(*Yuzuha’s point of view)

“Fiii~! That was nice hot water~!”

The programme finishes in the evening.

The first-year students have finished bathing and are spending their free time until the evening test of courage.

That is the time for the group to take a bath.

After the meeting and other things, we are walking along the corridor of the facility after taking a bath.

“Fufu, it was certainly a nice bath. I don’t often enter large baths, so I ended up taking a long bath.”

Next to me is Shi-chan-senpai, whose cheeks are lightly tinted.

The usual mature and ladylike atmosphere is combined with the fact that Shi-chan-senpai is quite sexy after a bath.

I’d really like to get my hands on this sexiness someday,…….

“Speaking of which, Yuzuha-san”

When I was looking at her with a little bit of envy, Shi-chan-senpai asked.

“How do you like leading this time?”

“Yeah, it’s a lot of fun! I wanted to say that, but I’m still tired. ……”

It was my first time and of course it was fun.

But leading someone means you have to take charge of the situation and think about how to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Not me first, but the students first.

I have to be attentive all the time, so even though it’s fun, I start to feel tired.

“Yuzuha-san has a caring and proactive personality, so I’m sure you’ll get used to this sort of thing in no time.”

“…… I see, is that right?”

“Fufu, I got used to it too. There’s nothing I can do that Yuzuha-san can’t do.”

Shi-chan-senpai gently pats my head.

Maybe it was because I had just taken a bath, but her hands were somehow warm… It felt comforting and rejuvenating.

(Shi-chan-senpai is really too wonderful a person,…….)

She cares for me like this, encourages me, is reliable, mature, has leadership skills, can study, and is beautiful.

I feel like she has it all, to the point where even I, as the same gender, can’t help but be amazed.

“I love you, …… Shi-chan senpai”

“Ara, I love you too.”

While walking, I entrusted my head to Shi-chan-senpai as if she were pampering me.

And then —.

“You know, …… I like Sakurazaka, you know?”

Just as I was about to turn a corner, I suddenly heard a voice like that.

Me and Shi-chan-senpai instinctively stopped and held our breath in the corner.

“(W-we hid, didn’t we? ……)”

“(But we can’t leave here ……, we would be disturbing)”

I should probably turn back, but I have to continue on this way to reach my room.

Sadly, there aren’t two staircases.

“(Whenever these events happen, they always include a confession event. ……)”

“(…… Shi-chan senpai, why do you look so tired?)”

“(Actually, I just got a confession from a first-year student.)”

Amazing, even though it’s the first time they’ve met each other

As expected Shi-chan-senpai.

(…… Yuzuha-san didn’t get a confession, did you? I thought you might have received the same thing.)”

“(Nn-…… I didn’t receive it.)”

Indeed, I would say to myself that I did receive confessions at these events.

In fact, last year I had received a confession in the same way.


“(Ah, is it because Tsukkun was with me?)”

“(I’m jealous…..)”

“(Hahahaha ……)”

I can’t say anything about all this.

Because I think I would have said the same thing if I were in Shi-chan-senpai’s position.

“Um, I’m sorry… I just started school, so I didn’t really think about that kind of thing…”

“I see, thank you. Also, I’m sorry for taking up your time.”

The footsteps slowly approach.

I think the confession is over. I wanted to just run away, but since it was so sudden, I couldn’t and ended up meeting a boy at the corner.

But the boy is a little surprised but smiles and bows his head.

It must have been awkward for him too. …… He’s a nice boy, isn’t he?

“Eh, Minase-senpai …… and the student council president!”

As I was thinking that, this time a voice sounded properly surprised.

That girl was Aira-chan, whom I spoke with during the day.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to peek in, but ……”

“‘Ah, no, …… come to think of it, this road is a place where you can’t get to your room if you turn back. I’m sorry I showed you something offensive too, …….”

“It wasn’t offensive!”

It was an act of courage, and it took a lot of courage to say no, and it took a lot of courage to face it properly.

Really, it’s us who should apologise …….

“But I knew it, Aira chan, you’re so popular.”

“…… I don’t really understand it myself.”

Is that so? She’s really cute and polite.

That’s what I think after just talking with her for a short while, so I think if she were my classmate I would be able to convey Aira chan’s charm even more.

“That guy, his name is Domei-kun, and he’s very popular in class. A shady person like me wouldn’t be able to hang with him. ……”

When she said that, Aira chan looked somewhat apologetic.

……What would Tsukkun say to cheer her up at a time like this?

For some reason, I thought about that.


[Well, I got dumped! It was a no-no, though.]

[Well, it can’t be helped! Sakurazaka, she’s so cute!]

[You did your best! Okay, now we’re going to have an encouragement meeting until the test of courage!]

[Thank you. But at least she’s meeting me properly. …… Really, Sakurazaka’s a wonderful girl.]

It’s really annoying.

Just because she’s a little cute makes everyone feel good about her.

In any case, deep down, she’s probably looking down on them and saying things like, “I’m amazing at being popular!”

(Even though I don’t like the fact that Domei likes her……)

…… Really, I should make her understand her own position once here.

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