We arrived at a mountain that I honestly don’t know.

Last year I had arrived before I knew it because of all the fuss, and this time I don’t know where it is because I had slept off the mountain.

Well, the brochure would have told us, but it wasn’t something we were particularly concerned about.

After arriving, we immediately went to a nearby museum.

It has a decent class-like atmosphere, with artefacts and so on.

Whether the young people were interested in it or not, they were able to look around as well as the rest of the class, and were now making their way to the square in front of the campsite facilities to make lunch.

“Over there, keep an eye on the fire.”

“I’ve never cooked much before.”

“You just cut up some vegetables and put the roux in, don’t you think? I’ve seen how to make it.”

In the large outdoor cooking area, the first-year students were divided into classes and further divided into groups to cook at …….

This time they are cooking curry, which somehow feels very camp-like.

As far as I could see, it was a harmonious and enjoyable scene.

(but I’m not busy over here either).

Yuzuha is looking around to see if the students are in trouble.

On the other hand, I was making curry for us to eat, including the seniors.

(Of course, even though there are not many people, …… the temperature difference is huge.)

I’m also getting help from other people.

However, just like Yuzuha, I am also taking care of the juniors, so I am the only one in the kitchen where the seniors who cook the rice have disappeared.

The right person in the right place. So I was alone and lonely, chopping vegetables and making curry.

(No, I’m a little worried about leaving it to Yuzuha, and the others will help me later when they’re free, so it’s fine. ……)

For now, peel the onions, chop half of the onions, chop the other half into chunks along with the carrots and potatoes …… and fry the meat until it browns on the surface, and then…

“Hey, Irie-senpai, can he cook too……?”

“Isn’t he good at it? He hasn’t looked at any recipes.”

“Let’s ask him to teach us later. I think it would probably be quicker to ask him.”

I feel like I’m being looked at by people around me, but …… don’t worry about it, let’s cook it quickly.

It takes a long time to cook anyway, and I’m hungry.

“Fufu, you’re as good as ever.”

At that moment, I suddenly see a girl peeking out from the side.

“Whoa! S-Shiori-san!?”

“Yes, it’s Shiori-san♪”

The smell of the savoury roux tickles your nostrils with a somewhat feminine sweetness.

The sudden appearance and the distance between me and the beautiful girl I’ve recently befriended makes me more than a little surprised.

“…… I’m a little surprised.”

“Ara, I am sorry about that. But can you forgive me if this is just another senior’s mischievous gesture towards a pretty junior?”

Shiori san sticks out her tongue and shows a mischievous smile just as she says.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t help but look away.

“…… quite a cute tease, isn’t it?”

“As expected I think it’s dangerous to startle by pushing my back against the stones though?”

It wasn’t that the way to startle is weak, but I meant that Shiori-san is cute now.

“More importantly, why are you here, Shiori-san?”

“The student council makes their own curry at the student council, but the guys said, [We’ll take care of it, so please take your time!]
and I became bored.”

“I see. ……”

I’m sure they’re eager to show their good side to Shiori-san…many of the student council members who participated were boys. Or maybe it’s because they cares about Shiori-san, who is always taking care of them?

“I’m free because of that.”

“I see.”

“I’m free.”

“…… I see.”

“I’m free.”

I see.

“…Then, can I have someone to talk to and help me out? I’m just making something lonely, as if I’m a single man who just finished work.”

“Fufu, my pleasure. I mean, thank you very much. Now I won’t have to hang around alone and lonely♪’

Shiori san rolls up her sleeves alongside me, humming a tune.

I guess she really had too much free time to kill, and the feeling of fun──

“It’s because it’s Irie-san.”


“It’s because it’s Irie-san that I enjoy making things with you.”

The words I was thinking about were denied, and Shiori san lightly poked me on the shoulder.

“I’d rather be with someone I have feelings for than someone else. It’s part of the class, but as a maiden, I can’t help but feel that way.”

Does she understand?

Shiori san gave me a mischievous smile.

In response, I unintentionally scratch my cheek.

“I thought about it before ……, but is Shiori-san an esper?”

“Irie-san is easy to understand. But of course there’s also the part of me that just enjoys cooking.”

“…… is that right”

I think again …… absolutely, I can’t compete with Shiori-san.

It seems like she can see through everything, and then she gives her words to the other person.

Rather than being an esper, she is probably more capable of sensing other people’s feelings.

In addition to this, she also has the receptiveness to gently wrap her arms around someone, which makes her even more formidable.

(This is definitely the charm of Shiori-san, isn’t it?)

While thinking about this, we happily made curry while chatting with each other.

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