought, Fujisaki kun is very naughty.”
“W-what makes you say that !? It’s so wholesome !”
“‘Cause this is the [Let’s kiss?] kind of face, you know? You dirty.”
“N-no ! That’s not what I meant !”
“Then what do you mean?”
“I-it’s more of a [I love you] kind of face.”
“Wow, that’s even more naughty. You’re trying to make a girl’s once-in-a-lifetime confession your own. It’s like you’re greedy.”
“No, it’s not like that ! No way !”
“I don’t know about that. Well, I’ll leave it at that. ……Dummy”

[You don’t have to deny it so forcefully.
Are you not interested in my confession scene? Aren’t you shocked when you see this photo?]

That’s not the case, in fact, I would like to preserve Misaka san’s confession scene forever…but it’s frustrating that I can’t convey it now. I have to play the role of an insensitive guy who doesn’t understand the female mind.

“…..Don’t call me an idiot. Words have power. I don’t want to become even more stupid when you say things like that.”
“……Indeed. You need to be smarter, Fujisaki kun. Good boy, good boy.”
“Don’t treat me like a child all of a sudden. We’re already done with the photo shoot, and you’re going to be doing club activities, aren’t you?”
“Yeah. I can’t be too late. Then take me to the archery range. You’re not in a hurry, are you?”
“Well, yeah. I’ll take you there. Let’s go.”

As I headed to the archery range, I heard Misaka san’s inner voice flowing into me.

[I want Fujisaki kun to understand women’s feelings more, but…if he did, wouldn’t it be a problem? In this way, we won’t be able to pretend to be friends and walk together. Aaah…it’s complicated in many ways, but I still like it…… I think I can really be myself in front of you, Fujisaki kun…….
I’m not attracted to his illustration skills, or his ability to draw good manga, or any other outstanding qualities……I’m attracted to Fujisaki kun’s openness that comes through…….
He makes me laugh when I tease him a little, accepts me no matter what I do, and tries to see the real part of me without forcing an image of what a girl should be like….. Especially after I asked him for advice, I could see how caring and kind he was……
I think Fujisaki kun is actually much more mature than me, who feels like I’ve grown up a bit since I started dating Takuma. I’m sure it’s because of Saki chan. Because he has been seriously dealing with someone for more than a decade, he can afford to be at his core……
Hey……I like you. I like you very, very much. I’ve already reset all my ties, and I just want to look at Fujisaki kun.]

Yeah, it’s very, very embarrassing. I also think you overestimate me, and the caring thing is only because I know your thoughts. But that doesn’t matter, I don’t have the luxury of being calm enough to hear words with real feelings riding on them.
My heart is pounding and I think my face is getting red.
I give up……. I want to act like I’m insensitive and don’t know anything, but I can’t stay unresponsive ……
Along the way, Misaka san spoke to me quite naturally, but I don’t really remember how I responded. I even noticed that the number above her head had changed from “78” to “81”. just…….

[Haa. Fujisaki kun would be disillusioned with me if he found out that I was thinking like this even though I have a boyfriend. I’m no good at all…….]

The voice in her heart was so clear that I was at a loss for a response. The only thing I have to do is to pretend that I don’t hear it.

[Hmm? Why aren’t you going to club activities yet, and why are you walking with Misaka senpai? And you seem a little embarrassed? Erm……Is this some kind of emergency? Onii chan, don’t let the evil demon trick you, okay?]

Hearing Saki’s cold inner voice, I suddenly came back to myself. The buoyant mood I had been in just a moment ago was suddenly erased.

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